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Dr. Sinclair says that she didnít think Aidan would bring Annie back. Dr. Sinclair says that she hopes Annie enjoyed her taste of freedom, because it is the last she will ever get.

Zach tells Kendall that the rescue teams are still looking for Greenlee. Kendall says that it is all her fault that her best friend might be dead. Zach tells Kendall that they need to keep their stories straight. Kendall says that she is sick of all the lies, and secrets, and that she can handle the truth. Kendallís monitor starts beeping rapidly, and David comes in to check on her. Kendall says that she was just having an honest conversation with Zach. David asks Zach if he has to kill Kendall too.

Erica brings Bianca some tea, and suggests that she get some rest. Jack comes in, and Erica asks Amanda to bring over a blanket.

Jesse tells Ryan that a few boats are going back in the water. The sheriff comes over and says that they are pulling back on the rescue effort, and going to recovery. Ryan says that Greenlee is out there, and she needs them to find her.

Dr. Sinclair says that she should have notified the police as soon as Annie escaped because she is too dangerous to be out there. Aidan says that Annie just wanted to say goodbye to her daughter. Dr. Sinclair asks if that was before or after she tampered with Greenleeís motorcycle. Dr. Sinclair tells Aidan that Greenlee crashed her motorcycle on the way to the wedding, and her body still hasnít been recovered.

Jack tells Erica that she can get him another chance to go back, and be a good father. Erica and Bianca assure Jack that he is a good father. Jack says that a good father would have stayed behind to check on his sick child. Erica says that she isnít going to let Jack blame himself for the accident. Jack says that it doesnít make any sense that Greenlee was on her way to the chapel, when she had already backed out of the wedding.

Reese tells Zach that there is still no word on Greenlee and asks about Kendall. Zach says that she is stable, and that David is examining her now. Zach asks if anyone has talked to Emma, and Reese says that she is playing with Miranda. David says that Emma has already had to deal with losing one mother, and now thanks to Zach, she has lost another. Reese tells David that it was an accident, and David says that if Zach had been paying attention to the road it wouldnít have happened. Reese tells Zach not to let David get to him. Zach says that Reese should go because they have done enough.

Ryan tells the sheriff that his fiancťe is out there waiting for them to find her. The sheriff says that they have searched every inch of the riverbank in a two-mile radius, and Ryan tells them to broaden the circle. Jesse tells Ryan that there is still a dive team in the water. Ryan asks Jesse if he has given up too. Jesse says that he will do everything he can to help Greenlee, but the odds are stacked against her. Ryan says that he should be out there helping. Jesse says that the waters are too rough, and Ryan asks him to talk to the sheriff. Jesse says that he will see what he can do.

Amanda, JR, Randi, and Frankie talk about Greenlee. Frankie says that Greenlee wouldnít have lasted two minutes in the water. JR says that Greenlee is gone, and that there is nothing anyone else can do. Amanda asks who is going to tell Ryan that.

Bianca asks Ryan why Greenlee was going to the chapel if she was sick. Ryan says that he lied because he didnít want to stand next to Bianca and Reese while Reese was saying that she would never hurt Bianca again. Bianca says that there are no more secrets between her, and Reese, and Ryan asks if Reese told Bianca that she slept with Zach after the rehearsal dinner. Ryan says that he walked in on them on their way to having sex, and that Greenlee was going to the chapel to ask Zach herself. Ryan says that he never should have stopped Bianca from testing Zach and Reese, because if she had gone through with it none of this would be happening.

Kendall asks Zach if he slept with Reese, and Zach says no. Kendall says that he and Reese will always have a connection because of Gabrielle. Zach says that he thought he could be disconnected from Gabrielle, , but when she was born prematurely in his h, ands all he wanted to do was hold her, and keep her safe. Kendall says that she understands how that would bring him, and Bianca closer, and asks why he is so drawn to Reese.

Bianca asks Erica to tell Jack she has to go. Erica asks if the girls are all right, and Bianca says that Erica was right about Zach and Reese. Bianca says that Ryan saw them together the night before the wedding. Erica offers to go with Bianca, but she says that she needs to do it on her own.

Jesse tells Ryan that the waters are too rough, and there is a storm coming, so no one else can go into the water until the storm has passed. Ryan says that he is going to find Greenlee himself, and Aidan says that he will help.

Krystal tells David that there has been an accident, and Greenlee is missing. David says that it wasnít an accident, and that Greenlee didnít have to die anymore than Babe did. Krystal says that if they didnít move the beam, they would have lost Little Adam too. David says that Babe, and Little Adam wouldnít have been in the state if it wasnít for Adam because he tricked JR into bringing them back to town. David says that Zach is no better because he kept jerking Kendall around, and now Greenlee is dead too.

Zach says that when Kendall was in the coma, he needed someone to talk to because Kendall was dying right in front of him. Kendall says that is the same justification she used with Aidan. Zach says that he didnít sleep with Reese, and Kendall says that maybe he should have because then they would be even. Zach says that it isnít about being even. Zach says that he wouldnít want to hurt Kendall like that. Kendall says that Zach can tell all the lies he wants, but it wonít change the fact that her best friend is dead, and that Kendall is the one who killed her.

Dr. Sinclair says that there is a hearing to evaluate Annieís competency the next day. Annie says that there is nothing left to say. Dr. Sinclair asks if Annie wants to tell her how she killed Greenlee.

JR thanks Amanda for coming, and she says that she had to be there. JR says that not long ago he was in Ryanís place, hoping that Babe would somehow pull through. Amanda says that Ryan has Emma, and Spike to help him the way that Little Adam helped JR. JR says that the one person who helped him the most was Amanda and that she is going to be an even better mother than she is a friend.

