AMC Update Friday 2/20/09

All My Children Update Friday 2/20/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Brenda


Jake and Tad are at ConFusion; they see Krystal come in and sit at the bar. Jake asks Krystal to join Tad and him at their table. Tad notices the engagement ring from David. Tad runs her away from the table by asking her questions about her relationship with David.

David speaks to Joe at the hospital; Joe has chest pains, and David insists that he is seen at the hospital.

Zach calls Kendall, because she stayed the night at Ryan’s house. She did not return his calls all night.

Bianca arrives at Zach’s and overhears him leaving a message for Kendall. Bianca is very insulting and rude to Zach. She tells him that she regrets asking him to be the sperm donor. She promises that she will not allow Reese or him to see the children. Zach allows her to lay into him without saying anything. She asks him to say something, and he tells her that he thought that she inherited the best part of Erica, but lately she has shown that she is just like her by being insecure, arrogant, and selfish. He is sick to see that she has turned into her mother.

Reese runs into Erica and the nanny at the casino. She tries to see Gabby, but Erica refuses. Reese shows Erica a court order allowing her to visit Gabby. Reese apologizes to Erica, and Erica lets her know that she caused the entire breakup of her marriage to Bianca.

Ryan calls Jesse to arrest Zach. He wants Zach charged with Greenlee’s death. Jesse tells Ryan that Greenlee’s death was an accident. Kendall says that her husband did not murder anyone. Ryan throws Jesse out, and he tells Kendall that he loves her, but if she supports Zach, he wants her to leave. Jesse notices that Kendall is uneasy when talking about the accident. She tells him that the accident happened the way she and Zach told him. Kendall is worried about Ryan, because he is acting out of character.

Jake rushes to the hospital to see his dad. Krystal remains to talk with Tad. David arrives at ConFusion and tells Tad about Joe. Tad leaves. When Tad arrives at the hospital, Jake tells him that his father is OK. Jake also tells Tad that David does not want Joe to oversee the “Heart Health Benefit,” so he has ordered bed rest for Joe. David wants to be in charge of the benefit.

Reese tells Bianca about the court order she has that demands that Bianca remain in the USA. Reese lets Bianca know that she would still like another chance. Bianca gives Reese her ring back.

David asks Krystal to plan the “Heart Health Benefit” for him.

Kendall goes to the casino to see Zach. She apologizes for not returning his calls. She wants to confess about killing Greenlee; she thinks that Ryan would forgive her, because she is Spike’s mother. She is worried about Ryan’s threats to Zach. Zach wants her to continue to remain quiet about the accident. Zach is not worried about Ryan’s threats. Kendall continues to bring up Reese. Zach lets her know that she can push him as hard as she wants to, but he will never stop loving her. He also tells her that he doesn’t care about Reese, and that he wishes she, and everything, would go away. Kendall leaves to meet with her mother. Reese is behind Zach, and overhears him talking to Kendall.

Erica visits Ryan. He wants Erica to watch out for Kendall when he goes after Zach. Erica tries to get him to see that Greenlee’s death was an accident.

Erica wants the Kane women to stick together and support Bianca in her fight with Reese for Gabby. Kendall is not interested.

Krystal answers David’s phone, and he tells her never to answer his phone again.

Ryan looks at Greenlee’s picture and says that he will take everything that means anything to Zach from him, including his company and his son.

Reese knows that Zach wants her gone, just as Bianca wants her to go away. She asks Zach to help her with the custody of Gabby.

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