AMC Update Tuesday 3/3/09

All My Children Update Tuesday 3/3/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Laurie R.

Tad finds Jake on a date site and harasses him about it.

Brot and Taylor wake up.

Pete says that maybe he should call Amanda’s doctor. Amanda says that she has too many doctors in her face and that she isn’t sick, but she is homeless. Adam and JR come in. Adam says that he will take care of the Erica situation while JR tends to his mess. JR asks Amanda if he can talk to her downstairs. Adam asks where Erica is and she comes out. Adam says that Erica has been lying to him about his investment. Adam says that he knows Erica has robbed him blind and no one gets away with that, including her.

Krystal tells David to get away from her because his hands are like ice. David says that the entire house is in deep freeze because the power is out in the whole neighborhood. David suggests that they have a beautiful wedding with a roaring fire and dozens of candles. Krystal says that she would look like a tugboat instead of a bride. Krystal says that she feels like she is turning into someone else. David says that he has finally found his soul mate. David says that he can feel Babe and knows that she is happy for them.

Amanda says that she gave David his money back and that she didn’t want to help JR wreck his life. JR suggests that they make peace on his terms.

Erica says that Fusion is still a sound investment and Adam says that he needs his money now. Erica says that Adam is using Reese as much as she is using him. Erica says that she isn’t finished with Adam yet.

JR asks Amanda to sign a legal agreement. JR says that he wants to raise the baby on his own.

Tad and Jake talk about Jake’s “match” from the dating site. Kathy comes down and says that she can’t find her plastic man and needs him now. Tad says that he will look for Kathy’s plastic man while Jake makes breakfast. Kathy sees the picture on the computer and asks if they can get a puppy. Jenny starts fussing and Tad tells Jake to go get her. Tad finds Kathy’s plastic man.

Brot brings Taylor breakfast.

Adam says that Erica won’t get anymore of his money. Erica says that she doesn’t need Adam’s money. Erica suggests that Adam should help her run Fusion.

JR tells Amanda that the baby will want for nothing and will have the best of everything and that she will have liberal visitations. Amanda tells JR to go to hell.

Krystal and David talk about their life together. Krystal says that she needs some warm milk. David reminds Krystal about her visit with Jenny. David finds out that Amanda’s yacht sailed off without her and tells someone that they did a great job.

Amanda says that JR is just like Adam. JR says that he could say a few things about her family and Amanda says that she is not insane like her mother. Amanda says that she can raise the baby by herself and doesn’t need JR’s help.

Erica says that she is offering Adam a chance to step in on a temporary basis and help save Fusion. Erica shows Adam her plans for Fusion. Erica says that she hasn’t decided who she is going to cut from the staff yet. Amanda tells JR that she doesn’t need him. Erica reminds Amanda that Fusion isn’t the place for personal knockdown-drag-outs. Adam says that Erica has made some staff cuts and Amanda is the clear first choice. Erica says that staff cuts are her decision alone. Amanda quits.

Jake orders a Bloody Mary. David shows up and orders champagne for everyone. David says that she is getting married. Amanda shows up and David asks her if the Chandlers have thrown her out already. Amanda says that she has nothing, but feels better than she has in a long time because David can’t get to her. Amanda says that David’s game to get Little Adam is over. David says that his game isn’t over, but Amanda’s with JR is. Amanda says that she can take care of the baby and herself and that she always could. Amanda tells David that he won’t get his child. David says that Babe is gone and asks Amanda what child of his they are talking about. Amanda says that she was talking about Little Adam. David says that Amanda was referring to the child she is carrying. Amanda covers by saying that David considers Little Adam his. Jake says that there has been enough of the insulting of the pregnant woman and gets Amanda out of there. Amanda says that it is a good thing the Pine Cone takes plastic and Jake says that they aren’t going to the Pine Cone.

Tad tells Krystal that Jenny had a bad night and is taking a nap, but that Krystal can wait if she would like. Krystal says that she can’t because she is getting married to David.

Adam says that Erica had every right to fire Amanda and Erica says that Amanda fired herself. Erica asks why Amanda ran out of Fusion so furious and JR says that he asked Amanda to sign over custody of the baby. Adam asks JR if he really thought Amanda would just hand over the baby for free. JR says that Amanda isn’t going to hand over the baby at all. Erica asks Adam what he has done.

Krystal tells Tad that she loves David the way she was never in love with Tad. Krystal leaves. Jake brings Amanda in. Kathy comes over and asks Tad if they find a dog that can learn to use the potty if they can get it and Tad says no because they are still trying to train her uncle. Amanda says that the last thing Tad and Jake need is her. Jake says that they have a room for her and that they were just talking about how they could use a woman’s touch around there. Tad says that Amanda is more than welcome if she can take it. Amanda says that she is sure she would love it there and asks if Tad wants her to check on Jenny. Kathy goes with Amanda to check on Jenny. Tad asks what is going on and Jake says that it had to do with David.

David tells Krystal that Jay, his attorney, has drafted up a pre-nup for them to protect his heirs, in case they divorce. Krystal says that she better read it and David says that there isn’t a lot of time.

Erica tells Adam that he can’t manage JR’s life because it only makes matters worse.

Tad shows up to see Taylor and realizes that he is interrupting her time with Brot. Tad says that he will see them later and leaves.

Krystal and David’s wedding starts and are pronounced husband and wife.

JR smashes a bottle and asks for another.

Amanda tells Jake that she is spotting.

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