AMC Update Thursday 3/12/09

All My Children Update Thursday 3/12/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Laurie R.

Tad goes over to Wildwind to take Krystal away from David. He cannot believe what she has become. Krystal hits Tad on the head with a vase and knocks him out. She calls David and he comes home and pours water over Tad to revive him. David wants to know why Tad is at his home. He threatens Tad with arrest. Tad wants to know how he is controlling Krystal. Tad leaves. The lawyers come to Wildwind to take Krystal's deposition about Little A’s drinking.

Zach is walking out the door when Ryan arrives. Zach says perfect timing. Ryan asks if Zach is going on a trip and Zach tells him that he is moving out to give Kendall space to decide what she needs. Ryan tells Kendall he should leave, but she begs him to stay. Of all people, Kendall begins to talk to Ryan about her marital problems with Zach. She wants to know if Zach knows she loves him. Ryan suggests that she talks to Zach. He gets some digs in about Zach. He also wants to know if Zach went to Reese, but Kendall says no. She tells Ryan that she loves him but is not in love with him. Spike comes out and they spend the day together.

Pete and Colby return from the movies, and find Opal’s house on fire. Brot and Taylor hear Colby calling for help and they run inside to save Opal and Kathy.

At first Brot hesitates to enter the house because of his burns, but Taylor bark orders at him to snap him out of it. Brot saves Opal and Kathy then, they all go to the hospital.

Amada pretends to be ill after speaking with David, so JR takes her to the hospital.

David learns that Amanda is at the hospital so he takes the lawyers and Krystal to see her. He has told Amanda that if she says he encouraged her to get JR drunk he will tell JR that Amanda is carrying his baby. The lawyers take her deposition and she tells them that she did not get JR drunk. Everyone is shocked, but JR is hurt and wants to know why she is lying. David turns on Amanda, looks at her sinisterly, then tells JR that Amanda is carrying his baby not JR’s. Krystal is shocked and outraged at David’s behavior. Amanda cannot believe that David still betrayed her after she did what he wanted her to do. As David and Krystal leave Amanda’s room, she yells down the hall that she hates him. Everyone heard the yell.

Angie tells Krystal that she cannot believe that she is trying to take Little A. Krystal wants to know if Angie thinks that David is fit to raise Little A and Angie tells her that Little A would be better off raised by wolves than David. Krystal also wants to know if Angie is saying that she is not fit to raise Little A, and Angie tells her that she did not say that, but a judge did when he gave Jenny’s custody to Tad. Jesse wants to know why they were arguing. Angie tells him about Frankie’s involvement in Amanda’s pregnancy. Jesse talks to Frankie about changing the conception date so that David would not know Amanda was carrying his child. Frankie tells Jesse about his orders to return to service.

Aidan visits Annie at Oak Haven and he kisses her. She wants to know if he loves her. He says yes. They make love in Annie’s bed.

Zach asks his manager if she has seen Aidan. He tells her to give Aidan full access. The manger wants to know if there is something happening she should know about. Zach tells her to keep the high rollers happy.

When Krystal finds out about the fire, she expresses concern for Colby and Opal, but Tad blames David and attacks him when he threatens to take custody of Jenny, too.  Witnessing the scene in the hospital corridor, Brot separates them.

Aidan goes over to Zach’s house and Kendall tells him that Zach does not live there any more. She slams the door in Aidan’s face.

Aidan visits Zach at the casino and tells him that Ryan is making a play on his wife. He thinks they were too cozy at Zach’s home. Zach knows Ryan’s intentions.

Angie is called into Opal’s room, because she is having a medical crisis.

Ryan attempts to leave Zach’s house and Kendall tells him that he can visit Spike anytime he likes, day or night.

Kendall looks at photos of Zach and the kids, then began to cry after she is left alone.

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