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David tells Krystal never to answer his phone again, and she says that it was just a hang-up. David says that he wants to share his life with her but some things need to stay private. Krystal asks David where he went the day of the wedding.

Opal tells Ryan that Emma is having milk and cookies with Petey. Ryan says that he wants Opal’s help because he needs to talk to Greenlee.

Reese tells Zach that if Bianca leaves, so does Gabrielle, and asks Zach to help her. Zach says that he isn’t helping Reese and that they don’t deserve that child.

Erica tells Kendall that Bianca needs her, and Kendall says that Bianca didn’t need her when she decided to make a baby with Zach. Bianca says that Kendall is right and that it was her fault because she lied to Kendall and had a child with Zach. Erica says that Gabrielle needs them to fight for her and says that surely Kendall doesn’t want Reese to have access to Gabrielle. Kendall says that she wants Reese far away from the baby and the further that Bianca and Gabrielle are from Pine Valley, the better it will be. Erica reminds Kendall that Bianca is her sister, and Kendall says that they share nothing but blood.

David says that he was at a consult in Manhattan and that he left a note. Krystal says that she didn’t see a note, and David apologizes. Gayle calls David and tells him that J.R. and Amanda just arrived at the hospital. David says that he will be there as soon as he can. David tells Krystal that he doesn’t want her answering his phone because it could be complicated.

Erica says that they will get past this and that they always do. Kendall says that if Erica wants her to kiss and make up so that Erica feels better, Kendall is leaving. Erica says that she wants Kendall to show a little understanding. Kendall says that she agrees with Bianca about keeping Reese away from Gabrielle and asks if that is enough. Erica says that she doesn’t recognize Kendall since the coma. Kendall says that a lot has changed. Erica says that if Kendall isn’t with them, she can leave. Kendall says that she isn’t with them, but she agrees that Reese shouldn’t have any access to Gabrielle and that she will do anything to make sure that doesn’t happen. Ms. Stillman shows up and says that there is a clear case supporting Ms. Williams’ rights to Gabrielle. Bianca asks if Reese could get partial custody of Gabrielle.

Reese says that Zach knows she is a good mother. Zach says that there are consequences for the mistakes that have been made. Reese says that if Bianca gets full custody, Zach will lose Gabrielle, too. Zach says that it is Bianca’s choice and he has to respect that. Zach says that Bianca has a right to do what she is doing. Reese says that Zach doesn’t want to lose Gabrielle any more than she does and asks him to help her. Reese says that if she gets custody, she won’t take Gabrielle away, and Zach can see her as much as he wants. Zach asks Reese if she wants him to choose between Gabrielle and Kendall.

J.R. asks where the planning meeting for the Babe Chandler benefit wing is because he wants to get his donation in. Adam tells J.R. that Chandler Enterprises has just had the worst quarter in the company’s history. J.R. says that they will turn it around. David comes up and asks them if they are donating to Babe’s wing. J.R. says that there will be enough zeros to put them at the top of the donation list. Adam tells J.R. to keep the check book in his pocket until they talk about it. Frankie asks Amanda if she is taking her prenatal vitamins, and J.R. says that she takes them when he promises her a chocolate truffle afterwards. Amanda says that J.R. has been a great coach. J.R. says that he will wait for her outside. Frankie asks Amanda what will happen when J.R. finds out that David is the baby’s father, and Amanda says that J.R. won’t find out. Frankie says that secrets have a way of coming out, and Amanda says that Frankie protects the secret and J.R. protects her, so the baby is safe from David and that is all she cares about.

Aidan tells Annie that her competency hearing has been postponed indefinitely but she has to go back to Oak Haven. Annie asks Aidan if he thinks she can see Emma before she goes back to Oak Haven.

Opal tries to communicate with Greenlee’s spirit. Ryan tells Greenlee that he needs her and that he wants the people who killed her to be held responsible. Opal says that if Greenlee was close by, Ryan just sent her soul running. Ryan apologizes and asks Opal not to stop. Opal says that she doesn’t even feel a tickle, and Ryan asks Opal to try again because he needs Greenlee.

Ms. Stillman says that Reese and Bianca took steps to give Reese equal rights to the baby and that the court will view them both as Gabrielle’s parents. Ms. Stillman says that if Bianca takes Gabrielle out of the country, she will be charged with kidnapping because Reese has filed for custody in Pine Valley and no one is going anywhere until it is resolved. Erica says that Ms. Stillman has outlined an option for them if they want to win it quickly and explains that they would put Reese’s character on trial to prove that she is an unfit mother. Adam comes up and demands to talk to Erica now.

Reese tells Zach to save his family and his marriage but asks him to tell the court that she is a good mother. Reese asks Zach to talk to Bianca, but he says no. Zach says that Gabrielle’s best interest is not being in a tug-of-war with her mothers. Reese says that she loves Gabrielle. Zach says that if Reese loves her so much, maybe she has to let her go, but Reese says that she won’t do that. Reese says that she is not letting go and moving on without her daughter. Zach says that Reese doesn’t have a chance in hell.

