AMC Update Monday 3/2/09

All My Children Update Monday 3/2/09


Written by Suzanne
Pictures by Laurie R.


At home, Krystal tells David that she would be honored to be his wife. She says there's just one condition. She wants him to promise not to use their marriage to go after J.R.'s son (notice she doesn't say "Little A"). She also doesn't want them to have any secrets. He agrees to not use it against Little Adam, and he wants to work really hard to be more open (that's the best you will get from David! LOL!). He tells her how much he needs her, so she says they should hurry up and get hitched. They kiss. Later, David finds that Krystal is dead asleep in bed (due to the drugs), so he sneaks out.

Taylor greets Tad at the casino while he plays blackjack. Tad does well gambling, so he credits Taylor for his new good luck. She doesn't believe in luck, or angels. She goes off on a little rant, then she stops herself and apologizes for lashing out. She offers to leave, but he stops her and suggests she join the game. He also asks her to tell him about Brot, since he is guessing that's why she's in such a mood. Taylor agrees to play. She tells Tad about when they were in the war and played cards a lot, even when there was sniper fire. Brot would gamble with a photo he has of Cameron Diaz. The story makes Tad laugh. Taylor gets a bit sad over the fact that she and Brot used to trust each other.

Frankie wonders why Brot is still at the hospital, so Brot tells him that he picked up an extra shift. Frankie wonders why he's avoiding Taylor. Brot tells Frankie that he and Taylor are having trouble in bed. Frankie tells him that when he came back from Iraq, he went off into the woods. He also confides that it took six months for him and Randi to sleep together. Brot is amazed. Frankie advises him that he just has to decide when the time is right and go for it. Brot is not so sure, but he agrees to go out and get a drink with Frankie.

Taylor and Tad keep playing cards, and she does very well. Brot and Frankie come by. Tad suggests that Taylor should buy drinks for them all, since she won. They have some drinks and play some more. Tad and Frankie go to get the drinks, leaving Taylor and Brot alone. They know they are being left alone on purpose by Tad, so they decide to sneak off together. Tad and Jake happily watch them leave from the other side of the room.

Back at her place, Taylor tells Brot that she told Tad about their card games in Iraq. Brot laughs and tells her that the autographed photo of Cameron Diaz was fake - he signed it. She gets jokingly annoyed and hits him with a pillow. He tells her lovingly, "the way I feel about you", and she replies, "Me, too". They end up making love.

Tad tells Jake about the card playing story Taylor told him. He remarks that she's very funny beneath her tough exterior. Jake agrees as he gets another drink.

At Confusion (I think), Reese assures Zach and Kendall that she won't use the information against them that Kendall was driving the car that killed Greenlee. Adam, however, comes up behind her and says that he definitely will use it against them. Kendall calls his bluff, saying she will go to the police right now. He points out that she will be in big trouble, and he wonders if Zach is willing to let Kendall go to jail. He insinuates that Zach would then be free to pursue Reese. Kendall stops Zach from slugging Adam, and Reese tries to get Adam to shut up as he taunts Zach and Kendall. Zach asks Adam what he wants, but Adam is not sure yet. He is clearly enjoying having something to hang over Zach's head. As Adam leaves, Kendall is surprised to hear that Reese is staying at the Chandler mansion. She wants to know why Reese is staying in town. Reese wants to prove herself to Bianca's family. She and Kendall argue, and Kendall ends up telling Zach and Reese to just go for it if they want each other. Reese stops Zach from following Kendall, who storms off.

Zach is annoyed at Reese and thinks that she is conspiring with Adam. She assures him that she would never try to hurt him or Kendall. She wants to prove to him that she really does love Bianca. Then it's Zach's turn to storm off.

When Zach goes home, he finds that Kendall has locked him out. She lets him in, but she gives him an earful about Reese. He tells her that she is using Reese as an excuse so they won't talk about their problems. They argue. Zach tells her that they are no good apart - they will both die apart. He gives her the choice: Love or death. He tells her how much he loves her. Kendall tells him that she choose love. They make love. Kendall is worried about him seeing her hideous scar, but he tells her that it gave him his wife back. He kisses the scar and welcomes her back.

Pete catches Adam outside his home to tell him that he got an email that Greenlee sent before her death. He tells Adam reluctantly that Erica spent all of Adam's cash. Adam is annoyed to hear that she lost it all. Pete, nervous, slinks away afterwards.

Jake consoles Amanda at Chandler Mansion, just as J.R. walks in and wants to know what's going on. Jake demands to know why she is upset. They almost get into a fight, but Jake leaves instead. Amanda tries to go to bed without talking to J.R., but he wants to know why she shoved his dead wife in his face on purpose. After some arguing, Amanda agrees that he put in the DVD with Babe on it in order to get him to start drinking again. J.R. is shocked. She lies that she was feeling insecure at the benefit, so she did it in order to keep him needing her. He is not so sure that he believes her story. He asks if she got herself pregnant on purpose to trap him, so she tells him that she definitely did not. J.R. is still not sure what to believe, but he gets angry at her. When Adam walks in, J.R. says that he was right, that Amanda is a lying slut who's been playing him ever since Babe died.

Jake finds David as he is about to leave home. He tells him that he knows about his scheme with Amanda, but it won't work. David insults him, but Jake is unfazed.

Amanda assures J.R. that he's not after his money, but Adam laughs that they are both fools. J.R. is reeling because he has invested so much emotionally in Amanda since Babe's death. Amanda wants to be a good mom, to make Babe proud of her. J.R. says that if she isn't keeping anything else from him, they they can still make it work. She promises that he knows everything now. David walks in from the tunnels in the wall, shocking them both. David says that Amanda probably forgot to tell J.R. that he paid Amanda to make him back into a drunk. David plays a recording from his cell phone from when Amanda got him drunk. He laughs and makes fun of J.R. Amanda, humiliated, yells at David to shut up. David lays out all of Amanda's betrayals. J.R. accuses David of trying to get him drunk so that he can steal his son. David walks out, suggesting that he get Adam to seal up those tunnels. J.R. orders Amanda out of his house. Later, Adam tells him that if he's sure that's his baby, he needs to get it, however he has to do it.

When David returns, Krystal is awake and wonders where he went, and what secrets he's keeping. He lies that he was out making wedding plans for tomorrow. They kiss.

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