Jack says that he is going back out to find his daughter. Erica suggests that he should give his body a chance to warm back up, but Jack says that he will be fine. Jack says that Ryan, and Jesse have a boat that he needs to get to it. Erica reminds Jack that Jesse said the river is too dangerous. Jack says that his daughter might be dead, and the least he can do is bring her in from the cold.

Dr. Sinclair says that Greenleeís death must be weighing on Annie. Annie says that Greenleeís not dead, and that Dr. Sinclair says that she is to confuse her. Dr. Sinclair pushes Annie, but Annie keeps saying that she didnít hurt Greenlee. Annie says that she was only in Connecticut to see Emma to say goodbye. Dr. Sinclair asks Annie if she thinks Ryan will ever forgive her for killing Greenlee.

Ryan tells Jesse that he has to get back out there to find Greenlee. Jesse tells Ryan that no more boats are allowed on the water until the storm passes. Jesse asks Ryan to tell him what happened. Ryan says that Jesse saw the tracks, and that Zach was on the wrong side of the road, and ran Greenlee off. Jesse says that it was an accident, and that Zach couldnít see this coming. Ryan says that it started when Zach agreed to be Gabrielleís father, and didnít tell Kendall about it, and now Zach is lying to Bianca about his affair with Reese. Ryan says that he walked in on Zach, and Reese, and that was why Greenlee was out on the road.

Reese says that Zach didnít bully Kendall into going to the wedding, and that Kendall went for Bianca. Zach says that Kendall, and Bianca had a deal that if Kendall showed up for the wedding, Bianca, and Reese would take the girls, and go back to Paris. Zach says that every time Kendall sees Gabrielle, she is reminded of the secret, and the lies.

Krystal, and David run into JR, and Amanda at Babeís grave. David asks Amanda how many of her friends have to die before she realizes that being with the wrong man can be fatal. Amanda says that being with JR didnít get Babe killed. Krystal says that accidents happen all the time, and David says that it is like Amandaís pregnancy, not planned, but very much wanted. Davidís pager goes off, and he says that he has to get back to the hospital.

Krystal says that she is going to stay, and spend a little time with Babe. JR tells Amanda that they should get going too. Krystal says that she wanted to talk to JR for a few minutes, and asks Amanda to give them a couple of minutes. Amanda says that she will see JR back at the house. JR says that he doesnít want to hear either whatever Krystal has to say, because it will be David talking, or the pills. Krystal says that she just needs a few minutes of JRís time, and if he canít do it for her, then to do it for Babe.

Jack says that Greenlee has been out there so long that it isnít looking good. Erica says that Greenlee is a fighter, and she never gives up.

Bianca visits Kendall. Kendall says that with Greenlee missing, Bianca doesnít have to make up a reason to stay in town. Bianca realizes that Kendall heard her, and Reese telling Erica that they were not going back to Paris. Kendall tells Bianca that she knows why Greenlee was headed back to the chapel. Kendall says that Greenlee was the only one willing to be honest, and confront Zach about what he did with Reese. Kendall says that Bianca knew that there was something going on, and that Greenlee told her about the test. Bianca says that she honestly believed that Reese loved her, and Kendall says that every word out of Reeseís mouth is a lie.

Reese says that she was drunk at the rehearsal dinner, and made a fool of herself. Zach says that he was completely sober, and that he wanted to kiss her. Reese says that it was a mistake, and that no one ever has to know. Zach says that Ryan saw them together, and told Greenlee, and that was why she was going to the chapel. Zach says that their friendship has to end now.

Jesse and Aidan talk about Greenleeís bike. Aidan asks if there was any evidence that the bike had been tampered with. Jesse asks Aidan if he is suggesting that it wasnít an accident. An officer says that they found something three miles downstream, and asks Ryan if it was Greenleeís.

Krystal says that she is happy that JR is moving on, and building a new life, because that is what Babe would want, but that she wants to make sure he is doing it for the right reasons. JR says that he and Amanda are having a baby. Krystal says that she, and Tad got married for the sake of the kids, and it didnít turn out so well. JR says that he is surprised that Krystal isnít pushing for a proposal because of the way that David looks at Amanda.

Amanda confronts David at the hospital about what he said about her baby at the grave. David says that there is a chance the baby is his, and if it is, he will be a part of the childís life. Amanda tells David that the baby is JRís. David tells Amanda that if she doesnít deliver him Little Adam, JR will find out that David paid her to get him drunk, and she will end up on the street. Amanda says that she canít get David access to Little Adam unless JR trusts her to be alone with him. David says that the clock is ticking, and Amanda had better make it happen before her life implodes.

Dr. Sinclair says that Annie is clever because she wanted to get rid of Greenlee and made it look like an accident. Annie says that she didnít do anything. Annie tells Dr. Sinclair to ask Aidan, and he will agree that she didnít do anything. Dr. Sinclair says that Aidan is gone, and Annie is on her own now.

Jake tells Zach that Kendall could use some rest, and Zach says that he is going to see his wife. Jake says that Kendall doesnít want to see Zach.

Greenlee appears to Kendall to say goodbye. Kendall asks Greenlee not to go, and says that it is her fault. Greenlee says that none of it was Kendallís fault. Kendall says that she wasnít paying attention because she was fighting with Zach. Greenlee tells Kendall never to forget how much Zach loves her. Kendall calls out for Greenlee.

Reese asks Bianca if they found Greenlee. Bianca says no, and tells Reese not to touch her.

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