AMC Update Friday 2/27/09

All My Children Update Friday 2/27/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Laurie R.


JR and Amanda arrive at the mansion and think of Babe. JR is happy about Amanda and the baby. JR goes upstairs to change his clothes, and David sneaks into Adam’s house to see Amanda. He wants Amanda to get JR drinking, even though she returned the money he paid her for the job.

Zach is at Adam’s home, and ask him to speak to Reese. Adam sends him away. Adam advises Reese not to apologize to Zach. Reese is now sorry she talked to Adam about Kendall driving the car that killed Greenlee.

Ryan breaks glasses and chairs at Zach’s casino. Kendall tries to call Zach, but Ryan snatches the phone from her. Ryan cut his hand on glass. Kendall tries to reason with him to no avail. Ryan continues to vow to take away everything Zach owes and loves. Kendall wants to know what does that mean for her, because if he destroys Zach, he will destroy her as well. Kendall becomes ill, and sits down. Zach arrives at the casino.

David and Krystal talk about JR. Krystal likes Amanda with JR. David calls Amanda the wanderslut.

Reese is Adam’s houseguest. She regrets telling Adam that Kendall drove the car when Greenlee was killed. JR wants to know why Reese is at their home. Adam informs him that Reese told him valuable information that he can use against Zach.

Krystal tells Angie that Amanda is carrying David’s child; she also mentions that David does not know that he is the father of Amanda’s baby. Krystal tells Angie about Frankie changing Amanda’s records to make it appear that JR is the daddy of her baby. Angie tries to get Krystal to see David for what he is. Krystal tells her that David loves her, and asked her to marry him.

Angie questions Jake about Frankie’s attempts to hide the fact that David is the father of Amanda’s baby. She is afraid that Frankie could lose his job.

David goes to Adam’s house to ensure that Amanda set up JR to loose Little A. He wants Amanda to encourage JR to drink when they are alone. Amanda shows JR a video of Babe and he pours himself a drink. She stops him from drinking when he holds the glass to his mouth. Jake arrives at Adam’s and saw Amanda stop JR from drinking. He hugs Amanda and promise that everything will be OK. He believes she did the right thing.

Zach throws Ryan out of the casino, and checks on Kendall. Kendall want to know if Zach ran after Reese. Zach informs her that Reese know she was driving the car when Greenlee was killed. Kendall suggests that she and Zach tell the truth about the accident, but Zach says no.

Krystal wants to know where David went when he left after the benefit. He tells her that he went out. Krystal wants to know why David has all the secrecy about what he is doing. She accepts his offer of marriage.

Zach calls Reese, and she meets him at the casino. Kendall is there and is rude to Reese. Reese attempts to leave after seeing Kendall’s attack as an ambush. Zach tells her that Ryan suggested that she thinks that someone else was driving the car that killed Greenlee. Zach asked what does she know, and she tells him what she heard. Reese promises not to tell anyone what she heard.

Ryan goes to the hospital to get his hand treated. Angie tells Ryan to let his grief out and let it go. He cries in her arms.

Reese tells Zach and Kendall that she will not use what she knows about Greenlee’s death against them. Adam walks up and says that he will use the information against them.

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