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All My Children Update Wednesday 2/4/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Laurie R.

JR asks Winifred to make sure there are lots of flowers in the southwest guest room and wood for the fireplace. Adam asks who is coming to visit.

Amanda tells Greenlee that she managed to keep a muffin down. Greenlee says that she hopes Amanda can understand why she and Ryan decided against the adoption. Amanda says that if Greenlee and Ryan decide to have more kids someday, that they will be really lucky. Amanda tells Greenlee that she has decided to keep the baby. Greenlee says that Amanda will be a great mother and congratulates her.

David asks Krystal to marry him. Krystal kisses David and he says that she has made him a very happy man. Krystal says that she can’t marry David.

Kendall tells Erica that she is going home to Zach and the boys.

Zach and the boys get Kendall’s room ready for her to come home. Zach asks Bianca to make sure the food gets to the kitchen when it gets delivered from The Grill. Reese asks Bianca if Kendall is going to be okay with them staying there and Bianca asks why Kendall wouldn’t be okay with it. Reese says that she just has a feeling about it.

Erica suggests that Kendall stay at the hospital for a few more days, but Kendall says that she has been there for months and that she wants to go home. Kendall says that Zach is installing a hospital room at the house and she will have her own nurse and physical therapists. Kendall tells Erica to work her magic so that she can look good for her boys. Erica says that Kendall doesn’t have to worry about going back to Fusion because she is pretty much running the place herself. Erica tells Kendall that she has everything at Fusion under control.

Greenlee calls a company meeting, without Erica, and says that Fusion is in the tank and a disaster. Greenlee asks Pete to hack into Erica’s computer, so that they can have access to the books for Fusion.

Jake visits with Angie and they discuss him being a character witness for her. Jake says that he is the one who broke into David’s house in the first place, so he isn’t going to let Angie take the fall alone. Jesse comes in and says that someone has to explain.

David says that he wants Krystal to be his wife and Krystal says that a piece of paper isn’t going to make anything more real. David suggests that Krystal is still hooked on Tad. Krystal says that she wants to be with David, but that she needs more time. David says that they could find some time right now, but Krystal says that she made a date with Little Adam.

JR tells Adam that he has decided to move into the east wing. JR and Adam talk about Amanda. JR tells Adam that he and Amanda are keeping the baby and that Adam needs to stay away from Amanda. Adam says that Amanda isn’t fit to raise a child, especially not a Chandler. JR says that Amanda is going to make a great mom.

Bianca says that Kendall will need some time to adjust to things. Zach leaves and Bianca says that she is going to get the boys ready for the big homecoming.

David tells Erica that he would prefer if Kendall stayed in the hospital a few more days for observation, but that he is releasing Kendall on the condition that she follows his instructions to the letter. Kendall says that she has everything she needs. David says that Kendall will also need her sleep. David says that he will get the release papers ready. Erica suggests that Kendall get the suite at the casino next to hers. Erica says that Zach practically lived at the casino while Kendall was in the coma. Kendall says that Reese was there to help him.

Pete shows Greenlee the holiday launch numbers and Greenlee asks him to get her some man power from the loading dock.

Angie and Jake argue over who should take responsibility. Angie tells Jesse that there is no reason to involve Jake, but Jesse says that Jake was involved the minute he decided to help her. Jesse and Jake talk in private. Jake says that he will take the fall for the break in and that Angie will be cleared of all charges.

Krystal shows up to see Little Adam. Krystal tells Adam that David proposed to her. Adam says that David’s love for Krystal is about as real as Amanda claiming that her child is JR’s. Adam says that Amanda is using the child to play JR and God only knows who the father really is. Krystal remembers David saying that he slept with Amanda. Adam asks Krystal if she knows who the father might be.

Amanda tells JR that she won’t move into the Chandler Mansion. JR says that he has arranged a suite and Amanda’s own wing. Amanda says that Babe has only been gone a few months and asks what it would look like. JR says that he doesn’t care and that he wants to take care of her and the baby, with no strings attached. Amanda says that she appreciates the offer, but she can’t move in to the mansion. Amanda gasps in pain. JR and Randi ask Amanda what is wrong.

Zach freaks out when Kendall isn’t in her hospital room. Erica says that David just wanted to run a few last minute tests. David tells Zach to take care of Kendall and Zach says that he will for the rest of his life. Kendall asks Zach to take her home.

JR says that he should have backed off and that he has been pushing Amanda to move into the house with him because she is going to need help with the pregnancy.

Jake and Jesse talk about David. Jesse says that he has a plan.

Greenlee says that the office looks a lot better without a shrine to Erica on the walls. Erica says that Greenlee has no say over how she decorates her office and Greenlee says that she does. Greenlee says that Kendall is getting better and will be back at work soon, so the office is theirs now and not Erica’s.

Everyone welcomes Kendall home. Zach says that he taped all the Red Wing games for Kendall. Kendall shares a nice reunion with her family. Gabrielle cries and Reese apologizes. Zach takes Gabrielle.

David questions JR about why he brought Amanda in. David walks into Amanda’s room and asks Frankie questions about her condition. Frankie says that Amanda is in her first trimester and that she was experiencing some cramping. Frankie lets Amanda listen to the baby’s heartbeat and she calms down. Frankie tells Amanda that her cramping was just a result of the gastritis, which is caused by stress and tells her to stay away from stress. Amanda asks if the machine can determine when the baby was conceived.

Greenlee and Erica argue about Fusion. Adam walks in and demands that Erica return his money immediately. Erica realizes that they hacked into her computer to get the accounting.

Zach shows Kendall pictures of the things she missed while she was in her coma.

Jake agrees to start working on Jesse’s plan immediately. Jesse goes back in to see Angie. Angie apologizes for lying to him and says that she doesn’t want to fight anymore.

Frankie says that according to the size of the fetus, conception was mid-November. Amanda says that if that date is right then the baby is David’s and that he can’t know. Randi says that Frankie has to do something.

Krystal shows up to see David and asks why JR is there. David says that JR brought Amanda in.

Frankie says that David won’t find out about the baby. Amanda says that David has access to everything and there is no way Frankie can stop him, but Frankie says that he can.

Erica and Greenlee continue to argue about Fusion, while Adam tells Erica that he wants his money back. Adam says that either Erica gives him his money back immediately or Fusion will be dealing with his lawyer.

Kendall says that she can tell the boys kept busy while she was gone and asks Zach what he did.

Jesse says that he will make it up to Angie for arresting her the way he did.

Amanda tells JR that Frankie did the calculations and that he is definitely the father. David congratulates them. Randi says that she has to get back to work. JR says that he is going to get the car. David tells Amanda that he is going to keep a real close eye on the pregnancy because he doesn’t trust her or Frankie. Amanda walks away and Krystal asks David if there is a chance that the baby is his. David says that the poor kid is a Chandler. Amanda tells JR that she wants to move in with him.

Erica says that they will have to cut costs to save Fusion.

Zach says that he took care of the boys, worked and rebuilt the casino and visited her while she was gone. Kendall says that she is tired. Zach says that he never wants to lose her again.

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