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All My Children Update Wednesday 2/18/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Laurie R.

Reese asks Bianca if they found out anything about Greenlee.  Bianca says no and tells Reese not to touch her.  Reese says that Bianca talked to Zach and Bianca says that she talked to Ryan.  Bianca says that apparently everyone except her knew that Reese slept with Zach.

Zach says that he needs to see his wife and Jake says that Kendall doesnít want to see him.  Kendall tells Zach to get out.  Zach says that he is there to talk to her, but Kendall says that she has nothing to say to him.  Kendall asks Erica to make Zach leave.  Erica tells Zach that he needs to leave and he says that he will be outside.  Erica tells Kendall that it is going to be okay.

Dr. Sinclair says that Annie is on her own and Annie says that Aidan said he would help her.  Annie says that Aidan will make sure Dr. Sinclair pays.  Dr. Sinclair calls Annie a fool.  Annie says that at least she wasnít stupid enough to fall in love with one of her patients and says that she knows all about Dr. Sinclair and Richie.

Aidan says that Ryan kept pushing until Greenlee finally gave in and then he killed her.  Jesse tells Ryan and Aidan to break it up or he will arrest them both.  Ryan says that he is going to kill Aidan.  Aidan asks if it will be like he killed Greenlee.  Aidan says that Ryan ruins everything that he touches.  Jesse tells Aidan to leave and Aidan says that there is nothing left for him there anyways.

Annie says Dr. Sinclair that Aidan is going to expose her.  Annie asks Dr. Sinclair how it feels to be trapped and powerless with nowhere to run or hide.  Dr. Sinclair says that Aidan can accuse her of anything he wants because he canít help Annie.  Dr. Sinclair says that Annie will rot in prison for the rest of her life.

Erica says that Bianca told her what happened between Reese and Zach.  Kendall says that if Erica wants to be concerned about someone it should be Greenlee and asks if there is any news.  Erica says that the police have changed the search from rescue to recovery.  Erica says that Greenlee is one of the most determined, stubborn women she has ever known and that Greenlee will be back, if for no other reason than to try to kick Erica out of Fusion.  Kendall says that her best friend is dead and her husband kissed another woman.  Erica tells Kendall not to blame Zach for the kiss because Reese has been after him from day one.  Erica says that Reese saw how vulnerable Zach was and wore him down.  Kendall says that Zach kissed Reese because he wanted to and because they have a connection.  Erica says that Reese was a manipulative, selfish, confused woman who made a play for a married man.  Kendall says that the second that Zach, Bianca and Reese decided to make the child; he and Reese formed a bond that has only gotten stronger and that is why they canít keep their hands off each other.  Erica tells Kendall not to throw her marriage away for one kiss and Kendall says that she isnít the one throwing it away.

Bianca asks Reese if she and Zach are having an affair and Reese says no.  Reese says that it was a kiss.  Reese says that she was angry and drunk after the speech that Kendall made and felt humiliated and Zach was there, but it meant nothing.  Bianca says that Reese was standing in the place they chose to pledge their lives to each other and kissing someone else and asks Reese how that means nothing.  Reese says it is true, it means nothing.  Bianca says that Reese is still attracted to men, but Reese says no.  Bianca says that lesbians donít just go around kissing men and that she canít trust Reese anymore.  Bianca asks how long Reese has been questioning if she was a lesbian or not.  Reese says that maybe what draws one person to another is their soul.  Bianca asks if Reese and Zach are soul mates and Reese says no.  Bianca says that Reese should have mentioned her attraction to Zachís soul before they got married and thought about what it would mean for their entire lives.  Reese says that is what she has been doing for weeks.  Bianca asks why Reese didnít say something and Reese says that she is trying to figure it out.  Reese says that being out is new for her and that maybe she kissed Zach because she was too afraid to finally have everything she ever wanted in her life and too afraid to finally admit who she really is for the first time.  Reese says that she is Biancaís wife and the mother of her children and canít imagine her life without Bianca.  Reese says that she made a mistake, but when she stood up and promised to love Bianca forever, she meant it with everything she has inside of her.  Reese asks Bianca to forgive her.

Ryan says that they are wasting valuable time and have to get back out there.  Jesse says that there is no chance that Greenlee could have survived the fall and Ryan says that Greenlee is strong.  Ryan says that he doesnít care what anyone says, Greenlee is alive.  Jesse says that Greenlee is gone and Ryan has to let her go.  Ryan asks Jesse if that is like Angie having to let him go.

Bianca says that she canít forgive Reese because they canít get through this.  Reese says that she never meant to hurt Bianca and Bianca says that she will have to live with it.  Reese says that she doesnít want Zach and that Bianca is everything to her.  Reese says that they have a beautiful life together and Bianca says not anymore.  Reese says that Bianca canít just end it and asks about their family and their future.  Bianca says that she didnít end it, Reese did.  Reese says that marrying Bianca was the proudest moment in her life and that she is begging Bianca not to throw that away.  Bianca says that Reese broke their vows before they even said them.  Reese says that she never would have stood up in a church and promise till death do they part if she wasnít sure about it.  Bianca asks how she is supposed to believe anything that Reese says to her.  Reese says that she will do whatever it takes to prove her commitment to Bianca.

Zach says that Kendall canít shut him out.  Erica says that she thought Zach was different, but he is just like all the rest of the men and that he really let her down.  Zach says that it has nothing to do with Erica and that it is between him and Kendall.  Erica says that Zach doesnít expect her to stand by and watch while he tears both of her daughterís lives apart.  Zach says that he expects Erica to mind her own business because she doesnít even know what she is talking about.  Zach says that he isnít going anywhere and Erica says that she hopes itís true.  Erica says that Zach can save his marriage and that he knows what he has to do.

