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All My Children Update Wednesday 3/4/09


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Kendall asks the security guard where Reese is. Reese says that it is okay. Kendall says that she wants to know why Reese was watching her and Zach.

Opal and Zach talk about Greenleeís memorial service. Zach says that everyone except Ryan will be there.

Ryan tells Jack that he isnít interested in a memorial service. Jack says that it will be more of a celebration of Greenleeís life and that he wishes Ryan would reconsider. Ryan says that he isnít going because he has nothing to celebrate.

The minister pronounces David and Krystal husband and wife. David thanks the minister and Jay for coming and says that he will walk them out. David asks Krystal if she is all right, and she says that she is just chilly.

J.R. tells Adam that he is interrupting. Adam asks if J.R. misses Amanda. J.R. says that Amanda was just a distraction to take his mind off of Babe.

Amanda freaks out about spotting. Jake suggests that they get her to the hospital to get everything checked out. Tad says that he will bring the car around. Amanda says that she doesnít want to go to the hospital. Jake says that it is safer to check things out. Amanda says that she canít lose the baby. Jake says that most of the time when people spot, itís nothing to worry about. Tad says that Amanda has been through a lot and the stress has something to do with her spotting. Amanda tells Tad that he can go get the car.

David asks Krystal what is wrong. Krystal says that it seemed like more of a deal closed, complete with a lawyer and a stack of paperwork, than an engagement and wedding. David says that she is having irrational fears.

J.R. tells Adam that he is giving his mind a little break by drinking because it has been overwhelmed lately. Tad calls J.R. and says that Amanda might be miscarrying. J.R. says that it is too late and that he isnít going. J.R. hangs up and tells Adam that it looks like Amanda might be losing the baby. J.R. says that he is going to ignore everything that Amanda is going through.

Tad tells Amanda that he will find J.R.

Angie tells Frankie to get someone else to treat Amanda. Frankie says that he needs an obstetrician/gynecologist in the ER stat. Frankie tells Jake that there is no sign of David.

Opal and Zach talk about his friendship with Ryan. Opal says that people say and do things in grief that they donít mean. Opal says that she expects Zach to be at the celebration.

Jack says that he thinks Ryan will regret it if he doesnít go to the service. Ryan says that if he went to the celebration, then it would be the same as saying goodbye to Greenlee and he canít do that.

Reese says that she wasnít stalking Kendall and Zach and didnít mean to intrude. Kendall says that Reese came to make another grab for Zach. Reese says that she doesnít want Zach and that the kiss was a mistake. Kendall says that Reese isnít coming between her and Zach. Reese says that Kendall wants to blame everything on her, including Greenleeís death. Kendall reminds Reese that Ryan caught her kissing Zach and that is why Greenlee was on the road. Reese reminds Kendall that she was driving the car that night, not Zach. Kendall tells Reese to stay away from her and Zach and their home. Reese says that she isnít leaving town. Kendall asks Reese if she really believes she can convince everyone that she loves Bianca. Reese says that she is going to do her damnedest to try. Reese says that she is going to prove to Bianca that she loves her and wonít stop until she wins Bianca back.

Krystal has a dream about having Davidís baby. David answers his phone, and Gayle tells him that Amanda has been brought into the E.R. with pregnancy complications. David thanks Gayle.

Adam says that losing the baby would be the best thing to ever happen to J.R. J.R. says that the best thing that would happen to Amanda is losing the baby because then she wouldnít have to go through the nine circles of Adam Chandler hell. J.R. says that sometimes he wishes he wasnít a Chandler. Adam says that he wishes he wasnít ashamed of his son. Tad comes in. Adam says that his grandson needs him to tuck him in because his father is too drunk to stand up. Tad tells J.R. that Adam is right.

Reese asks Ryan to wait because he is going to want to hear what she has to say. Ryan reminds Reese that he doesnít want anything to do with her. Reese says that Kendall was driving the car that forced Greenlee off the road, not Zach. Ryan says that if Reese really loved Bianca, she would be in Europe fighting for her. Reese says that the battleground is in Pine Valley.

