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All My Children Update Monday 2/9/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Laurie R.

Aidan welcomes Ryan to his cell. Ryan asks Aidan what happened to the job in DC and Aidan admits that it never existed. Ryan realizes that Aidan has been at Oak Haven the entire time.

Dr. Sinclair apologizes to Annie for hitting her. Dr. Sinclair asks if Annie can forgive her so they can be friends. Annie says that Dr. Sinclair isn’t her friend because she keeps forcing Annie to think about things that she doesn’t remember. Dr. Sinclair asks if Annie killed Richie. Annie says that she couldn’t have hurt Richie because he was her family no matter what. Dr. Sinclair says that all she wants is to help Annie.

Erica says that she and Greenlee need to work together, for Fusion and Kendall. Greenlee asks Pete to grab some champagne out of the fridge so that they can celebrate. Erica says that Greenlee shouldn’t be drinking either if she wants to squeeze into her wedding dress. Greenlee says that she is leaving. Erica says that she needs Greenlee’s help.

Bianca and Reese argue over Kendall.

Kendall says good night to Zach. Zach says that they are going to deal with this.

Erica says that she is worried about Kendall. Greenlee and Erica talk about Kendall and actually agree for once. Greenlee says that Kendall has been different since she woke up. Erica asks Greenlee to play the interfering friend and ask some questions. Greenlee says that she loves playing that role and that they will figure it out.

Bianca tells Reese that Kendall has been searching her whole life for who she is and where she belongs. Bianca and Reese talk about the miracle that happened when Kendall woke up. Reese says that Bianca didn’t even let her finish the sentence. Reese says that Bianca is choosing Kendall over her and Bianca agrees.

Kendall says that a lot has happened while she was in her coma and that it seems like she is watching someone else’s life. Zach says that they will work through it and asks her not to shut him out. Kendall starts laughing because she asked him the same thing when she told him about Aidan.

Ryan asks Aidan why it was so important for him to be at Oak Haven. Aidan says that they have all had something to do with Annie’s breakdown and he needed to know for sure if she was really crazy. Aidan says that Annie wasn’t faking anything and that Dr. Sinclair isn’t out to help Annie. Aidan says that Dr. Sinclair has her own agenda and that she is obsessed with proving that Annie is sane. Aidan says that he wants Ryan to keep Dr. Sinclair away from Annie.

Dr. Sinclair says that the only way to get rid of a bad memory is to be honest about it. Annie says that she remembers everything.

Erica asks Pete if he can manage Fusion alone because she has to run some errands. Pete says that he will be fine, but then calls for Erica.

Reese says that she was crazy to think she could ever break through the Kane inner sanctum. Reese says that they were fine before they came to Pine Valley. Bianca says that they were fine before she asked Zach to be their donor. Bianca says that she should have thought about Kendall instead of getting so swept up in their relationship. Reese says that all she wants to do is get swept up in it and Bianca won’t let them.

Kendall says that everything is so different than the last time she saw him, before the tornado hit. Kendall says that she needs time to think. Zach says that he has to go to the casino and get some work done. Kendall says that she will be fine.

Annie says that she remembers that Richie used to talk to her like Dr. Sinclair is now. Annie says that Dr. Sinclair is exactly like Richie.

Ryan says that he wants Annie to get help and Aidan says that they need to work together. Ryan asks why he should trust Aidan now.

Dr. Sinclair asks Annie about killing Richie. Annie says that Richie can’t push her around anymore and neither can Dr. Sinclair.

Colby shows up at Fusion. Pete tells Colby not to come any closer and tells her that he can’t see her because his contacts just popped out of his eyes. Pete says that he needs Colby to get down on the floor and find them. Colby asks Pete how he found her number in his phone and he says that her number is the only one he knows by heart.

Dr. Sinclair tells Aidan about her visit with Annie. Aidan asks if Annie admitted to anything and Dr. Sinclair says that it is only a matter of time. Aidan asks Ryan if he heard all of that. Ryan asks if Aidan is working with Dr. Sinclair. Aidan says that Dr. Sinclair thinks that he is working with her and that he wants Annie locked up for the rest of her life. Ryan asks why Dr. Sinclair would think Aidan wanted Annie locked up. Aidan says that Dr. Sinclair thinks that he wants revenge on Ryan.

