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All My Children Update Tuesday 2/3/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Laurie R.

Jesse says that Kathy ran away because she was upset. Tad asks where Kathy would go. Krystal gets a call from David saying that she needs to drive down to the docks alone.

Aidan tells Annie that Dr. Sinclair has been questioning him. Aidan says that he lied to Dr. Sinclair and said that he was working against Annie because it will help them in the long run. Aidan tells Annie not to quit trusting him now.

Ryan talks about the honeymoon and Greenlee says that she can’t think about the honeymoon because she is waiting for her ring to go up in flames. Ryan says that if Greenlee doesn’t want to marry him, all she has to do is say so.

Jesse says that Kathy will show up eventually. Tad says that Kathy is out there with God knows who and it is his fault. Tad says that Kathy heard him say that Jenny was basically the only thing that mattered. Angie and Jesse assure Tad that Kathy knows that he loves her.

JR says that he is calling Tad because he should know that Kathy is all right. Amanda says that she promised Kathy that she would wait to call Tad. Amanda says that JR owes Kathy because if it wasn’t for her, Amanda wouldn’t be keeping the baby. Amanda and JR talk about parenthood. Amanda says that JR is a good father and has given Little Adam a great life. JR says that he will for this child too, if she will let him.

Krystal asks David if he knows where Kathy is. David says that Kathy is asleep on Amanda’s yacht. Krystal says that she is going to get Kathy and take her home. David asks her how she will explain finding Kathy. David tells Krystal to call JR and tell him that Kathy is missing, so that JR will lead her to Kathy.

Krystal calls JR and tells him that Kathy is missing. JR says that Amanda found Kathy on the docks. JR says that he was just about to call Tad to come pick Kathy up. Krystal says that she can get there quicker and will see him soon. David says that Krystal needs to give it a few minutes.

Greenlee says that she can’t wait to marry Ryan, but that she wants to get it over with. Greenlee says that she can’t deal with the never-ending crisis. Ryan tells Greenlee that it ends now because they are getting married and that she needs to enjoy it.

Aidan tells Annie that they have to stick with the plan. Annie says that she can never admit to killing Richie. Annie asks why Dr. Sinclair cares so much about Richie and Aidan says that he will find out. Dr. Sinclair comes in to Aidan’s room and says that they need to talk. Aidan says that he wants Annie locked up because it will make Ryan suffer knowing that Emma will never see her mother outside of the prison gates again. Aidan questions Dr. Sinclair’s motives.

Ryan and Greenlee talk about Kendall being awake. Opal calls Greenlee and asks her to come over immediately. Ryan says to tell Opal that they aren’t interested, but Greenlee says that they will be right over.

Krystal talks to Kathy about her running away. Krystal thanks Amanda for taking care of her and JR asks if Krystal if she has called Tad. Krystal says that she was just about to do that.

Krystal calls Tad and tells him that she found Kathy and is bringing her home. Tad tells Angie and Jesse that Krystal found Kathy.

Amanda says that a boat isn’t exactly the safest place to raise a kid. JR says that she will just move, and that it isn’t a big deal. Amanda says that she wishes there was someone that could assure her that she was doing the right thing. JR says that when the baby gets here, she will look into those eyes and know that she did the right thing.

Krystal brings Kathy in. Tad asks where Kathy was and Krystal suggests that he should say thank you. Angie asks Kathy what happened. Kathy says that Krystal and Tad were yelling and she got scared and ran away to see the boats. Kathy says that Amanda found her and gave her some cookies. Tad says that none of this would have happened if Krystal wouldn’t have gotten hooked up with David in the first place.

Dr. Sinclair says that Annie is merely a patient. Dr. Sinclair asks Aidan if Greenlee and Ryan know he is there and if he is really a spy. Aidan says that Ryan and Greenlee think he is on a job in DC and that he is currently a private investigator, but used to be special ops. Aidan asks Dr. Sinclair why she is there and she says that she wanted to see if he meant what he said about putting Annie away. Dr. Sinclair asks Aidan to get Annie to admit that she is faking and that she killed her brother in cold blood.

Greenlee tells Pete that they were summoned by Opal. Opal shows Greenlee and Ryan the “new” reading she did about their wedding. Opal asks if anything big happened lately and Greenlee says that Kendall came out of her coma. Opal says that Greenlee and Ryan’s wedding is going to be the greatest day of her life and Kendall is the reason.

Krystal says that she was sick of sitting there doing nothing and decided to go look for Kathy herself. Tad and Krystal get into a fight over Dixie. Tad and Krystal apologize to Kathy for fighting. Tad apologizes to Krystal and thanks her for bringing Kathy home.

Greenlee tells Pete about Opal’s new reading.

Opal and Ryan talk about the fake reading he had her do for Greenlee. Opal says that the cards still say that disaster awaits these nuptials. Greenlee thanks Opal and tells Ryan that they have to get home to plan a wedding.

Aidan visits Annie’s room and says that he wanted to make sure that she knew he was on her side. Aidan questions Annie about murdering Richie, while giving her secret messages by mouthing the words. Annie asks why he is doing this to her.

Greenlee and Ryan talk about the reading. Greenlee says that she feels like everything is going to be okay. Greenlee says that they should have asked Opal about their future sex life and Ryan says that he already consulted his magic eight ball for that.

Krystal suggests that Kathy should go up and get ready for bed. Kathy asks if Krystal can spend the night. Krystal says no, but that she would like to take Kathy ice-skating soon. Tad tells Kathy to say goodnight to Krystal and then go get ready for bed. Kathy says goodnight and goes upstairs. Tad says that he isn’t going to take Krystal away from Kathy. Krystal says that she wanted to talk to Tad about increasing her visitation hours with Jenny. Tad asks Krystal if she is off the pills. Krystal says that she hasn’t had them since the hearing. Tad says that maybe they should start talking about joint custody because Jenny needs both of her parents.

JR and Amanda talk about him being a part of the baby’s life. JR says that Adam already knows that she is pregnant. Amanda says that she doesn’t know what is worse - fighting off Adam or running from David. JR says that Amanda is moving in with him.

Tad says that they should set up an appointment with the social worker to arrange joint custody. Krystal tells Tad goodnight and leaves. Kathy says that she is ready for her story. David asks Krystal how it went and she says that Tad is even talking about joint custody. Krystal says that she doesn’t know how to thank him. David says that Krystal can start by marrying him.

Opal says that she shouldn’t have lied to Greenlee. Opal says that if Greenlee and Ryan go through with the wedding, their new life could be over before it begins.

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