Krystal says that she misses Jenny. David tells Krystal that they are going to work on getting Tad to let her bring Jenny over. David says that he wonít be long and asks Krystal to wait up for him.

A doctor tells Amanda that itís too soon to tell what is going on and that the sonogram and blood work will tell them a lot more. Jake comes in, and Amanda says that she really doesnít want to lose the baby. Jake says that Amanda isnít going to lose the baby and that she has to stay calm. Angie comes in and explains that she knows the truth about Amandaís baby and will do everything she can to keep David from finding out. Angie asks Frankie and Jake to give them a minute. Angie tells Amanda that the guys are great but they donít know what it is like to have a baby growing inside you. Angie says that she knows how afraid Amanda is and wants her to know that the doctors will do everything they can to save the baby.

Tad tells J.R. that Amanda is alone and scared to death that she will lose the baby. Tad says that Amanda needs J.R. J.R. says that he is no good to anybody like this, and Tad tells J.R. to sober up.

David shows up at the hospital and asks about Amanda. Frankie says that Amanda doesnít need Davidís kind of grief right now, and David asks if she lost the baby. Frankie says that they are waiting on test results but Amanda could lose the baby. Jake says that if Amanda loses the baby, it is Davidís fault.

Ryan tells Zach that Reese confirmed that Kendall was driving the car that ran Greenlee off the road. Zach asks what Ryan is going to do with the information. Ryan says that Zach set the whole thing in motion and it doesnít matter who was actually driving. Ryan says that he wants to know why Zach hasnít gotten rid of Reese yet. Kendall says that she would like to know the answer to that question, too. Kendall says that she wants them to get back to normal and be a family again but they canít do it with Reese around. Zach says that he will get rid of Reese and tells Kendall not to expect him home.

David, Jake and Frankie walk into Amandaís room, and Angie tells them all to get out. Amanda says that she will talk to David.

Angie calls Krystal and says that Amanda might be losing the baby and that David is at the hospital with her. Krystal thanks Angie for letting her know.

Amanda and David talk about what he has done to her. David suggests that Amanda is trying to muster up enough courage to tell him that the child she is carrying is his.

Krystal shows up at the hospital, and Angie says that David is in with Amanda and they donít know the fate of the baby yet. Krystal says that she isnít going to bust in on David and Amanda or cause a scene. Angie asks Krystal why she came, and Krystal says that she came to find out the truth. J.R. comes up and asks where Amanda is and how the baby is.

Amanda starts to tell David something, and J.R. walks in the room. Amanda tells David that she wants to be alone with the father of her child, J.R. J.R. apologizes to Amanda and tells her that she wonít lose the baby.

Tad says that he didnít want to believe that Krystal would go through with marrying David. David asks Krystal what she is doing there.

Zach shows up to see Reese and says that she has caused enough damage. Reese says that she is staying in Pine Valley and that Zach and Kendall will have to deal with it.

Krystal says that Angie called and told her about Amanda. David tells Krystal that even if the baby Amanda is carrying was his, it wouldnít be the child he wants. Krystal says that she knows Little Adam is Davidís number one concern. David says that he would like for them to have another child.

Jake and Tad talk about Amandaís condition. Tad says that they havenít talked about Amanda moving in with them. Jake and Tad agree that they will figure it all out as they go along. Jake says that he has a certain attachment to the situation. Tad asks if Jakeís attachment is to Amanda or the baby.

J.R. says that he wants Amanda to think about the baby growing inside of her. Amanda says that J.R. and Adam are just going to take the baby away from her. J.R. says that he could never do that and promises that he will protect Amanda and the baby from Adam.

Ryan tells Kendall not to be so hard on herself and says that Zach has got to get Reese out of their lives. Kendall says that she thinks she pushed Zach too far and is scared that she has lost him for good. Kendall asks Ryan when everything got so out of control.

Reese says that she isnít running anywhere and that Zach canít push her out. Zach grabs Reeseís arm and she pulls back. Reese falls into a glass table.

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