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All My Children Update Monday 3/9/09


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J.R. says that Dr. Collins is checking Little Adam out. Adam says that J.R. will regret what happened until he dies and the worst is yet to come.

Krystal tells David that she found Little Adam on the floor alone, having polished off a glass of scotch. David asks why Krystal isnít calling from the hospital. Krystal says that the paramedics believe that since Little Adam threw everything up, he will be all right. Krystal says that the paramedics told her that all the alcohol is out of Little Adamís system or she wouldnít have left him.

Erica asks Opal what the emergency is, and Opal says that every time she opens her mouth, she puts a hex on someoneís life.

Angie says that Reeseís pain medication should kick back in shortly and tells Reese to be patient. Reese says that she is going to familiarize herself with her surroundings because that is what the blind do. Angie tells Reese to take some deep breaths. Angie leaves and says that she needs someone else.

Zach says that he should have knocked and that there should be thousands of rose petals with Kendall nude in the middle. Kendall says that seduction is the last thing on her and Ryanís minds. Zach asks Kendall not to play him.

Opal says that she has been lying when she should have told the truth and telling the truth when she should have lied. Opal says that she lied to Greenlee for Ryan and then told the truth. Opal says that she got a lot of anger from Ryan and Zach. Erica asks what Zach has to do with it. Opal says that Zach came there looking for Kendall after the service and she told him that Kendall left with Ryan.

Zach talks about the seduction scene going on between Kendall and Ryan. Zach says that Kendall and Ryan both want to break him.

Angie asks Brot to clear away any broken glass in room 413, Reeseís room, and get out with his life. Brot says that he has handled worse, and Angie says that she doesnít want him taking any unnecessary risks. Brot leaves. Jesse comes up and tells Angie that they have to put dinner on hold because he got a 911 call from the Chandler house. Jesse says that Little Adam got into the scotch.

Brot cleans up Reeseís room and says that he is an orderly, but Reese thinks that he is the staff shrink. Brot tells Reese that he had his face and the rest of his body burned.

J.R. says that he poured the scotch as a symbolic gesture. Adam says that Krystalís 911 call and the EMTs made the events go on the public record.

Krystal says that Adam accused her of setting J.R. up. David says that if they want Little Adam to be safe, they need to file for custody. Krystal says that he married her to get custody of Little Adam, but David says that he married her because he loves her.

Adam says that they will have to tear Krystal to shreds on the stand and talks about some of the things she has done. J.R. reminds Adam that he kidnapped Jenny and tried to sell her.

Krystal says that she knows how much J.R. loves Little Adam. David tells Krystal that the night could have ended in the morgue, with them identifying Babeís little boy.

Adam says that David paying Amanda to sabotage J.R. should help their case, but J.R. says that Amanda is off-limits.

Brot tells Reese about getting injured in combat, while Taylor listens by the door. Brot asks Reese for her hand and she feels his face. Brot helps Reese get back into bed.

Kendall asks Zach what he wants, and he says that he wants his life with her and his kids back. Kendall says that it is a little late to be asking for that. Zach says that he turned his back on his daughter and pushed the woman that Kendall wanted gone so hard that she will probably be blind for the rest of her life. Zach asks what else he has to sacrifice for Kendall. Ryan says that Zach should leave. Kendall says that there is a little girl hanging over their heads and she wonít ever go away. Zach tells Kendall to let him know when she decides what she wants from him. Ryan slams the door shut after Zach. Ryan says that in Zachís world, nobody else counts but him, and Kendall says that Ryan is dead wrong.

Adam tells Jesse that the 911 call was a false alarm. Jesse reads the report and asks which claim is false.

J.R. shows up to see Krystal and tells her that Little Adam is sleeping peacefully and just wanted to set her mind at ease.

Adam says that Krystal was there visiting Little Adam and the next thing they knew, the child was reeking of alcohol and she was yelling into the phone.