Reese says that she isnít expecting everything to be normal overnight, but she is asking Bianca not to give up on them.  Bianca says that Greenlee is dead because of what Reese did because Greenlee was racing to the chapel to confront Zach about it.  Reese says that she didnít kill Greenlee.  Bianca asks if Reese is ever responsible for anything.  Bianca says that she needs to be there for Jack and Kendall right now.  Bianca says that she believed that she had all of Reese, but she never did.  Reese says that Bianca does now and Bianca says that it doesnít matter anymore.  Bianca says that she still loves Reese and Reese says that they owe it to themselves and to the children to hold on to everything they have.  Reese suggests that they go away just the two of them.  Bianca says that she has funeral to go to.  Reese says that she meant after all of this is over because they need some time to focus on them so that maybe they can start to heal.  Bianca says that Reese was unfaithful and that is a deal-breaker and that is why she is walking out the door.  Reese says that Bianca isnít leaving and Bianca says that she has to go check on their daughter.

Jake says that Kendall needs a little time because she is in shock from losing her best friend.  Zach says that Greenlee is missing, not lost.  Jake says that he is hoping Greenlee makes it.  Zach says that is the problem with doctors and specialists, they always jump to the worst conclusion.  Jake says that doctors are just speaking from experience.  Zach says that Kendall and Greenlee are cut from a different cloth and they are fighters, who keep fighting and defy the odds.

Erica says that she was right about Reese all along.  Reese says that Erica has been trying to sabotage her relationship with Bianca from the start.  Erica says that she wanted to be wrong, but Reese made Bianca miserable with her lies and throwing herself at Zach.  Erica says that Bianca put her faith in a selfish, two-timing, home-wrecking slut.  Bianca comes out and says that it is enough.

Aidan tells Dr. Sinclair that he checked out Greenleeís bike and it was definitely an accident.  Dr. Sinclair says that Annieís confession will be thrown out when Aidan exposes Dr. Sinclair in court.  Dr. Sinclair says that Annie screwed up his big plan and asks if Aidan really thought Annie would keep her mouth shut.

Ryan says that he loves Greenlee so much.  An officer asks Jesse to look at something.  Ryan remembers his life with Greenlee.

Aidan says that Annie really was crazy when she killed Richie.  Dr. Sinclair says that Richie wasnít a sociopath or a monster.  Dr. Sinclair says that Annie is a murderer and deserves to pay one way or another.  Aidan says that Annie has already paid because she has been stuck with Dr. Sinclair.  Dr. Sinclair says that she will sign the case over to another doctor and disappear immediately.

Zach tells everyone to get out because the casino is closed. 

Kendall says that there is no reason for her to stay there and Jake reminds her that she was in a car accident.  Kendall says that she is fine.  Jake says that Greenlee was like a sister to Kendall and since she doesnít want to talk to Zach, maybe she wants to talk to him.  Kendall says that she wants to go home.

Reese tells Erica that Bianca hasnít forgiven her.  Bianca asks Erica to take Miranda out to the car.  Erica asks where Bianca is going and Bianca says that she is going to stay with Erica at the casino for a little while.  Erica takes Miranda out to the car.  Bianca asks if Reese wants to say goodbye to Gabrielle.  Reese asks Bianca to think about what she is doing to their family.  Bianca says that Reese should have thought about that before she kissed Zach.

Dr. Sinclair says that Aidan confirmed that Annie had nothing to do with Greenleeís death.  Annie says that Richie was horrible.  Dr. Sinclair says that she loved Richie and wanted to stand up for him in court and see his murderer punished, but Annieís guardian angel is forcing her out.  Dr. Sinclair says that Annie will never see her again because Annie is being transferred to another hospital Ė not a psychiatric one, but a morgue.  Dr. Sinclair takes out a tire iron and tells Annie to turn around.  Dr. Sinclair says that Richie didnít see it coming and neither will Annie.  The tire iron clangs on the floor.  Annie says that Richie used people to get what he wanted, especially lonely, pathetic doctors who have sex with their patients.  Annie groans and falls down when Dr. Sinclair smacks her.

Reese says that Bianca canít take their children.  Bianca asks if Reese means the children or Gabrielle.  Bianca says that Reese wants Gabrielle to stay so that she can hold onto her connection to Zach.  Reese says that she wants to hold on to their family.  Bianca says that Reese fell in love with Zach the night in Marseilles when she convinced him to give them a child.  Reese says that she is not in love with Zach.  Bianca asks what makes Zach so irresistible and then she says that she is leaving so that Reese can get ready for Zach.  Bianca says that Reese should probably change into something sexy and open up a bottle of wine so that she and Zach can consummate her wedding night.

Zach says that he was wondering what Myrtle would say if she was there.  Zach says that he failed.  Ryan walks in.

Annie groans as Dr. Sinclair prepares a syringe.  Dr. Sinclair tells Annie to relax because it will be all over soon.  Annie begs Dr. Sinclair not to do it.  Dr. Sinclair tells Annie to take a deep breath because it will be her last.

Erica tells Bianca that everything is going to be all right.  Bianca says that it feels like she has been raped all over again.

Kendall asks Reese what she is doing there.  Reese says that she doesnít know where Zach is and she hasnít figured out where to go.  Kendall holds the front door open and says "Vive La France" then slams it in Reeseís face after she walks out.

Zach says that he would do anything to bring Greenlee back.  Ryan says that he loved Greenlee and Zach took her away.  Zach apologizes.  Ryan says that Zach doesnít get to be sorry because it is his fault that Greenlee is gone.  Ryan swears to make Zach pay and says that he will take everything that Zach has and loves.

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