AMC Update Thursday 2/26/09

All My Children Update Thursday 2/26/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Laurie R. 

Reese overhears Kendall reminding Zach that she was driving the car that ran Greenlee of the road. Kendall is asked to speak about her heart transplant. She is thankful that she came back for her children and her mom, but does not mention Zach’s name. She later apologizes to Zach for the omission, but explains that she did not omit his name on purpose. She donated $250,000 to the heart benefit. She spoke about Greenlee and began to cry. Erica takes over the mike. Kendall is now feeling guilty about Greenlee’s death. Kendall asked Zach if he liked her speech, and then she apologized to him about not mentioning his name. Kendall wants to know if Zach thinks that she did not mention his name to punish him. He is OK with the omission, because he feels she has not come back to him. Zach left to return to the casino.

Amanda wants to know why Jake and Frankie were talking about her pregnancy at the “Heart Health Benefit”.

Krystal overhears Frankie and Jake say that David is the father of Amanda’s baby. Amanda asks Krystal to not tell anyone that David is the father. Krystal wants Amanda to tell JR that he is the father, because it would be good for him. Jake walks in on the conversation and tells Amanda that Krystal will cooperate, because she would risk loosing David if she tells him he is the father.

Ryan is at the casino getting drunk. Reese ran away from the party, and ran into Ryan at the casino. Ryan is rude and catty with her. He tells her his plan to take the casino away from Zach. She asks what would he do if Kendall were responsible for running Greenlee off the road. He would still blame Zach, because he kissed Reese. Reese walks away from him, because he is acting crazy. Ryan calls Reese and Zach selfish. The casino was getting ready to throw Ryan out when Kendall arrived; she asked them to stop. Ryan told her that if she was looking for Zach that she is late, because Zach went after Reese. Kendall knew he was lying and asked him why he was behaving badly. He also tells Kendall that the casino will be his. Kendall called his idea of owning the casino, crazy.

Adam approached Zach, Erica and Kendall to blame them for Reese wanting to leave Pine Valley. Adam cautions JR about donations, and paternity tests.

Petey received an email from Greenlee sent the day she died, and he talks to Colby about it. Petey and Colby now know that Fusion is in financial trouble and cannot pay Adam his investment. Chandler Enterprises is in financial difficult as well. Colby has fears of being poor.

Taylor and Brot arrive at the party Brot want to leave the party. David approach Brot and ask him to talk to the Campbell soup representatives. Brot and Taylor continue to discuss their relationship, and people’s reaction to Brot’s burns.

Taylor tells Tad that Brot may not want to be with her. Tad tells her that Brot loves her. Taylor finds Brot on the patio. They talk about their troubles then kiss each other.

Tad and Jake talk about pinning for their lost loves, Krystal and Amanda, respectively.

Reese returns to the casino after running into a tree with her car. Ryan is not sympathetic. Adam arrives and tell Reese that he noticed her car outside. He asks if she is OK. She wants to leave the casino, so he takes her to his home. As Adam and Reese leaves, Ryan yells that Adam won’t be getting any, because Reese is a lesbian. Reese tells Adam that everyone in Pine Valley hate her; she suggest that people should have Kendall, because Kendall was driving the car that ran Greenlee off the road.

Amanda returns David’s check amounting to one half million dollars, because she refuses to encourage JR to drink. She wants David to give the money to the heart fund.

Zach arrives at the casino and ask Ryan why is he there. Ryan tells Zach about Reese asking him what he would do if Kendall drove the car that ran Greenlee off the road. He also mentioned Reese’s accident.

Erica congratulates David on the ball. She also tells him that she had fears that Krystal was going to have a disco ball, Jalapenos, and hotdogs at the benefit.

Reese asks Adam to not tell anyone about Kendall being the driver of the car.

Adam answers a knock at the door and finds Zach there.

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