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Krystal tells David that she is ready for her exam, and he says that he gave her a thorough workout the previous night. Krystal shows David what the hospital staff is getting for the Campbellís Heart Health campaign.

Amanda tells Jake that she is sure she saw David lurking around Biancaís wedding. Jake says that he needs a little more time to get the information about David, and Amanda says that she doesnít have time. Amanda says that David is threatening to tell J.R. everything if she doesnít get him a prime exhibit A for his custody suit. Jake says that Amanda canít let David get Little Adam. Amanda says that maybe she should tell the truth for a while, and Jake says that it would be a radical move. J.R. comes up and asks what is going on.

Bianca tells Jack to pack his things and go to Paris with her and help her convince Erica to go, too. Erica says that she has a better idea and that they should stay there and forget about Paris.

Adam orders a drink and asks Reese if Bianca has packed up the kids and left for France yet. Reese says that Bianca hasnít left yet and isnít in her room, either. Reese asks Adam what he is doing there, and he says that he was looking for Erica. Adam asks if anyone has advised Reese to fight for her child, and Reese says that she doesnít want an ugly battle. Adam says that he could finesse Erica if Reese wants. Reese asks what he would want in exchange.

Kendall realizes that Zach didnít sleep in his bed and suggests that she get a new mattress for him. Zach says that he isnít doing this.

Ryan stands shirtless on the balcony, and Opal comes in. Opal says that she just dropped Emma off at school and thought she would stop and grab her boots because they are predicting slush. Opal asks Ryan to bundle up if he is going back on the terrace and then changes her mind and asks him to stay off the terrace for a while.

Zach says that they are going to talk about not sleeping in the same bed together and that they are going to deal with reality. Kendall tells Zach to leave, and he asks if that is what she wants. Kendall says that she wants a piece of toast.

Erica says that Bianca has suffered a devastating loss, and Bianca says that you canít lose the love of someone who didnít really love you. Bianca says that a devastating loss is someone too precious to replace. Erica and Jack ask how Bianca got so wise, and Bianca says that she was parented within an inch of her life. Bianca tells Jack that he has a daughter in Paris. Erica asks Bianca to stay in Pine Valley, and Bianca says that she canít because of Kendall. Erica says that Kendall loves Bianca. Bianca says that Kendall needs to love her at a distance right now.

Adam says that he flips into battle mode any time he sees a parent being robbed of a child, and Reese says except when he is doing the robbing. Adam says that custody court is his second home and that he could guide her through every nook and cranny and that the judges are trusted allies.

Amanda says that she was concerned about the cramping and decided to ask Jake about it. Jake tells Amanda to get lots of rest and very little stress. Jake leaves, and J.R. asks what it was really about. Amanda says that she and Jake were just talking about cramping. J.R. asks what has Amanda so down, and she says that Adam makes her feel like she is a flesh-eating disease. J.R. and Amanda start talking about Babe.

David proposes a toast to Babe and keeping her memory alive.

Jack says that it looks like Ryan is going somewhere, and Ryan says that he doesnít know where, but he is going somewhere. Jack suggests that Ryan go with him to the river to say goodbye to Greenlee. Jack says that he thought Ryan might need to do it, too.

Reese says that custody suits are painful and destructive. Adam says that nothing hurts like losing a child. Reese says that she hopes that if she is patient, Bianca will be able to forgive her in time. Adam asks Reese to let Erica know he will catch up with her later.

Erica and Bianca show up at Kendall and Zachís house. Erica says that Miranda wanted to come say goodbye but got cranky and needed a nap. Bianca asks if it is okay for her to go kiss Ian and Spike. Kendall says that the boys are upstairs with Rachel. Erica says that Bianca needs to pack up the babyís things, and Kendall says that the suitcase is waiting in the nursery. Erica suggests that Kendall show Bianca where the suitcases are that she packed up. Kendall says that she had Rachel pack up Gabrielleís things and finally agrees. Bianca says goodbye to Zach, and he tells her to kiss the girls for him. Bianca and Kendall go upstairs. Erica asks Zach why he doesnít have a desire to kiss his baby girl goodbye. Erica says that she would love for Zach to show a shred of normal human emotion. Zach says that if he were normal, he wouldnít have been a donor to his wifeís sister. Erica tells Zach that his baby is going to be an ocean away very soon and asks if he needs to see Gabrielle. Zach asks why he would need to see the baby and Erica says for closure. Zach says that closure is overrated and that some things in life arenít manageable and neat and that some mistakes canít be fixed.