Greenlee shows up to see Kendall and give her a dress to wear to the wedding. Greenlee tells Kendall to try the dress on so that she can make sure it fits. Greenlee asks if Kendall wants help putting it on. Kendall says that she isn’t five.

Erica tells Bianca that she got the seating arrangement done. Bianca says that she and Reese had a fight.

Zach tells Reese that she has to put money in the machine and that the owner wants her to have a go at it. Zach says that it isn’t Reese’s lucky day and she says that he has no idea.

Aidan tells Ryan to be quiet while he talks to Annie. Annie says that she used Dr. Sinclair’s words against her. Aidan says that Annie did good, but that he has to go because he thinks that Dr. Sinclair is outside the door. Ryan says that Annie almost sounds like her old self again. Ryan says that Annie isn’t better because of Oak Haven, she is better because of Aidan.

Reese and Zach talk about Bianca and her family. Reese says that she should have called Kendall about the baby or pushed Bianca to do it, but she didn’t. Reese says that she shouldn’t have pushed Zach into being the donor. Zach says that he did what he wanted to do for her and Bianca. Zach says that whatever has happened with Kendall is his responsibility, not Reese’s.

Greenlee says that the dress is a perfect fit. Kendall says that she can’t wait to watch Greenlee and Ryan get married because that is the one piece of good news that she has gotten since waking up. Greenlee says that she has been praying for Kendall to wake up so that she could be at the wedding. Kendall says that Zach is at the casino and thanks Greenlee for coming over. Kendall says that she is really tired. Greenlee tells Kendall to stop avoiding things. Greenlee tells Kendall to unload all of her anger. Kendall says that she doesn’t know what else there is to talk about. Kendall asks Greenlee how she would feel and Greenlee says that she would be mad as hell.

Colby tells Pete that they will find his contacts. Colby suggests that Pete could go back to wearing his glasses, but he says no. Pete says that not everyone liked the way he was. Colby says that she did and that she kind of liked the glasses.

Erica asks Bianca if she loves Reese and Bianca says that she loves her more than anything. Erica says that there is no fight in the world that can get between real love. Bianca looks at the seating chart and tells Erica to fix it because Greenlee is seated behind the pillar and she is the other bride. Erica says that she will fix the chart if Bianca fixes things with Reese and Bianca says that they have a deal.

Kendall says that everything feels different, especially with Zach and she doesn’t know how to fix it. Greenlee says that Kendall and Zach’s love will get them through this.

Ryan says that he should be thanking Aidan, but Aidan says not to thank him. Ryan says that he has been figuring out what is driving Dr. Sinclair. Ryan says that he had Tad look into Dr. Sinclair’s obsession with taking Annie down. Ryan tells Aidan about the “blank period” in Dr. Sinclair’s past. Aidan tells Ryan to leave it to him. Aidan says that he is sure Annie will be okay. Aidan says that they need to figure out a way to get Ryan out of there without being seen. Ryan asks Aidan if he has any ideas.

Colby says that she found one of Pete’s contacts. Pete says that at least now he can get home. Colby and Pete admit that they missed each other. Pete says that he should give Colby a reward or something for finding his contact. Colby says that if Pete wants to thank her, he should go back to wearing his glasses. Pete says that Clark Kent never gets the girl and Colby says that Superman always does.

Aidan says that Dr. Sinclair is almost at her breaking point and tells Annie that she is stronger than Dr. Sinclair. Annie says that she doesn’t know what she would do without him and Aidan says that she won’t have to find out because everything is going to be okay.

Dr. Sinclair asks Ryan what he is doing there.

Zach and Greenlee talk about Kendall. Zach asks if Kendall seems different. Greenlee says that Kendall is still Kendall and that he is still not off the hook.

Reese and Bianca apologize to each other. Bianca and Reese talk about Zach being their donor and who is responsible for that. Bianca says that she loves Reese and doesn’t blame her for anything.

Zach asks if Kendall had a good time with Greenlee and Kendall says that it was nice. Zach asks Kendall how long she is going to punish him and she says that she isn’t trying to. Kendall says that she is angry because he knew that she wouldn’t want him to father the baby, but he did it anyways. Kendall asks Zach if it was worth it and he says that it wasn’t if he loses her.

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