AMC Update Wednesday 2/25/09

All My Children Update Wednesday 2/25/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Laurie R.

Amanda says that she is going to maintenance to get more staples, but Randi says she will do it because Amanda has been on her feet all afternoon. Krystal suggests that Amanda should take a break. Amanda says that she is fine now that the morning sickness is gone. Krystal says that she remembers that feeling. Krystal says that she really appreciates Amanda’s help. Amanda says that Babe would be very proud if she could see this. Krystal says that Babe would have been embarrassed about all the fuss, but would have still been proud. Krystal asks Amanda what is going on between her and David.

David thanks JR for coming. David says that he wants a truce and that they need to do it for Babe.

Jack thanks Erica for coming to see him. Erica says that she heard he went back to the river in Connecticut. Jack says that he wanted to say goodbye to his daughter, but couldn’t.

Kendall says that she knows Zach misses Gabrielle, but he has to give it time. Zach asks Kendall if she really thinks it is that easy. Kendall says that none of it has been easy. Zach says that whether Kendall likes it or not, Gabrielle is his daughter and that won’t change.

Angie says that Annie looks very nice. Annie thanks Carla. Carla leaves and Annie says that she is nervous. Angie says that going back to Oak Haven is part of the healing process. Annie says that she is nervous because Emma is coming to see her. Annie says that Aidan is going to bring Emma to see her before she goes back to Oak Haven. Aidan comes in and says that Emma couldn’t make it. Annie says that Aidan lied to her and that she hates him.

Jack tells Erica how different the scene at the River was without the lights and sirens. Jack says that there was nothing to mark the spot and that he almost didn’t recognize it. Jack says that he wanted to say a prayer for Greenlee, but nothing came out. Jack says that he knelt on the bank and put his hand in the water and it was so cold that it hurt. Jack says that all he could think was that pain was the last thing that Greenlee felt.

Kendall points out that she never said that Zach should forget about Gabrielle. Zach says that he will always think about Gabrielle. Kendall says that if Zach misses Gabrielle so much, maybe he should go to her and take Reese with him. Zach says that he doesn’t want Reese, he wants and loves Kendall. Zach says that Kendall can either fight it and keep pushing him away or not, but it is her choice.

Krystal says that she has been seeing Amanda and David together a lot lately. Krystal says that yesterday at the hospital, it seemed like there was more to it than Amanda volunteering. Amanda says that David was making it very clear that he doesn’t approve of her moving into the mansion because it might confuse Little Adam. Amanda says that David is wrong about that because JR is all about his son and making his life picture-perfect. Krystal says that it is cleared up and that she has to get back to work.

JR says that they already went down that road right after Babe died. David says that it is about the opening tonight in Babe’s honor. David says that he believes that Babe will be there in spirit and thinks it would mean a lot to Babe if they could show some common decency instead of the usual petty differences and squabbles. David promises to put aside their differences and try to get along for tonight at least. Adam comes in and tells David to take his claws off JR.

Frankie comes in and says that the place looks great. Amanda asks Randi if she can steal Frankie for a second. Randi says that she has banners to hang and says not to keep Frankie for too long. Amanda asks Frankie if he covered his tracks when he altered her records. Frankie says that he was very careful and there is nothing in her chart that will give away the fact that David is the father. Amanda says that David has already threatened to get a DNA test. Frankie says that Amanda has to make sure it doesn’t happen and that he will do everything he can to keep the baby’s paternity a secret. Amanda thanks Frankie and says that David will never know that Frankie helped her. Frankie says that he will protect himself. Amanda says that Frankie doesn’t want David holding something like that over his head. Frankie asks if David has something over Amanda.

JR tells Adam to back off. Adam asks if JR was about to shake hands with David. David thanks JR for understanding and says that he will see him tonight. Adam says that David is setting JR up. JR says that David was just asking for a little civility tonight, so they wouldn’t cause a scene. Adam says that David is still trying to steal Little Adam and JR says that it isn’t going to happen.