Ryan says that he has already said goodbye to Greenlee too many times. Jack says that Greenlee wouldnít want Ryan to beat himself up for the rest of his life. Ryan says that Jack has no idea what Greenlee would want. Jack says that what happened is nobodyís fault. Ryan says that he knows better and so should Jack.

Krystal says that she has 80 sets of red scrubs to pass out, and David says that he will see her later. J.R. tells Amanda that they better go to the pharmacy and get her refill. Adam comes up and tells J.R. that he had a cardio workup done. J.R. tells Adam to quit icing Amanda out because she is carrying Adamís grandchild.

Jake and Krystal talk about the Campbellís Heart Health party. Jake asks if David is heading out of town for a consult or something, and Krystal says that if Jake wants a blow-by-blow of Davidís whereabouts, he should go to David about it.

Bianca says that she will miss the boys and Kendall. Kendall asks what she can say. Erica tells them to say they love each other. Bianca says that things have changed and asks Kendall if she will ever forgive her. Kendall says that she probably will, but not anytime soon. Bianca says that she wants them to be as close as they were and will be hoping for that. Bianca says that she will be hoping for Kendall and Zach, too, because Zach loves Kendall more than anything. Kendall says that she thinks she hears Ian.

Ryan orders a drink and tells Zach the seat is taken. Zach sits down and orders a drink. Ryan and Zach argue. Zach says that he knows Ryan wants to take him down, but he doesnít think it is going to happen.

Bianca realizes that Reese is waiting to say goodbye to Gabrielle and Miranda, and Reese asks if she has that right. Bianca says that she will go upstairs and get the girls.

J.R. says that he could move him and Little Adam into a penthouse unless Adam starts treating Amanda with the respect that she deserves. J.R. says that he will start looking for places to live the next day. Adam asks if J.R. has given any thought to how secure Little Adam feels in the mansion and asks if J.R. has completely forgotten Little Adamís mother. J.R. tells Adam not to bring Babe into it. Adam says that J.R. has saddled himself with a gold-digging schemer and asks if that is how J.R. honors his late wife.

David tells Amanda that he wants J.R. pickled in alcohol at the opening of Babeís cardiac wing and that she will take J.R. home and then send out an SOS to the Martins and Hubbards saying that J.R. strapped Little Adam into the car. David says that Amanda needs to point out that J.R. passed out before he could take Little Adam anywhere. Amanda refuses to do it, and David says that this is no time for Amanda to be noble. Amanda says that J.R. is sober, and Little Adam deserves to be with his father. Amanda says that J.R. will protect her because of the baby. David says that Amanda is one DNA test away from being kicked to the curb. Krystal comes up and asks if everything is okay.

J.R. tells Adam that Babe and Amanda were best friends. David says that Amanda insists on working the event, and J.R. says no heavy lifting. Amanda says that she wonít do anything that doesnít feel right.

Emma arrives home and surprises Ryan. Opal tells Ryan to call her if he needs anything. Ryan thanks Opal, and she leaves.


Ryan opens Emmaís present to find a green butterfly. Emma says that it is for Greenlee, too, because she loves butterflies and asks if Greenlee can see it from heaven. Ryan says that he is sure Greenlee can see it.

Reese says goodbye to Miranda while Zach says goodbye to Gabrielle.

Emma asks if they can send it to Greenlee in heaven and Ryan says that they can try. Ryan tells Emma to close her eyes and make a wish. The wind picks the butterfly up into the air.

Emma tells the butterfly to fly to Greenlee, and Ryan says to tell Greenlee that they love her. Emma tells the butterfly to teach Greenlee how to fly.

Miranda and Reese hug goodbye. Bianca hugs Kendall and Erica while weeping and takes Gabrielle in her arms. Bianca takes Miranda by the hand and leaves with the girls.

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