AMC Update Friday 3/6/09

All My Children Update Friday 3/6/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Anoma

Amanda thanks J.R. for his forgiveness. He forgave her for getting him drunk and scheming with David. J.R. escorts Amanda to Tadís, and she and Jake reminisce about Greenlee.

Opal walks into the room to speak to Ryan and Kendall. Opal is surprised to see Kendall all hugged up with Ryan but tells Ryan her feelings about Greenlee. David gives Ryan his condolences and shakes his hand. Kendall wants to know why Ryan is forgiving her for driving the car that killed Greenlee but would not forgive Zach. Ryan blames Zach for his betrayal of Kendall and Bianca. Ryan wants to take Kendall home, but she does not want to go because Zach may not be there, and if he is there, she does not want to argue. She is afraid that she has pushed Zach too far and cannot understand why she continues to do so. Ryan tells Kendall that it is not too late to make things better with Zach because he is still alive and there is hope.

Reese cannot see. Zach is in her room and tries to console her. She orders him out of her room after blaming him for her injury. Reese is upset that she may never see Bianca, Miranda, and Gabbyís faces again. Zach feels guilty about Reese and wants to help. Reese refuses his help and believes that he is afraid that she may press charges. Reese wants Zach to know that she is not seeking revenge. The doctors tell Reese that her blindness may be temporary and to be patient.

Krystal stop over at Tadís to say goodnight to Jenny. J.R. tells her about David and Amandaís plan to get him drunk so that David could get custody of Little A. Krystal wants details of Davidís wrongdoings. Tad tells Krystal that she is just another tool hanging off of Davidís belt and that David married her to show a stable home environment so he can get custody of Little A. Krystal returns home and yells at David about his plots. He confesses to them but gives bogus reasons for his actions.

Jesse wants to know if Zach intended to hurt Reese. Zach is honest and says he wanted her gone but did not intend to hurt Reese. He believes that Reese should press charges against him. Jesse advises Zach to stay away from Reese.

J.R. pours a glass of Scotch but places it on the coffee table to prove to Adam that he has will power. Krystal finds Little A on the floor after drinking the glass of Scotch. She called the paramedics. Little A vomited but is OK. Little A drank the scotch because he wanted to be like his daddy. Adam accuses Krystal and David of setting up the entire scene with Little A. He calls Krystal sick and twisted. Krystal returns home to David and tells him that he is right about the Chandlers not being good for Little A.

Amanda and Jake watch a telenovela and eat popcorn. Jake translates the entire show to Amandaís amazement. She later learns that the show is a re-run. Amanda tells Jake that he is the only one who can make her laugh.

Jesse tells Zach to go home to his wife since she is what he wants. Zach leaves to search for Kendall. He goes home first and then to Confusion, but Kendall is not to be found. Opal hesitates but tells Zach that Kendall is with Ryan and she assumed that he was taking Kendall home.

Ryan and Kendall get wet, and she changes her top. The lights keep flickering on and off. Kendall is honest with Ryan about her feelings. She tells Ryan things she should be telling Zach while sitting on the sofa snuggled against him.

Zach walks into Ryanís home and stops at the door upon seeing Kendall with Ryan appearing to be intimate on the sofa.

Angie starts to leave to have dinner with Jesse but runs into Reeseís room when she hears her crying, because she is in pain. Angie leaves Jesse disappointed because she stays with Reese.

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