AMC Update Thursday 2/5/09

All My Children Update Thursday 2/5/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Laurie R.

Jesse and Angie hug each other. Jesse tells her that everything will be normal again. Angie wants to know how that will happen. He does not give her details. She asks that Jake not be arrested for helping her break and enter David's home. Jake and Jesse are working on a plan to entrap David.

David hassles JR and Amanda about the baby while they are at the hospital. Krystal asks David why is he always hassling Amanda; she also wants to know if Amanda is carrying his baby.

Jake goes to the hospital medicine supply room, and steals some bottles of medicine. David bumps into him as he is leaving and wants to know why he is at the hospital. Jake tells him he is entitled to visit a public facility. Frankie overhears and take Jake’s arm as he thanks him for joining him for lunch.

Zach awakens from his nap when he hears the doorbell. He opens the door and Greenlee storms in; Erica storms in behind her. Zach let them know that he does not think it is a good idea to disturb Kendall. Greenlee show a report to Kendall and tells her that Fusion is in the red. Kendall asks about Babe getting Fusion out of trouble and everyone panics. Kendall ask why they are panicking and Zach tell her that Babe is dead; he then throw Greenlee and Erica out of his home. Kendall tells Zach that she can talk about things. He gives her details of Babe’s death. Kendall is upset for JR and Lil A. She thinks about what would have happened if her boys had lost their mom.

Bianca wakes up and want to have sex with Reese, but Reese pulls away from her. Reese does not feel comfortable about the way Kendall looks at her. She believes that Kendall is upset about Gabby. Bianca does not think that Kendall is upset.

Tad receives a call from Jesse then he leaves Krystal with Jenny.

Petey flips a coin to determine if Erica or Greenlee should leave Fusion. He swallows the coin so that the ladies cannot see the results and to force them to find another way to determine who leaves. The ladies start fighting and Greenlee throws a chair at Erica that is intercepted by Petey. The fighting results in water being spilled on the floor. Greenlee slips in the water and is knocked out when her head hits a table.

JR tells Adam that Amanda will be moving into the mansion. Adam calls Amanda cheap names and Amanda overhears him. Amanda tells JR that it is OK to leave her alone with Adam. Adam tries to put down Amanda and she tells him that she does not need his money, because she has her own.

Reese disturbs Zach and Kendall by walking through the living room where they are napping. Kendall asks Zach to leave the room because she wants to speak privately with Reese. She tells Reese she had better treat Bianca right. Reese thanked Kendall for being understanding about Gabriel. Reese credits her persuasiveness for being responsible for convincing Zach to be the donor. Reese tells Kendall that she loves Bianca with all of her heart.

Zach talks to Bianca and tells her that Kendall is not reacting the way he though she would about the baby; he thinks she is holding back. He now understands that he betrayed Kendall by being the donor to Bianca’s baby. He later returned to Kendall and apologized for betraying her. She thinks he did it because of her one-night-stand with Aidan. He says he did it because of what his brother Michael did to Bianca. Kendall thinks that every time they see Reese, Bianca and Gabby it will remind them of Zach’s betrayal. Zach thinks that they will work it through because they are family. Kendall does not think they will forget and tell Zach that they must ask Reese and Bianca to leave. Kendall wants them out of her house.

Rebecca is dying and she confide in Frankie. She asks him not to tell his father, Angie or Natalia about her dying. Rebecca packs her bags and tells Angie and Natalia that she is going to Denver for a couple of days. She says goodbye to them and take a final look at a picture of Jesse in his captain’s uniform.

Jesse asks Tad to plant the pills in David’s house. Tad plants the pills at David’s home and Krystal finds him there. She walks into the door with Jenny in her arms. Tad argues with her about bringing Jenny to David’s then he leaves with Jenny in his arms. Jesse and his men bring a search warrant to David’s house and find the planted drugs.

David creeps into the Chandler mansion to threaten Amanda about the baby. He wants Amanda to help him get custody of Little A or he will tell JR that she helped him to start drinking again.

Petey determines that Greenlee is bleeding from her head.

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