AMC Update Friday 2/13/09

All My Children Update Friday 2/13/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Laurie R.

JR sleeps in Amanda’s room on the sofa. He professes his love to Amanda, and wants to be with her.

Reese has a dream about Zach; in her dream, Bianca gives her away to Zach in a wedding ceremony.

Annie patches Aidan up after she hits him on the head with a shovel. He passed out after carting her off to his room. Aidan tell Annie about Dr. Sinclair’s affair with Richie, and her personal vendetta toward Annie. Aidan falls asleep and Annie takes his gun.

Tad and Jake knocks on Amanda’s door to ask her to join them for breakfast; JR is in her room. Tad is surprised to find out about Amanda and Tad’s relationship. JR tells him that Amanda is pregnant.

Ryan lies and tells Greenlee about the kiss between Zach and Reese, and he adds that they had sex. Greenlee insists on talking to Zach, because she does not believe he cheated on Kendall. Ryan tells Bianca that he and Greenlee will not get married, because Greenlee has food poisoning; the real reason he is canceling is that he witnessed Reese’s infidelity to Bianca. He wishes Bianca happiness. Opal enters Greenlee’s room and warns her about death if she marries Ryan; Greenlee tells opal that the wedding is off. Greenlee leaves her room in a wedding dress, a leather jacket and her veil. Ryan tells Jack that he and Greenlee will not be getting married.

Kendall talks to Reese in the lobby. Reese has a hangover, and Kendall ask her will she have an aspirin with her coffee. Kendall wants to know who drove Reese to the Inn. Reese pretends that she cannot remember. Reese tells Kendall that she and Bianca will be leaving shortly, and until then, leave her the hell alone. Zach walks into the room and she says HI to him after he says good morning. Kendall mentions that Zach arrived home late. Zach tells her that he brought Reese home. Kendall thank him for telling the truth, and she mentions that Reese lied to her.

Erica wants Bianca to stay in Pine Valley. Erica orders a Virgin Mary, bitters and a raw egg for Reese’s headache. Within minutes after drinking Erica’s cure, Reese’s headache is gone.

Kendall goes to help the brides and overhears Bianca and Reese tell Erica that they are staying in Pine Valley. Kendall leaves in a huff. She sees Zach comforting Gabby, then she rushes to her car. Zach follows her, and jump into the car with her. Kendall speeds off.

Greenlee rides off on her motorcycle in search of Zach. Ryan gets in his car to follow Greenlee, but Annie is in the back seat trying to get him to stay. He tries to take Annie back to Oak Haven, but she refuses. She pulls a gun on him since he no longer wants her. Aidan shows up and persuade Annie to give him the gun. Annie gets out of the car, and Aidan holds her.

Erica starts to look for Kendall, but Opal tells her that the Slater's have left. Erica wants to delay the wedding a bit, but Bianca wants to wed now without Kendall.

Zach tries to get Kendall to let him drive, and he wants to know what has set her off. She tells him what she overheard. He cannot believe that Bianca and Reese will be staying in Pine Valley.

JR sees Frankie, Randi, and Amanda talking and he become suspicious.

The wedding starts and the vows are recited.

Zach holds the wheel, because Kendall is swerving and driving on the wrong side of the road. Greenlee is heading toward them on her bike and is accidentally run off the road over a cliff by Kendall.

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