AMC Update Thursday 2/19/09

All My Children Update Thursday 2/19/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Anoma

Kendall finds Reese at her home. When Kendall asks Reese why she is there, Reese tells Kendall that she has not figured out where to go. Kendall opens the door and tells her “Viva La France.” Bianca calls Reese and asks her to meet her at the casino, in the lobby.

Ryan confronts Zach at the casino. He blames Zach for Greenlee’s death. He tells Zach that he intends to take away everything he loves.

Annie hit her head on a chair. Dr. Sinclair tries to shoot Annie with a syringe of poison. Annie fights for her life and tries to get out of her room. As they are wrestling, Aidan and the administrator enter the room. The syringe is stuck in the doctor’s arm. Aidan reassures Annie that all will be well. Annie seeks Aidan’s comfort. Dr. Sinclair is brought to the hospital, and Aidan carries Annie into the hospital as well.

Emma is at the Slater’s home and she tells Kendall that she misses Ryan, Annie, and Greenlee. Emma recognizes that Kendall is sad, so she lets her play with her stuffed animal, Sandy. Opal picks up Emma to take her to Ryan’s house. Opal’s discussion about Greenlee’s death makes Kendall uneasy.

Zach blames Ryan for Greenlee’s death and accuses him of hurting all of the women he is with. Zach thinks that Ryan should have kept his mouth shut because Zach told him that nothing was going on with Reese. Ryan is outraged that Zach is blaming him for Greenlee’s death. Zach calls Ryan selfish.

Angie treats Annie’s injury. Jesse arrives at the hospital after leaving Oak Haven.

Reese arrives at the casino while Zach and Ryan are talking. Ryan says, “Here is your girlfriend now; she can’t stay away.” Zach walks away. Reese and Ryan argue. Reese can’t believe that he told Bianca about the kiss. Bianca comes into the casino lobby and tells Ryan to leave Reese alone.

Jesse knows that Aidan was masquerading as Mr. Stone. Aidan gives him details about why he was masquerading. He told Jesse about Dr. Sinclair’s misdeeds. When Jesse finds out that Richie and Sinclair were lovers, he begins to understand the situation with Annie. Tad arrives and supports Aidan’s story about the doctor.

Bianca and her attorney meet Reese at the casino and ask for her signature on the annulment papers. Reese asks for forgiveness, but Bianca refuses. Reese will not sign because the papers do not mention the children. Reese and Bianca signed joint custody papers for Gabby. Reese tears up the annulment papers and tells Bianca that she has a fight on her hands.

Zach arrives home and sees dinner for two; Kendall ordered dinner for them. Kendall is making small talk, which is making Zach uncomfortable. Zach asks her to make a sincere effort at conversation. He tells her that she was not once in jeopardy of losing him. He asks how long Kendall will punish him. Kendall gets up to leave to visit Ryan. Zach tells her that he needs her, but she goes to see Ryan.

While treating Annie, Angie puts the sharp scissors in her pocket. Annie notices the action and asks Angie if she is afraid of her.

Ryan returns home where there are memories of Greenlee. Opal brings Emma home.

Jesse visits Dr. Sinclair in the hospital, and she confesses to everything, thinking she is going to die. Tad wants to know how Jesse got Sinclair to confess. Jesse tells him that he used the “None-ya method” which translates to “None of your business.” Angie accuses Tad and Jesse of acting like a married couple.

Kendall and Ryan talk to Emma about Greenlee being an angel. Emma is sad that Greenlee is gone.

Aidan tells Annie that Dr. Sinclair confessed. Annie thanks Aidan.

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