Erica says that Jack wasn’t ready to say goodbye to Greenlee. Erica asks if Jack wants to go upstairs and talk and says that there is a second bedroom if he wants to stay the night. Jack thanks Erica for the offer, but says that he is going to be alone tonight. Erica tells Jack that she is there whenever he needs her and if he changes his mind, just to call.

Kendall says that she doesn’t want to fight and Zach asks what Kendall wants. Kendall says that she doesn’t know and Zach says that he is going to work. Kendall asks if Zach will be at the hospital for the benefit. Zach says that he wouldn’t miss it. Zach says that they will just keep smiling because they wouldn’t want to disappoint Pine Valley.

Annie says that she needs to see Emma. Aidan tries to get Annie to calm down. Annie says that she wants to see Emma because Aidan said that he would help her. Aidan tells Annie to calm down. Aidan says that he wants to help Annie, but can’t when she loses control like that. Annie says that she misses her daughter. Aidan says that Ryan has custody of Emma right now and he doesn’t want Emma to get hurt. Annie says that she would never hurt Emma. Aidan tells Annie to look at the way she just acted and says that Ryan isn’t sure that she wouldn’t snap in front of Emma and that is why he wouldn’t let her come yet. Aidan says that if Annie can learn to stay in control and can find the mother that Emma loves, he promises she will see Emma real soon.

Amanda tells Frankie that David is blackmailing her. Frankie asks how he can help and Amanda says that she has to deal with it on her own. Frankie says that Amanda has dealt with enough stress already and Amanda says that Frankie has helped her enough already. Jake comes up and asks if they are talking about David. Frankie says that whenever you speak a demon’s name they appear.

David comes in and says that the place looks great. Krystal says that Amanda and Randi have been workhorses. Krystal says that Amanda has a lot of energy for someone in her condition and David says that Amanda is tough.

Randi tells Frankie that they should go change and get back there. Frankie and Randi leave. Jake asks if Amanda told JR that David is blackmailing her and she says that she couldn’t because JR was going on and on about how he trusts and needs her. Amanda tells Jake that David said she is supposed to get JR drunk and make it look like Little Adam is in a dangerous environment. Jake says that Amanda needs to come clean with JR, otherwise David is just going to keep coming after her. Amanda says that it isn’t the only thing that David could take away from her, even if she came clean with JR. Jake realizes that David is the father of Amanda’s baby.

Erica tells Zach that she knows what he is going through because she thought she would die when Travis took Bianca away from her, but she didn’t. Erica tells Zach not to give up hope. Zach says that Erica has no idea what he is feeling right now.

JR comes in and says that the place is looking great.

Krystal asks David why he is staring at Amanda. David says that he was watching JR and tells Krystal that he and JR agreed on a truce for tonight. David gives Krystal some pills and tells her that she deserves to have a good time. David tells Krystal that she will never forget that night.

Adam thanks Reese for coming and she reminds him that he said he had business to discuss. Adam gives Reese a dress and says that he would like for her to wear it to a hospital function tonight and that he would like to escort her. Reese asks why and he says that he is honestly on her side. Reese says that she isn’t sure what Adam would be getting out of it. Adam says that they would both be getting satisfaction because Reese could show the Kane women that they can’t take her down.

JR says that the benefit is supposed to be about heart health and that Amanda is going to be killing a few guys tonight. David comes up and says that men will be dropping like flies for her. Amanda says that she will talk to JR when he is done with the receiving line. JR thanks people for coming.

JR thanks Frankie and Randi for coming and thanks Randi for all her help. Randi says that it was her pleasure because it is for a great cause. Frankie runs into David and David asks if Randi was an actress. Frankie tells Randi that David is just being an ass and that he shouldn’t ruin their night.

Jake gives Amanda a glass of sparkling water and she says that she wishes it could be something stronger. Jake asks if Frankie knows and Amanda says that Frankie has been helping her to keep it a secret. Jake asks Amanda if she realizes how many people care about her and Amanda says that she is afraid it won’t be enough.

