AMC Update Thursday 2/12/09

All My Children Update Thursday 2/12/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Laurie R.

Annie has escaped from Oak Haven and Aidan and Dr. Sinclair are trying to figure out how she escaped. The doctor wants to report Annie’s absence to the police. Aidan ask for twenty-four hours to find Annie before the doctor call the police. Aidan threatens to tell the authorities about the doctor’s hidden agenda, and her relationship with Richie, if she does not agree to his request.

Opal, Tad, JR, Amanda, Erica Kane, Zach, Kendall and Jake has arrived at the inn for the wedding. Greenlee and Ryan make love before heading to the wedding rehearsal. Ryan, Greenlee and Emma arrive at the inn and Ryan mentions that Greenlee drove her motorcycle. They plan on riding out of town on it after the wedding.

Bianca and Reese are happy. They talk about returning to Paris after the wedding. Kendall is at the wedding, because Bianca promised to return to Paris in order to get Kendall to come. Reese wants to know if Bianca have any doubts about their wedding. Bianca wants to know if Reese plans on running away like she did with her male fiancé. Reese asks Bianca not to compare the two weddings.

Kendall wants to know how Zach will deal with Bianca and her family leaving, especially the baby. Zach will be OK with them leaving, because he is the one who suggested it to Reese. Zach tells Kendall that he will not choose anyone over her, not even Gabby. Kendall tells Zach that they can rebuild their lives after Bianca and her family return to France.

Erica is upset that Bianca is returning to Paris. Erica takes charge of the wedding rehearsal, because the coordinator did not show up.

Annie is in the reception hall at the church. Aidan looks for Annie and get hit with a shovel by her. The hit knocks him out.

Gabby start to cry and Opal is unable to quiet her down. Miranda tells her that Uncle Zach knows how to make her quiet. Zach picks Gabby up and she become quiet. Kendall is crushed. Reese calls the Nanny to take Gabriel because of the look on Kendall’s face.

Jack and Kendall make a toast at dinner. Kendall toast Reese and blames her for the change in her sister, and for captivating her husband, Zach. Kendall tells everyone that Reese’s influence will end when she and her family return to Paris. Reese is embarrassed, then she grabs a glass and a bottle of whiskey, and leaves the room. Erica congratulates Kendall for her bad behavior.

Bianca follows Reese, who tells her that everybody hates her. Bianca promises to fix everything. Bianca talk to Kendall and Erica about their rude behavior. Kendall thinks that Reese is too sensitive. Bianca caution them to not say anything at all if they do no have anything good to say.

Zach finds Reese and tell her that everyone returned to the inn, but he came to see how she is doing. She is crying and he takes her in his arms. They kiss each other, and then they pull away and confess that they love other people and don’t understand how the kiss happened. They both agree to forget the kiss, because it never happened.

Aidan puts his hand over Annie’s mouth and carries her away.

Ryan watches Zach and Reese as they kiss. Zach brings Reese to the inn and says goodnight. Ryan tells Zach that he saw them, and he wants to know if the kiss was a one time thing or has it been happening. He asks how can Zach hurt Kendall and Bianca. Ryan blames Zach’s behavior on having Gabby. Zach tells him that nothing happened, and he better not mention it again.

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