David asks about Amanda’s exam, and she says that it was fine but none of his business. David asks Amanda how their business is going, and she tells him to meet her at the casino later to talk about it. J.R. comes up and asks if David was bugging her. J.R. asks Amanda if she will be able to make it home okay because he has to sit in on the meeting for the Campbell’s Heart Health benefit, and she says that she has some errands to run. David asks Frankie how Amanda is doing.

Erica tells Adam that she is in an important meeting with a lawyer for Bianca because she and Reese’s marriage is over.

Frankie says that Amanda is having a picture-perfect first trimester. David looks over the chart and asks Frankie if he knows what would happen to a doctor who altered or falsified documents or reports. Frankie says that the doctor’s license would be stripped and lucky for him he plays by the rules. Krystal comes up and tells David that they are going to start without them if they don’t hurry. David tells Frankie to keep up the good work and leaves with Krystal.

Aidan promises to run the idea of a visit with Emma by Ryan and see what he thinks. Annie says that if Ryan could let her see Emma, it would mean everything to her. Aidan says that he will ask but can’t make any promises. Annie thanks Aidan for always telling her the truth and asks what she would do without him.

Opal says that it is no use because the spirit isn’t willing. Ryan says that he needs to talk to Greenlee because he has to know. Opal says that the Greenlee she knew wouldn’t want revenge and payback but would want Ryan to be happy and live in peace with Emma. Ryan says that Greenlee would want justice as much as he does. Opal asks Ryan why he is so desperate for permission if he believes that Greenlee would agree with him. Opal says that maybe the spirit has spoken and Ryan should listen to the doubts. Ryan thanks Opal for coming and asks her to give Emma a kiss for him. Opal says that Ryan should do that for himself.

David knew he was right to recommend Krystal to oversee the benefit because the committee loved her ideas. Krystal is thrilled she could contribute to such a good cause. When David says that Krystal might raise enough money for healthy hearts that she could put him out of business, J.R. offers to triple his contribution for that. David says that he has a consult and leaves. J.R. assures Krystal that she can do the benefit and asks if she is really happy with David. Krystal says that she is and asks J.R. how he is doing. Krystal says that Babe would want him to move on with his life, and J.R. says that they both are moving on.

Adam and Erica argue about Adam’s investment in Fusion. Assuring him he will get his money back, Erica says that she has to get back to her meeting. Zach walks up to the meeting and announces that he told Reese to leave town and never look back. Kendall asks Zach to tell them what he really thinks.

Reese asks Ryan for help keeping Gabrielle. Ryan asks what she wants him to do. Reese says that she wants to know how to get through to the Kane women. Ryan tells Reese to get out.

David asks Amanda what they have to celebrate other than a very healthy pregnancy. Amanda says that J.R. has been trying very hard to stay sober. Amanda says that she saw David outside the chapel in Connecticut the day that Greenlee died.

Erica tells Zach that Ms. Stillman thinks they should focus on Reese’s character. Erica says that all they have to do is tell the truth about Reese and that she wanted to marry into a rich and famous family and used Gabrielle to solidify that position. Bianca says that it isn’t really true, and Kendall says that it is true enough to put the judge on their side. Zach suggests they tell the judge that Reese came into town because she wanted a sexual relationship with him and threw herself at him every chance she had. Ms. Stillman asks if it is true, and Zach asks if she wants him to testify. Ms. Stillman says that they will also have to hear from Kendall. Kendall tells Ms. Stillman about the closeness she noticed between Zach and Reese. Kendall says that she realized that Reese was stealing everything she loved. Reese walks up and says that she isn’t going to fight Bianca and will sign whatever they want her to sign for Bianca to have full custody. Bianca and Reese talk privately. Bianca asks if Reese can live with the decision to never see Gabrielle again. Reese says that she has hope that one day Bianca might let her back in Gabrielle’s life. Bianca says that they will sign the papers tomorrow. Adam tells Reese not to turn her belly up to the Kane women.

David and Amanda talk about their deal. David orders Amanda needs to set up a situation that looks like Little Adam is in danger and make it look like J.R. did it and, preferably, J.R. will be drunk. When Amanda says that Adam will never let David have custody of Little Adam, David says that, pretty soon, Adam will be out of the picture altogether.

Aidan shows up at Ryan’s and asks if Annie can see Emma before being sent back to Oak Haven. Ryan says no because Annie ambushed him in Connecticut and made it so that he couldn’t get to Greenlee in time. Ryan says that Annie and Aidan can both go to hell.

Zach is glad Reese is doing the right thing, but Kendall doesn’t think it sounds like Zach to give up a child so easily. Zach asks Kendall what she wants to do, and Kendall says that Zach’s room is ready. Kendall has the downstairs bedroom made up for him.

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