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All My Children Update Tuesday 2/10/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Laurie R.

Natalia and Jesse talk about the academy. Natalia says that she wishes Rebecca was there to help them celebrate Jesse’s birthday.

Angie and Jake talk about their first shifts back at the hospital. Frankie comes up and says that if he knew they were going to hog all the patients, he would have taken the day off. Angie says that they have to move or they will never pull it off. David comes up and asks them if they have patients to see. Angie says that she and Jake are off the clock.

Tad, Livia, Krystal and Jay meet up to split the assets for the divorce. Jay suggests they sell the house and the Comeback property and split the proceeds. Tad says that he isn’t selling the house.

Aidan says that Annie is going to get the help that she needs. Annie says that she doesn’t want to see Dr. Sinclair again.

Dr. Sinclair and Ryan talk about Annie’s treatment. Ryan says that he is getting married and wants to make sure that Annie isn’t going to break out again and threaten Greenlee. Dr. Sinclair takes Ryan in to see Annie. Annie begs Ryan not to leave her.

Taylor runs into Jake at the hospital and congratulates him on being back on staff. Brot says that the patients thank him when he tells them about Iraq and Jake says that they should be thanking him. Jake says that he is out of there. Angie comes up and asks why Jake isn’t changed. Jake says that it only takes him a minute to change. Jake says that they will meet back up in an hour and then execute their plan.

David asks Frankie about leaving a patient in an examination room. Frankie says that he examined the patient and then had to wait for test results. David asks Frankie if he, Angie and Jake were plotting to get him fired.

Tad says that he doesn’t want to have to sell the house. Jay reminds Tad that he and Krystal purchased it together. Krystal says that she doesn’t want the house and that Tad can have it. Jay says that Krystal should have the Comeback property and Tad agrees. Tad says that he is done for the day. Tad says that Livia doesn’t know that he and Jenny went to Wildwind and asks if David knows. Krystal says that David doesn’t know, but that she knows he planted the drugs. Tad gives Krystal the blueprints of the café that they were going to build over the Comeback’s site and wishes her good luck.

Aidan tells Annie that she needs to stop worrying about Ryan because obsessing over Ryan is what got her in trouble in the first place. Aidan says that the only way that Annie will ever be at peace is if she lets Ryan go.

Dr. Sinclair asks Ryan about Richie. Ryan says that Annie had him hating Richie before they even met, but now he knows that she was lying to him. Ryan says that Richie warned him about Annie, but he blew him off. Ryan says that maybe if he had listened to Richie, he could have helped Annie before she killed Richie. Dr. Sinclair thanks Ryan and Ryan accidentally knocks her mug out of her hand.

Jake and Tad talk about the divorce and about getting back out there.

Natalia gives Jesse his gift and says that the goal is to make the new one even tackier than the last one. Jesse says that she definitely did that. Natalia says that she and Rebecca have another gift for him and that they are going to give him and Angie their apartment back. Natalia says that she is looking for a place for her and Rebecca. Natalia realizes that Angie forgot Jesse’s birthday. Jesse says that Angie has had a lot on her mind lately and that it is easy to forget a date. Natalia says that they will have to remind her, but Jesse says that there is no reason to make Angie feel bad. Natalia tells Jesse happy birthday.

Ryan apologizes and says that he will replace the mug. Dr. Sinclair says that it is just a mug and that she overreacted. Ryan asks if Dr. Sinclair is from Chicago and she says that a friend gave her the mug. Dr. Sinclair says that she will take care of Annie and asks an orderly to escort Ryan out of the building.

Jesse thanks Natalia and says that he is beat and needs to crash. Natalia says that she wants to hear what is making Jesse so busy and brings up the Hayward case. Jesse says that he can’t talk about an ongoing investigation with anyone, including his daughter.

Krystal tells David that she just met with Tad and the lawyers and that she needed something to calm her nerves. Krystal shows David the plans for the café where the Comeback was and says that Tad is letting her have the property. David says that the property will be a lasting reminder of Babe’s demise. Krystal says that she and Babe had some good memories there too and that she doesn’t want to fight.

