AMC Update Friday 2/6/09

All My Children Update Friday 2/6/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Laurie R.

Jesse finds pills that Tad planted at David’s house. Krystal accused Jesse of knowing that the pills were planted. David knows that he has been setup. So he asks to speak to Jesse alone.

Bianca and Reese are happy about Kendall’s reaction to Gabby, and Bianca and Reese’s relationship.

Kendall tells Zach that she does not want Bianca and Reese in her house and instructs him to get rid of them. She also tells him that Bianca and that woman do not get a free pass, because they betrayed her. Kendall tells Zach that she has had a heart transplant, and she is not ready for company. She tells Zach that she is not banishing Bianca, and may even go to the wedding. She refuses Zach’s help with washing her hair and giving her a bath. She allows her nurse, Mindy to help her.

Aidan wants Annie to get the doctor to tell her true feelings about Richie. Annie tells the doctor that Richie was a bad man. The doctor wants Annie to confess to the murder of Richie. When Annie bad mouth Richie, doctor St. Claire slaps her across the face. Annie tells the doctor that her brother was a sick bastard, and he deserved to die.

Ryan finds Greenlee on the floor at Fusion; he asks Erica for an explanation. The paramedics were called. Erica explains that she and Greenlee had a fight. Greenlee is OK, and refuse to go to the hospital. Ryan asks Erica to make an effort to get along with Greenlee. Ryan insists that Greenlee go to the hospital. Ryan tells Greenlee about his vision of seeing her dead. He believes the visions are meaningless.

Tad tells Ryan that there is no record of Doctor St. Claire’s existence for two years. There is no information about her during that time.

Doctor St. Claire thinks that Annie’s insanity is an act. She threatens Aidan about getting in her way. The doctor gives Aidan a pass key to see Annie. The doctor asked him to convince Annie to talk about Richie’s death.

Bianca, and Reese come down to talk to Zach and Kendall but Zach tells them that he alone will be meeting with them. He tells them that it is time for them to move out, because he wants time with his wife. He offers them the VIP suite at his casino. They go to pack, but Zach tell them that his staff will do the packing. They hear a knock on the door signifying that the staff has arrived. Zach rushes them out expediently, and efficiently.

David wants to know how he can get out of the setup, so he asks Jesse what does he want. Jesse wants his wife and Jake to get their jobs back and the charges against Angie dropped. If David does not cooperate, then charges will be made against him.

Erica confronts Petey about helping Greenlee break into her computer.

Greenlee visits Kendall, but before coming into the door, she asks if it is OK. Kendall tells her that Zach is off guard duty, so it is safe for her to visit. Greenlee welcome Kendall back and tell her to never fall into a coma again, because two comas are her limit. She tells Kendall about her fight with Erica. Kendall tells Greenlee that she asked Bianca and Reese to move out. She confesses that she and Reese did not hit it off, because she thinks that there is something weird about Reese. Kendall does not like how Zach interacts with Gabby, or how he interacts with Reese. Greenlee let her know of Bianca’s fears about Reese and Zach. Kendall asks if Greenlee has seen anything between Reese and Zach. Greenlee tell her to forget how Reese feels. Greenlee tells Kendall that Zach loves her and she should know that, and never doubt it. Greenlee tell Kendall that she is Zach’s world and he was a rock while Kendall was in the coma.

Erica is surprised to see Bianca and Reese at the casino. She figures out that Kendall wanted them to move. Zach tells Erica that Kendall thinks that the house is too crowded. Erica wants to know if Kendall has a problem with the friendship between Zach and Reese. Bianca tell Zach that she now know that Kendall wanted them to leave. She want to know if Kendall is jealous of Reese, the same way Bianca was jealous of Zach.

David insisted that Krystal tell him who planted the pills. She does not. Krystal is suspicious that David wants her to help him get Little A. David tells Krystal that he only want her.

Tad tells Ryan that he cannot get any information on doctor St. Claire’s existence for a two-year period, because there is no information on her.

Aidan knows that the doctor knew Richie and had feelings for him.

Greenlee wants Kendall to forget about what Reese thinks.

Bianca want to celebrate their new dwellings with champagne. Reese is unhappy because she thinks that Kendall is angry with her. Reese says, “We were all better off when Kendall”, but Bianca stops her from saying the rest of her thoughts.

Zach tries to kiss Kendall, but she pulls away from him.

When Aidan approaches Ryan, Ryan wants to know what he is doing in the hospital.

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