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All My Children Update Wednesday 3/11/09


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JR asks Krystal how she could do this to him. David and Krystal leave. Amanda says that it is going to be okay because JR is a great father. Amanda offers to testify for JR. Amanda says that she will testify to her shady part in JR turning to alcohol. JR asks if Amanda would do that for him and she says that she would if it meant that he got to keep Little Adam.

Krystal and David agree that they are doing the right thing. David says that Amanda is about to run her mouth about being paid to knock JR off the wagon. Krystal says that there has to be something they can do. David says that there would be if he had some leverage, but he is out.

Kendall asks Ryan to look her in the eye and swear that he isn’t using her to bring Zach down. Ryan says that he has no intention of hurting Kendall. Kendall asks Ryan if he is using her to get to Zach and Ryan says no. Ryan says that working with Kendall at Fusion is to honor Greenlee. Ryan says that all Kendall has to do is say the word and he will walk away.

Aidan asks Zach what was so urgent. Zach says that he needs Aidan to do something that involves Ryan. Zach says that he wants Aidan to work for him. Aidan asks how it is connected to Ryan and Zach says that Aidan will have to take the job to find out.

Kendall says that she isn’t buying Ryan out of Fusion. Ryan asks if she is sure because Fusion is her baby. Kendall says that she thought she and Greenlee would run the place forever. Kendall says that Ryan is keeping his shares because she loved Greenlee too. Kendall says that it is what Greenlee wanted. Ryan says that it isn’t what Zach wants and Kendall says that it has nothing to do with any of them because it is what Greenlee wanted. Ryan says that maybe Greenlee left him her shares of Fusion so that she could watch him trying on the lipstick or something and Kendall says that it would be a sight. Ryan says that Greenlee is probably laughing her ass off in heaven right now. Kendall tells Ryan that it won’t be easy and Ryan says that he will be ready for anything.

Zach says that he needs someone to protect his interests. Aidan asks if Zach thinks that Ryan is a threat. Zach says that Ryan thinks he is. Aidan asks how far Zach thinks Ryan will take this. Zach says that he doesn’t know, but they will find out. Aidan asks what Zach will do if he catches Ryan trying to make a move and Zach says that he will do what he has to.

Tad asks Brot if he has seen Jake. Brot says that he hasn’t seen Jake. Tad asks if Brot is all right and Brot says that he is fine. Brot says that his job is to transport the supplies, not keep tabs on the entire staff. Brot says that he has to get out of there and leaves the cart sitting in front of Tad. Tad asks about the supplies and Brot says that they go to supply room 324.

Krystal tells David to calm down because Amanda hasn’t done anything yet. David says that Amanda will tell the judge about him paying her to get JR drunk. Krystal says that she has to know that David won’t leave her, no matter what comes between them. David asks what could come between them and Krystal says a child could. David realizes that he is the father of Amanda’s baby. Krystal apologizes for not saying anything. Krystal says that she has known since the heart health benefit when she confronted Amanda. Krystal says that she agreed to keep quiet because she was afraid of losing David. David says that he isn’t going anywhere. Krystal says that she wouldn’t blame him if he did. David says that he loves Krystal and hopefully one day she will believe it. David says that Krystal just gave him exactly what he needs because JR still thinks the baby is his. Krystal asks if David really thinks he can just walk away from his flesh and blood.

Tad asks Taylor if he can come in. Taylor says that Tad doesn’t look too good. Tad says that he just came from the hospital. Taylor tells Tad that today is Brot’s anniversary - two years since the explosion. Tad asks why Brot would be at work on that anniversary. Taylor says that it is something Brot needs to figure out on his own. Taylor says that she and Brot wouldn’t be good together today.

Brot listens to a couple of recruits talking about going to war. Brot says that war isn’t a video game and not everyone comes home, but if they do then they aren’t the same. Ryan walks up and offers to buy Brot a drink.

Aidan says that he will take the job on the condition that Zach gets Annie released from Oak Haven and keep her out of prison. Zach says that Annie is deeply troubled and Aidan says that Annie is getting better. Aidan says that he doesn’t want Annie locked up when she is finally rehabilitated. Zach asks what Aidan’s investment in it is. Aidan says that he is a sucker for the underdog. Zach says that they have a deal and Kendall asks what is going on.