J.R. tells Krystal that he wants to apologize for Adamís actions.

Adam says that Krystal set them up for child neglect, hoping that the Haywards would get a shot at custody of Little Adam. Jesse asks why Adam didnít file a police report, and Adam says that he and J.R. feel pity for Krystal because she is suffering.

David asks how J.R. is supposed to raise a child when he can barely take care of himself.

Adam tells Jesse that Little Adam is asleep but perfectly fine. Jesse says that he has to come back with the Social Services rep because it is protocol. Adam says that Jesse looks a little tired and brings up a house he has in Tortolla. Jesse asks if Adam is trying to bribe him. Jesse tells Adam to make sure J.R. doesnít leave town.

J.R. says that accidents happen and asks Krystal how many times Babe was at a clinic when she was a little girl. David says that his lawyer is en route to a judge right now and that they will stop by later to take custody of Little Adam.

Kendall says that her husband is the most generous man she has ever known and that there is nothing he wouldnít do to help the people he cares about. Kendall says that she used to love Zach for that but now she wants the Zach exclusive that she used to have. Ryan asks why Kendall doesnít explain that to Zach, and Erica says that it is an excellent question.

Reese hears someone come in and goes on and on talking to ďBrot.Ē Zach reveals that it isnít Brot, and Reese says that her feelings are none of his business.

Erica asks for a moment alone with Kendall and asks Kendall what she is doing with Ryan. Kendall says that it was all perfectly innocent. Erica says that Kendall hasnít been herself since the coma. Erica says that Zach canít fix his marriage all by himself. Kendall says that she is leaving. Ryan comes out. He and Erica argue about Kendall. Ryan says that he wants Erica to leave.

Taylor says that Brot was brilliant with Reese. Brot says that all he did was talk to her, but Taylor says that he got her to calm down and listen.

Reese says that she hates the place and that she is leaving.

Adam tells Erica that he didnít invite her for a Fusion strategy session. Adam says that David has a court order to take Little Adam out of the house, and Erica says that David canít do it. Adam says that he and J.R. paved the way and they may never come back from this one. Erica reminds him that he is Adam Chandler and says that he can come back from anything.

Reese asks Zach to help her find her clothes, and Zach says that he will find Brot. Reese says that she doesnít want Brot because he isnít going to help her and says that she will handle it on her own. Zach tells Reese that she isnít going anywhere, yet.

J.R. asks Erica where Adam is, and Erica says that he is throwing some things into a bag. Erica says that she and Adam are taking a little trip. Erica says that Adam is very smart and his business partner is even smarter. Erica says that Adam is taking his grandson on a little vacation and she has decided to go along. Adam says that if J.R. took off with Little Adam, he would be in defiance of the court order that Jesse warned him about. Erica says that Jesse didnít say anything about Adam going anywhere. J.R. asks how long they will be gone, and Erica says that they will be gone until they are over the legal glitch. Little Adam comes out and asks J.R. if he is going with them, and J.R. says that he would love to, but he has to work. Little Adam says that he will get J.R. a present. J.R. laughs and hugs his son. Erica says that they have to hurry because the car is waiting. The doorbell rings, and J.R. invites Jesse in. Jesse introduces J.R. to Ms. McNeal from Child Protective Services. Jesse says that Ms. McNeal has to take Little Adam into protective custody, and J.R. says that it isnít possible because his son is out of the country.

David freaks out when he finds out that no one can stop the plane. Krystal asks if J.R. took Little Adam, and David says that Adam did. David says that it is time he took Adam down for good.

Jack tells Ryan that they have business to take care of because Greenlee left a will. Ryan asks Jack to give away anything Greenlee left him. Jack asks if Ryan wants to give Erica a chance to steal Fusion. Ryan realizes that he would be Kendallís partner. Jack says that Ryan would be if he was interested in running a cosmetics firm, and Ryan says that he could be interested.

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