Brot and Taylor talk about the work that he is doing at the hospital. Brot says that when the patients look at him and he tells them the story, he feels like a stud again. Taylor says that he is a stud and that he is beautiful inside and out.

Natalia keeps asking Jesse questions about the drugs at David’s. Jesse says that he isn’t playing. Natalia says that Jesse has to stay and he realizes that she has been stalling him. Angie, Frankie, Randi and Jake come in singing to Jesse. Tad pops out of the cake and finishes the song.

Aidan tells Annie that he has to pop out for a little while, but won’t be long. Aidan tells Annie to remember his promise and Annie says that everything is going to be okay. The vent slides shut and Dr. Sinclair enters Annie’s room. Annie says that she doesn’t want to talk about Richie and Dr. Sinclair suggests that they talk about Ryan.

Ryan tells the orderly that he can’t leave yet because he needs a little time to pull himself together after seeing his wife in that condition. The orderly says that Ryan has 5 minutes. Aidan comes up and Ryan says that Dr. Sinclair caught him on his way out. Ryan says that it worked out good because by accident he broke her Chicago coffee mug and she freaked out. Aidan asks if Ryan found anything about Chicago in Dr. Sinclair’s past and Ryan says no. Ryan says that during the two years that Dr. Sinclair “vanished” Richie was in prison in Chicago. Aidan says that they will make a PI out of Ryan yet.

Jesse says that this is wrong on so many levels. Tad says that his name is Officer Kojak and it is his job to inform Jesse that he has the right to remain sexy. Natalia says that it is too much and Jesse tells Tad to get away from him. Jake leaves to get the real cake and Tad says that he will be right back. Angie says that she can’t believe they pulled it off and thanks Natalia for keeping Jesse there. Jesse apologizes and says that he gave Natalia a real hard time. Natalia says that it was worth it. Jesse’s phone rings and Natalia says that Rebecca is probably calling to wish him a happy birthday. Jesse answers the phone and thanks the person. Jesse suggests that he and Natalia get out of there, but she says no. Natalia asks who it was and Jesse says that it was a doctor from Denver and that they have lost Rebecca. Jesse tells Angie and Frankie that Rebecca apparently went to Denver to die on her own terms alone and that she had stopped all treatments. Tad says that he is going to try to catch up to Jesse. Angie says that Rebecca was improving, but Frankie says that Rebecca was dying.

Dr. Sinclair tells Annie that Greenlee and Ryan are getting married on Valentine’s Day. Dr. Sinclair turns the tape recorder on and lets Annie listen to Ryan saying that he should have listened to Richie and gotten Annie help earlier. Annie says that Ryan knew Richie was bad. Dr. Sinclair says that Annie murdered Richie and Annie finally admits it. Annie says that she killed Richie so that she wouldn’t lose Ryan.

Tad and Jake talk about Natalia and Taylor. Tad says that Jake could either rent the cabin that has David’s vibes all over it or move in with him and help out with the girls. Jake says that there would be conditions.

David says that he is sick of running into Tad and maybe he will take his act on the road permanently. David says that he threw the blueprints into the fire. Krystal says that she and Babe started the Comeback and that she is going to do something with the property in Babe’s name. David suggests that they do something together to show how much Babe meant to both of them.

Frankie says that Rebecca made him promise not to tell anyone and that he thought she was going to Denver to get her affairs in order. Randi says that Frankie was right to respect Rebecca’s wishes. Angie says that she should have known because she sensed something in the way she said goodbye before heading to Denver.

Jesse reads a letter to Natalia from Rebecca saying goodbye. Natalia says that she has to be alone and leaves.

Dr. Sinclair says that now that Annie has confessed all the pain will go away. Annie asks how Ryan could have done this to her.

Aidan tells Ryan that he hacked into Dr. Sinclair’s computer and found a letter from the warden at a correctional facility in Chicago asking her to resign because of a indiscretion with an unnamed inmate. Ryan says that the inmate has to be Richie and that they have got her.

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