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All My Children Update Tuesday 3/3/09


Written by Suzanne
Pictures by Laurie R.

Tad finds Jake asleep on the couch, snoring with his laptop open. Tad picks it up and starts laughing, making fun of the site Jake is at. It's a dating site. Jake wakes up, and they start struggling over the laptop as Tad keeps reading from it and joking around. Later, Tad and Jake keep looking at the women on the site and joking around. Kathy comes in and tells Tad that she can't find her plastic man. He tells Jake to make her breakfast while he looks for it. Kathy sees the website, where there is a picture of a woman's dog, so she gets excited and asks if they re getting a dog. Tad tells her they're not, but it's too late. She insists that she wants a puppy. Tad finds her plastic man in the closet and gives it to her. Jake picks her up and they go to make breakfast, while Tad tends to Jenny, who has started crying upstairs.

Brot and Taylor wake up the morning after making love. He surprises her with breakfast in bed. It is the breakfast they always had in Baghdad, so they laugh about it. They kiss.

Amanda walks into Fusion, pulling her suitcase. Pete observes that she doesn't look so good. He thinks she might have the flu. She laughs, saying that she has too many doctors in her face already. She tells him that she's homeless because someone leased her boat and then sailed away with it. She also mentions that the Chandlers kicked her out. Adam and J.R. walk in just then. Adam jokes that she is having a pity party with the office boy. Pete gets angry but backs down when Adam threatens him. J.R. asks Amanda if they can talk downstairs, so she goes with him. Adam looks for Erica. Erica walks in, on the phone. Adam grabs the phone and hangs it up, so she gets annoyed. He yells at her for lying to him about his money. She tries to deny it, but he knows better. They threaten each other. When Erica finds out that Amanda has been kicked out, she is surprised. Erica asks Adam to help her run Fusion and fix the business problems. She makes it sound like a challenge and butters up his ego.

David awakens Krystal. She backs away and yells fiercely at him to get away from her. This shocks him. She explains that his hands are like ice. He apologizes but says that the power is out in the neighborhood, so they have no heat. He adds that they are first working on getting power back to families that have infants and children. This makes her sad, since she is missing Jenny. He assures her that they will work hard to get Jenny back and that Tad will come around. She is not so sure. He wants to focus on their wedding, but she is not feeling very romantic because of the power being out. He snuggles close to her to warm her up, and he tries to cheer her up as well. She worries that she is turning into someone else, but he assures her that she's not. He calls her his "soul mate" and talks about Babe. Later, Krystal is still sad about her wedding, where there will be no friends, and the house is cold and dim. Krystal is due to visit Jenny, so David suggests that she go so she won't be late. After she leaves, David talks to someone on the phone to verify that they sailed off with Amanda's yacht.

Amanda tells J.R. that she gave David his money back and that she didn't want to help him wreck J.R.'s life. J.R. doesn't want to argue about it any more. He gives her some papers to sign, so she asks what they're for. They're to give J.R. custody of her baby. They argue, and she refuses to sign, telling him to go to hell. They carry their fight back into the Fusion main offices, where Adam and Erica are still talking about being partners. Erica chastises Amanda for yelling in their offices. Adam suggests that Erica fire Amanda. Erica tells him that she hasn't made that decision yet, but Amanda just quits anyway and storms out. J.R. feels bad about Amanda losing her job and all that has happened, but of course Adam doesn't. Adam is not pleased to hear that J.R. tried to get Amanda's baby for free and thought she would just sign it over. As J.R. walks out, Adam slams his fist into the wall, hurting himself. Erica goes over to help him. Petey brings ice for Adam's hand, and Erica puts the ice on it. She advises Adam that he can't manage J.R.'s life. She's learned that from sad experience. He asks what he should do, so she suggests that he do what he does best - turn red ink into black (with Fusion). Adam agrees and shakes Erica's hand (with his good hand).

Jake goes to ConFusion to have a Blood Mary. The bartender suggests an omelet, since it's so early. It's clear that she likes him, but he's just friendly and no more. She knows that he always keeps the women at bay, and it hasn't occurred to him that he's been doing that. David comes in, inexplicably and orders champagne for everyone to celebrate his wedding to Krystal. Jake is not too happy to hear it, and they trade insults. Amanda comes in, still in a bad mood. She announces that she has no home, no job, and no money, but she still feels better because David can't get to her. David, nonplussed, insults her back. She stupidly lets slip that she is carrying his child, but then she covers by saying she meant Little A. He tries to get the truth, but Jake orders him away. Jake consoles her after she gets annoyed at herself for putting her foot in her mouth. She sighs that she will have to go to the Pine Cone now, but he won't hear of it. He insists that she has a better place to go, and they leave together. David toasts to himself, to Amanda's unborn child.

When Krystal arrives at Tad's place, he tells her with a laugh that Jenny is sleeping after having a bad night. He suggests that she come in and have lunch, but she says she can't. She tells him about her wedding to David. Tad is both shocked and disgusted. He didn't think she'd go through with it. He wonders if she's pregnant and asks if they are going to try to make another Babe. Stunned, Krystal slaps him, hard. She is very annoyed that he would suggest that she could replace Babe. He wonders how David makes her feel and compares it to a junkie's fix. She tells him that she feels sorry for him if he can't tell the difference.

Jake wheels Amanda's suitcase into their house. Tad wonders why he's bringing more junk in. Kathy runs in. The place is very noisy. Amanda wonders if it's a bad time, but Tad informs her that it's always like this. Jake assures her that they have room for her. He asks Tad to verify that they were just talking about how they could use a woman's touch there. Tad agrees and tells Amanda that she's welcome if she can take it. She offers to go up and check on Jenny, so Tad very gratefully tells her to go ahead. She takes Kathy with her, and they chat about dogs. Tad asks Jake what this is all about. Jake tells him that this is because of the prince of darkness, David, and he won't believe what he did this time.

Krystal returns home to find that David's lawyer is there with him. David asks her to sign a pre-nup. David claims that it's just to protect his heirs in case they get divorced. Krystal is a bit miffed at the idea, since Little A is his only heir that he knows about. He says that for all he knows, he might have others out there, since he didn't know about Babe until she was 20. He also adds that they could still have a child together as well. She wants to read what she's signing, but he says there isn't time because the minister is on his way. Krystal takes a drink of drug-laden milk and signs the papers. David and Krystal get married.

Tad brings food over to Taylor's house. She is still in her bathrobe. When she invites him in, Brot comes out of the bedroom half-dressed. Tad realizes that he's interrupting. He's very embarrassed and says next time he'll phone first. He leaves quickly and smacks himself in the head outside for being such an idiot. Taylor and Brot dance romantically after Tad leaves, even though there's no music.

J.R. goes to ConFusion and drinks -- a lot.

Tad is at home while Jake and Amanda play with the girls. Amanda looks sick and leaves, then later she returns and tells them that she's spotting.

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