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David asks Jesse if Adam and Erica are in jail yet and if Little Adam is safe from J.R. Jesse realizes that Erica was involved. David says that he called Ericaís house last night and it turns out that she packed up and left, too. David asks why Jesse didnít put out a warrant and says that the Chandlers gave his grandson alcohol and he could have died. Jesse says that he is going to talk to J.R. about the incident and about Adamís spontaneous trip abroad. Jesse tells David that J.R. checked himself into the hospital.

Amanda asks J.R. what is wrong, and he says that he could have killed his son last night.

Kendall tells Ryan that Zach didnít come home. Ryan asks Kendall how she would like to have him as a new partner at Fusion.

Reese argues with the doctor about her condition. Reese tells the doctor to get away from her. Zach says that he promised his friend that Reese would be on her best behavior, and Reese says that he shouldnít make promises that sheís not going to keep.

Annie asks a doctor if he told Aidan not to come back. The doctor says that he hasnít spoken to Aidan. Annie says that she knows Aidan will come back. Annie says that she knew Aidan would come, and the doctor says that he isnít real. Aidan says that he is very real.

Krystal asks David if there is any news on Little Adam. David says that the police department let Erica and Adam take Little Adam out of the country. Jesse says that there is no legal reason to stop them because there is no evidence of criminal neglect. Jesse says that Adam says it was an accident and suggests that Krystal was the one to give Little Adam the booze. Krystal says that she walked into the mansion and found Little Adam ill and in pain next to an empty glass. Jesse says that he is investigating the incident. Jesse says that until a complete investigation is conducted by his department and social services, the incident will be treated as an accident. Jesse says that Adam believes it was a ploy to get David and Krystal custody of Little Adam. David asks if Jesse really believes that he would harm his own grandson. Jesse asks Krystal if there was anything to suggest that J.R. was being negligent, and Krystal says no. David says that there is still the issue of kidnapping, and Jesse says that it was only kidnapping if Little Adam was taken without J.R.ís consent. Jesse says that he has work to do and tells them both to leave J.R. alone. Jesse leaves, and David asks Krystal ďWhat the hell was that?Ē

Zach asks the doctor to give him a few minutes with Reese and says that he will see the doctor in the bar. Zach asks Reese to let him help her, but Reese says that she doesnít want his help. Reese says that she needs Zach out of her life. Zach says that Reese needs help, but she says that she can take care of herself. Zach says that he isnít walking away until Reese can see again. Reese says that she doesnít like Zach enough to spend forever with him. Reese suggests that Zach should put her on his jet and drop her off on some island far away. Zach leaves.

Ryan and Kendall talk about Fusion. Ryan helps Kendall fix her computer, and they talk about her marriage. Ryan tells Kendall that they will save Fusion and that they have to. Kendall says that saving Fusion wonít save her marriage or bring Greenlee back.

Amanda says that what happened was an accident and that Krystal called 911 to make it look worse than it was. J.R. says that this way he can prove there was no alcohol in his system and that he has set up an appointment to see the shrink while he is there. Amanda tells J.R. that he is a great dad. Amanda says that J.R. would have never started drinking again if it wasnít for her, and J.R. says that his drinking is his responsibility and no one elseís. Amanda says that she deserves nothing but dirt from him because she tricked him and pushed him with all these lies. J.R. asks what she is lying to him about now.

David says that Krystal had the perfect opportunity to tell Jesse that J.R. was a negligent father. Krystal asks David if he wanted her to lie, and David says that he wants to keep Little Adam safe and that means with them. David says that it wouldnít have killed Krystal to admit that maybe there was negligence involved, but instead she had to feed this ridiculous notion that it was just an accident. Krystal says that accidents happen. David says that it isnít an accident that J.R. is an alcoholic.

Kendall apologizes and says that she shouldnít have said that. Ryan says that it is okay, but Kendall says that she was completely out of line. Ryan says that he wants to do it for Greenlee and for Kendall. Ryan says that he wants to help Kendall get back on her feet, and she says that it wonít happen until she saves her marriage. Ryan tells Kendall that her computer is working and asks what she wants him to do next. Kendall shows Ryan the numbers for Fusion and says that if they donít scare him away, they will talk. Ryan says that he is in, no matter what the numbers say. Kendall thanks Ryan. Kendall says that while Ryan sorts through the blood and guts of Fusion, she is going to take another shot at saving her marriage.

Zach talks to the doctor about Reeseís condition. The doctor says that until the healing has progressed, they wonít know if Reese will see again.

Annie knew Aidan would visit again. Aidan wants to talk about what happened during his last visit. Aidan says that the kiss was a mistake and that he thinks she can get better easier without any complications. Annie says that Aidan isnít a complication and that she needs him. Aidan promises to stay in touch. Annie asks if Aidan brought her flowers because he is deserting her and says that she doesnít want them. Aidan says that he isnít deserting her. Annie says that when Aidan kissed her, it made her feel like a real person again. Annie asks Aidan not to walk away because he thinks that it is best.