Amanda promises that she will make everything okay for JR and Little Adam. Tad says that he can’t believe that Krystal signed it. JR says that Krystal dropped it off with David. Tad says that he knew Krystal had gotten messed up, but didn’t realize it was that bad. JR says that Krystal is not the same woman she used to be and Tad asks who she is now.

David says that he doesn’t care about Amanda’s baby. David says that he wants to raise a family with Krystal, not Amanda.

Zach says that Kendall is just in time to welcome Aidan aboard because he is going to work at Cambias. Zach says that he wants Aidan to go talk to Francesca, the manager. Aidan leaves and Kendall asks what it was really about. Zach says that he had an open position at Cambias and Aidan filled it. Kendall says that Zach and Aidan working together makes no sense. Zach says that it makes as much sense as Kendall working with Ryan.

Ryan says that not everyone goes through what Brot did. Brot says that Ryan wouldn’t know the first thing about suffering. Ryan says that he knows something about suffering, but not the way that Brot does. Ryan says that his fiancee died on their wedding day. Brot tells Ryan that he was involved in an explosion two years ago that almost killed him. Ryan asks why Brot isn’t with Taylor and Brot says that he didn’t want to burden Taylor. Brot thanks Ryan and leaves.

Zach says that Aidan is filling a security position. Kendall asks when it is going to be just about them and Zach says that she won’t let it ever be about them. Zach says that he can’t get past what happened with Aidan, so he gave him a job to try to work through it. Kendall says that Zach hired Aidan out of guilt about Reese.

Krystal realizes that David is going to see Amanda. David says that he will tell Amanda that if she opens her mouth about their arrangement, he will be forced to open his too. David tells Krystal that everything is going to be fantastic and that he will make sure of it.

Aidan meets with Francesca. Aidan says that Zach hired him to head up his personal security. Francesca says that she would like to verify everything with Zach first and Aidan tells her to take her time. Ryan asks Aidan why he is there. Aidan says that he is celebrating because Zach offered him a job. Ryan says that it was great that Aidan showed up at Greenlee’s memorial service because it would have meant a lot to her. Aidan says that he loved Greenlee, once upon a time. Ryan asks about Annie and Aidan says that she is getting better every day. Ryan tells Aidan to watch his back with Zach. Aidan says that he knows who he can and can’t trust and Ryan says that he does too.

Zach tells Kendall that she has teamed up with a man who wants to take everything he loves away. Kendall says that Ryan is angry because he lost the love of his life. Kendall says that what is going on between Zach and Ryan has nothing to do with her. Kendall says that she asked Ryan to stop and that she won’t turn her back on him. Zach asks if she would turn her back on him. Kendall says that she won’t cut Ryan off because Ryan is Spike’s father. Zach says that Spike is his son too and that no one will take his family away from him, including Ryan. Kendall says that something is missing. Zach says that he is going to pack a few things and move to the casino for as long as it takes.

Brot says that it is Taylor’s memory too. Taylor says that she understands if it is too hard to be around her. Brot says that it isn’t as hard as staying away.

Tad tells Krystal to get her stuff because she is going with him. Krystal and Tad argue about David, JR and Little Adam.

David confronts Amanda about the paternity of her child. Amanda says that David will not take her baby away from her and David says that he won’t if she keeps her mouth shut.

Krystal says that she doesn’t need to be rescued. Tad says that Krystal doesn’t know what she needs and neither did Dixie. Krystal says that it always comes down to Dixie. Krystal says that Tad couldn’t rescue Dixie, so he is trying to save her. Krystal tells Tad that she isn’t going anywhere. Tad says that he is isn’t giving Krystal a choice.

Brot and Taylor talk about the memory of the explosion. Brot tells Taylor about the recruits and says that it reminded him of the day that he decided to become a soldier. Taylor asks if he regrets it and he says no because then he never would have met her.

Zach says that he kissed the boys and told Spike to take care of Ian. Kendall thanks Zach for making the decision for them because she doesn’t know if she could have done it. Kendall says that she has never stopped loving Zach. Zach says that the problem is that she has never stopped loving Ryan either.

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