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All My Children Update Monday 2/16/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Laurie R.
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The minister tells Reese and Bianca that honoring their vows will give them a life of peace and joy.

Ryan tells Annie that he is going to marry Greenlee.  Ryan asks Annie to put the gun down.  Aidan gets out of the car and asks Annie to give him the gun.

Bianca starts reading her vows.

Kendall says that Reese isnít staying in Pine Valley for Bianca.  Zach says that there is nothing between him and Reese, but Kendall says that there is a baby and a lot more between them.

Bianca finishes reading her vows to Reese.

Zach tells Kendall that she is on the wrong side of the road.  Greenlee flies her motorcycle off the cliff to avoid Kendallís car.

Reese starts reading her vows.

Kendall asks Zach what that was.  Zach says that he is going to find out and tells Kendall to stay there.

Reese finishes her vows, and then says that she knows, now, that she belongs with Bianca.  The minister asks if they are entering into the marriage as partners promising to love, honor and respect each other forever, and asks for the rings.

Kendall asks Zach if he found anyone and he tells her to go back to the car.  Kendall says that she thought he might need help, but he tells her that everything is fine.  Kendall sees Greenleeís bridal veil.

Bianca gives Reese her ring.

Zach calls the police to report the accident.  Zach tells Kendall that they will say he was driving.  Ryan shows up and asks what happened.

Annie asks Aidan why it took so long to realize that she has lost Ryan, and is never getting him back.

Zach tells Ryan that they were coming around the corner and that he tried to avoid the motorcycle.  Ryan finds something of Greenleeís.

Zach tells Kendall to get in the car, and that he is going to help Ryan look for Greenlee.  Kendall says that she isnít going anywhere.

The minister pronounces Bianca and Reese married.

Ryan says that he sees something.

The minister tells Reese and Bianca to kiss the brides.

Kendall tells the officer that she was in the car with her husband; and the officer asks who was driving.  Ryan says that he is going in the water, and ignores Zach and an officerís protests.

Erica proposes a toast to Bianca.  Erica wishes Bianca and Reese love, success, and happiness as they look toward their future together.

Annie says that Ryan and Greenlee never stopped loving each other; and it hurts to know that she has lost Ryan.  Aidan says that Annie needs to start thinking about herself.  Annie asks if Aidan still hurts for Greenlee.

A man tells Ryan that he has to get out of the water, and get dry.  Zach tells Ryan to let them do their jobs.

Erica says that Kendall wanted to be there, but she and Zach had an emergency come up.  Opal asks Jack if he is sure that Greenlee is sick because she didnít look sick.

Zach tells Kendall that they have found Greenleeís bike, but they are still looking for her.  An officer tells Zach that he needs to ask some questions.  Zach says that Kendall hit her head, and needs to be checked out, because she has had very serious surgery.  The officer asks Zach what exactly happened.

Jack leaves a message for Greenlee.  Erica says that she needs to crack the whip on the caterers.  Erica leaves a message for Kendall.

Jake and Tad talk about weddings.

JR tells Amanda that he keeps thinking about the wedding that he and Babe had planned, but never got.

Bianca and Reese talk about how perfect the wedding was.  Reese says that everything is going to work out with Kendall.

Zach tells the officer that he was driving, and tried to avoid the motorcycle.  Zach says that the woman on the bike was a good friend of theirs.  The officer says that the skid marks indicate that the car was on the wrong side of the road.  Ryan says that it wasnít an accident and that Zach ran Greenlee off the road.

Aidan says that he has to call Dr. Sinclair, and let her know that he found Annie, or it will be really bad.

Ryan asks Zach why he was on the wrong side of the road.  Kendall says that they were arguing about Reese.  Ryan says that Greenlee might be dead because Zach slept with Reese.  Zach says that nothing happened between him and Reese, and that this was a horrible accident.  Ryan says that he saw Zach with Reese, and told Greenlee.  Ryan says that Greenlee was on her way to confront Zach; and that Greenlee drove off the road because of Zach.  Ryan asks the officer to find his wife.  Kendall asks Zach what Ryan saw.

Jack tells Bianca that Travis would be proud of her.  Bianca says that she is sorry Greenlee got sick.  Jack says that Ryan and Greenlee will have their day too soon.

Jake and Tad talk about the party, and about David.  Frankie comes up and asks how Jake and Angie got reinstated.

Amanda and Randi talk about the men in their lives.  Amanda says that she owes Frankie for what he did for her and the baby.

Erica says that Bianca will be looking for property to build her dream house, and that she wants to buy it for Bianca.

Zach tells Kendall that he kissed Reese, but that is all that happened.

Erica announces that it is time for the bridesí first dance.  Reese suggests that Miranda come join them, and Bianca invites everyone else out onto the floor.  Amanda tells JR that Jake, Randi, and Frankie didnít think it was a good idea for her to move into the mansion.  Amanda tells JR that she will be right back.  Amanda tells Jake that David was watching her, but Jake says that David is nowhere near the party.  Kendall and Zach show up and explain about Greenleeís accident.

Annie asks Aidan to say he will stay with her, and he says that he canít, but he will come visit all the time.  Aidan calls, and says that he found Annie, and is bringing her back in the morning.  Annie asks Aidan to let her see her daughter.  Annie looks through the window at Emma sleeping, and talks to her.

Reese says that Kendall left before the wedding because of her.  Kendall tells Erica that the only reason she agreed to go to the wedding was because Bianca agreed to go back to Europe.  Kendall says that if they donít find Greenlee, Erica can blame her new daughter-in-law.

Ryan asks why they are pulling the boats out of the water.  A man says that the water has gotten too rough, but they are sending divers in.  Jake shows up, and says that he is there to help find Greenlee.

Erica asks why Greenlee was on a motorcycle going after Zach if she was sick.  Kendall collapses on the floor.

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