J.R. asks if Amanda is lying to him right now, and she says that sheís not. Amanda says that she is still sick with herself because of all the lies she told him. J.R. asks Amanda to sit down and says that they both messed up and canít change it, but they can try to do better. J.R. says that their baby is a way for them to make better decisions and do what is right. Jesse comes in and says that he needs to ask J.R. a few questions. Amanda says that she will go, but J.R. asks her to stay.

Pete shows up at Ryan's place with some papers that Kendall wanted him to drop off. Ryan and Pete talk about the potential of Fusion. Pete tells Ryan that he has ideas for a menís line. Ryan says that he is planning to run the company with Kendall. Ryan asks Pete to pull up the files on the computer, and Pete agrees. Pete says that he can hack into any system in the world. Ryan thanks Pete. Ryan asks Pete if he brought any Cambias files over, and Pete says no. Ryan says that Kendall wanted him to compare Fusionís statements with Cambiasí. Pete says that Fusionís computers are networked with Cambiasí.

Reese hears the doorknob jiggle and asks if someone is there.

Annie says that she likes kissing Aidan and being complicated by him. Annie says that she understands if Aidan thinks she will get better faster with him not coming around, as long as he promises that it wonít be for too long. Aidan says that nothing could keep him away. They hear over the PA that group therapy is starting. Annie says that she has to go and thanks Aidan for coming. Annie leaves and Aidan talks with Dr. Burke about her condition. Dr. Burke says that Annie is too attached to Aidan. Aidan says that he cares for Annie very much, and Dr. Burke says that Aidan is giving Annie false hope.

Kendall tells Reese who is there. Reese tells Kendall not to touch her. Kendall says that she had a speech planned about how Reese ruined everything in her life, but when she walked in, she realized that she canít imagine how hard it must be. Reese says that she canít take Kendallís fake pity and that she would feel much better if Kendall would yell or scream. Kendall says that when she opened the door and saw just Reese, it was like seeing her for the first time and she realized that she doesnít know Reese at all. Reese tells Kendall about her childhood and about meeting Bianca and finally knowing what she wanted. Reese says that everything she wanted has been blown to hell. Kendall says that Reese and Zach did that. Reese assures Kendall that she doesnít want Zach. Reese tells Kendall to get out.

Pete and Ryan talk about Cambias. Ryan says that he used to own Cambias, but gave it back to Zach. Ryan says that he handed it over when he was stupid enough to believe that doing the right thing actually paid off, but those days are over. Pete asks if Ryan is going to make a move, and Ryan says that the move he is going to make is to save Fusion. Ryan thanks Pete for his help. Pete leaves.

Kendall tells Zach that she just saw Reese. Zach asks if Kendall destroyed the room. Kendall says that she listened while Reese talked. Kendall says that she finally realized that she has blamed Reese for everything but it isnít totally her fault. Kendall says that Zach has to do whatever it takes to help Reese see again. Zach asks if Kendall forgave Reese, and Kendall says that she is cutting Reese a break. Zach asks Kendall about cutting him a break. Zach says that he has tried everything but Kendall keeps pushing him away. Kendall tells Zach not to let her push him away. Kendall leaves a message for Bianca about Reeseís accident and says that Bianca needs to come home.

J.R. says that he was sober and that nothing like this will ever happen again. Jesse says that some things are easier promised than done. J.R. says that he would protect his son with his life. Jesse asks J.R. to call him when Adam gets back with Little Adam. Jesse says that he wants the best possible end to this and leaves. J.R. says that he needs a drink, and Amanda says ďnot todayĒ. J.R. says that he needs a meeting.

Dr. Burke says that if Annie recovers, she will have to stand trial for the crimes she committed and will probably be convicted and spend a considerable time behind bars. Aidan says that Annie needs a friend. Dr. Burke says that Annie will never fully recover if she is dependent on Aidan and that Aidan needs to help Annie let him go.

Zach finds Ryan in his house. Ryan says that he came over to see Kendall and thought he might stick around to see Spike when he gets home. Zach tells Ryan to get out. Ryan tells Zach that Greenleeís shares in Fusion are now his. Zach says that Ryan doesnít care about Fusion and only wants to make a play at Kendall.

Amanda suggests that she could go to an AA meeting with J.R. sometime. David comes in, and J.R. is served with papers. David says that J.R. has left him and Krystal no choice but to sue for full custody of Little Adam.

Annie says that she thought Aidan left. Aidan says that he couldnít leave without seeing Annie one last time.

Ryan and Kendall talk about Zach. Ryan says that Zach kicked him out and told him never to come back. Kendall says that Zach canít do that because Ryan is Spikeís father. Ryan says that Zach thinks he has an ulterior motive for joining Kendall at Fusion, and Kendall asks if he does. Ryan says that he wants to save the company. Kendall says that Ryan also threatened to ruin Zachís life. Kendall asks Ryan to look her in the eye and swear that she can trust him and that he isnít using her to bring Zach down.

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