David tells Krystal that she looks beautiful and asks if she has taken any of the pills yet. Krystal says that she still has a lot to do and doesn’t want to be too relaxed.

JR thanks Erica and Kendall for coming. David comes up and asks how Kendall is doing. Kendall says that the event hits home. David says that he is sorry Bianca couldn’t make it and says that he heard that she went back to Paris. Kendall says that Zach should be there by now. Erica says that she ran into Zach at the casino and he isn’t in a good place. Kendall says that she knows Zach is upset about Gabrielle, but she is sick of everyone making her out to be the bad guy in the situation.

Erica and Kendall see Reese walk in. Erica offers to take care of it, but Kendall says that she will do it. Adam goes to get Reese some wine. Kendall asks Reese why she is there and Reese says that she came with Adam. Kendall asks why Reese is still in Pine Valley. Reese says that she has responsibilities in Pine Valley and can’t just walk away from it. Zach walks in and says that Reese can walk away from it.

Annie says that she gets so afraid of the people she loves being taken away from her that she freaks out, but she will work on it at Oak Haven. Aidan says that Annie is getting better if she can realize that she has a problem. Annie says that she could never hate Aidan. Annie asks what happens for Aidan now and he says that he has work. Annie asks if he will be lonely and Aidan says that he will be fine. Annie says that Aidan can always email her if he can’t come to visit because the hospital is allowing her supervised access to a computer.

Zach says that he is going to get another architect to finish Reese’s projects and will pay out her contract. Reese says that is very nice of Zach, but she has no intention of cutting and running just because Kendall wants to get rid of her. Zach says that Kendall has been through a lot and doesn’t need Reese breathing down her neck. Reese says that she is staying in Pine Valley for her and everyone needs to live with it.

Erica asks Adam why he is there with Reese. Erica says that she hates when Adam is vengeful and manipulative and says that Reese is a snake. Adam says that the only snake in the room just took the podium.

David thanks everyone for coming and announces that the event celebrates the opening of the new cardiac wing at the hospital, named in memory of his late daughter, Babe Carey Chandler. David turns the podium over to JR and JR addresses the room.

David tells Amanda to get JR drunk and take him home so that she can make it look like JR tried to take Little Adam out for a drunken joyride, otherwise JR will find out what a rotten friend she has been.

JR thanks the volunteers and the sponsors again and asks Krystal if she would like to say a few words.

Reese tells Erica that she has her reasons for being in town. Erica says that she wants Reese to leave town or her life will be a bigger hell than it already is.

Aidan says that Annie has opened up her heart and soul to him in ways that no one ever has before and Annie tells him that she lost her mind. Aidan says that Annie just misplaced her mind and that she is finding it again. Aidan says that he never wants to see Annie hurt like that again. Angie comes in and says that the people from Oak Haven are there.

Krystal thanks everyone and turns the podium back over to JR. JR starts to talk about the donations.

Jake says that Frankie is a saint for trying to help Amanda out. Frankie says that he is a little concerned because if Amanda told Jake, who else would she tell. Jake says that Amanda only told him because she knows it would be a cold day in hell before he let David know that Amanda is carrying his child.

Angie says that Annie is dressed and ready to go. Aidan asks if he can go in and say goodbye. Aidan tells Annie that she looks beautiful and Annie says that she is scared. Aidan promises that it will be different this time. Annie asks Aidan to hold her and he agrees. Annie says that she is ready to go now. Aidan tells Angie that Annie is finally getting the help that she deserves. Angie asks Aidan if he has very strong feelings for Annie and he says that he does.

JR talks about Babe.

Zach asks Kendall what is wrong. Kendall says that she thought about Greenlee and about the event last year. Kendall says that Greenlee is gone because she killed her best friend. Zach tells Kendall to stop doing this to herself. Kendall says that Greenlee is dead because of her.

JR thanks everyone again for being there.

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