AMC Update Thursday 3/5/09

All My Children Update Thursday 3/5/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Anoma

Krystal talks to J.R. about being a parent. He intends to be responsible for the baby, but he is not sure what his relationship with Amanda will be.


David tells Amanda that her baby is fine, while she keeps insisting that it's J.R.'s child. J.R. promises to keep Amanda and the baby safe.

Aidan and Annie talk about Greenlee. She suggests he deal with his feelings by going to the memorial. Aidan went to the memorial but did not speak. He realized that he was over Greenlee. He told Annie that Greenlee hurt him but she was the only woman he truly loved and she was the funniest woman he ever knew. Aidan tells Annie that he has moved on and wanted to see her. He gives her a kiss.

Zach tells Kendall that he will not be going to Greenlee’s memorial since he will be going to see Reese in the hospital. Kendall tells Erica that Zach is with Reese. Zach asks for Reese, and Jake tells him that Reese does not want to see him. Jake wants a guard in front of Reese’s door to keep Zach out. Zach intends to stay at the hospital until the bandages are removed from Reese’s eyes. Erica finds Zach at the hospital and asks him about escorting Kendall to the memorial. He tells Erica that he is staying at the hospital with Reese. Erica reminds him that Reese is not his wife and he is not responsible for her. Zach is upset that the new Kendall does not trust him. He reminds Erica that she is Kendall’s mother and says “thanks, but no thanks”, for her free advice.

Krystal comes to the hospital to escort David to Greenlee’s memorial.

Kendall offers to take Ryan to the memorial, but he is not going. Ryan is still angry at the world. Ryan does show up later at the memorial. Opal sees him in the hallway and entices him in.

Jack, Opal, and Erica planned the memorial. Greenlee’s mother, Mary, arrives at the memorial. Erica and she converse about losing children then embrace.

Jack, Mary, Erica, Amanda, Jake, Kendall and Ryan say a few words about Greenlee. Ryan cries while speaking, and Kendall cries while listening to him. Ryan asks for Greenlee to give him a sign that she is safe, and the lights blink on and off.

Zach enters Reese’s room and identifies himself. She wants him to leave. She tells him that she is still staying in town and that she is not afraid of Kendall or him.

Annie wrote a goodbye note to Ryan in her diary. She tells him that she is moving on with her life.

Opal gets a premonition and believes that someone is pulling on her. She sees Greenlee as being cold, alone, and trapped with no way out.

Ryan tells Kendall that he is alone, and she hugs him and tells him that he is not alone.

The doctor comes into Reese’s room to remove the bandages. Zach watches on. Reese tells the doctor that she cannot see anything.

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