AMC Update Monday 2/2/09

All My Children Update Monday 2/2/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Laurie R.

JR tells Colby that Amanda wants Ryan and Greenlee to adopt the baby. Colby and JR talk about his feelings toward the baby being adopted. Colby asks JR if he is sure the baby is his. JR says that Amanda has told him that he is the father and he has to believe her.

Tad searches for Kathy.

David assures Erica that she made the right choice because Josh’s heart saved Kendall’s life. Erica says that if David is still trying to get custody of Babe’s son, he will have to do it without her help and that he has Krystal to help him now.

Bianca tells Kendall that Zach was the donor for Gabrielle. Zach goes in to talk to Kendall.

Erica asks if everything is okay and Bianca says that she doesn’t now.

Kendall asks Zach when he was planning to do it and Zach says that he didn’t even know that Bianca was pregnant. Zach says that he only did it because he wanted to help Bianca. Kendall says that she is glad that he helped Bianca and Reese.

Erica asks how Kendall reacted. Reese says that they are hoping she will be okay with it. Erica leaves. Bianca says that she should have told Kendall sooner.

David reminds Erica that she pulled him away from mourning his daughter and begging him to save Kendall by saying she would do anything to repay him. Erica says that she just lost her son and recovered her daughter, and tells him not to ask her to help take away someone else’s child because she won’t do it. Erica thanks David for saving Kendall.

Krystal leaves a message for David saying that she got into an argument with Tad and needs him.

Jesse assures Tad that they will find Kathy. Angie asks if Kathy was upset and Tad says that she was fine. Jesse asks who all was there and what time. Tad says that if someone took Kathy, they know who it would be. Tad asks Angie to stay and look after Jenny for him while he goes to find his daughter. Jesse says that he needs to be called in 10 minutes with an update and that he is going to make sure Tad doesn’t do anything stupid.

JR tells Colby that it will work out and that he will take care of Adam. Adam walks up and asks what they are up to. JR says that it is a surprise about Adam’s birthday and Adam reminds them that his birthday is in May. JR says that they are planning ahead. Adam admits that he might have come out to check on JR and JR says that he is drinking straight water. Adam leaves and Amanda comes up. JR says that Colby knows and Amanda asks about Adam finding out. Colby says that she has no intention of telling Adam. Colby assures Amanda that she would never tell. Adam attacks Pete and Colby rushes over. Amanda tells JR that Greenlee and Ryan don’t think the timing is right, so she has to find another couple.

Colby tells Adam to let go of Pete. Adam says that Pete got Colby pregnant. Colby says that she is not pregnant and that Adam heard her and JR talking about someone else. Adam asks who they were talking about and Colby says that it isn’t any of Adam’s business.

Zach and Kendall talk about Gabrielle. Zach asks if Kendall wants to see the boys and says that he will call Rachel. Kendall asks how long Bianca, Reese and Gabrielle are staying and Zach says that they are going to stick around for a while. David comes in and says that it is time for a quick checkup. Zach leaves and David asks Kendall how she is feeling.

Zach tells Bianca that he thinks Kendall took it well and promises that it is going to be fine.

David checks out Kendall and says that he doesn’t want her to deal with any stress. David says that Kendall is doing remarkably well. Kendall asks about Babe’s reaction to David being back in town and David says that Kendall needs to get some rest. Bianca comes in and asks if she can see Kendall. David leaves. Bianca says that she wanted to tell Kendall about Zach’s involvement in her pregnancy and that is why she came back to Pine Valley. Bianca says that they want Kendall and Zach to be Gabrielle’s godparents.

Krystal shows up at Tad’s and Angie says that Tad is out looking for Kathy.

Tad confronts David and asks where Kathy is. David says that he has been at the hospital since the moment he got the call that Kendall woke up.

Amanda says that she has to find an adoption attorney. JR says that he has a lawyer friend and see if they have any names for adoption attorneys. Amanda leaves and Adam walks up and asks what she is up to.

Zach and Reese talk about the conversation they were having before Kendall woke up. Erica comes up and Bianca comes out of Kendall’s room. Bianca says that Kendall seems okay with it all. Erica goes in to see Kendall. Kendall asks Erica what she really thinks. Erica says that Reese hasn’t been exactly forthcoming with Bianca and tells Kendall about Reese’s previous engagement to Simon. Erica tells Kendall to watch how Reese and Bianca act together and how Reese asks when she isn’t with Bianca.

Pete and Colby admit that they miss hanging out together.

Adam tells JR that if Little Adam were old enough to understand what is going on, he would be proud of JR too. Adam brings up Amanda and JR says that Amanda is a friend and a convenient date. Adam asks if Amanda is pregnant with JR’s child.

Amanda finds Kathy running around the marina alone and suggests they call Tad. Kathy asks Amanda not to call him because she doesn’t want to go back.

Angie suggests that Krystal should leave before Tad comes back, but Krystal says that she is going to help find Katy. Krystal and Angie argue. Jesse and Tad come back. Krystal says that she was there earlier and that Kathy seemed fine then. Krystal remembers her fight with Tad and says that Kathy must have heard them.

Kathy says that Krystal was going to leave with Jenny and Tad said that Jenny meant more to him than anything. Amanda says that sometimes when grownups are angry they say things they don’t mean and that Tad loves Kathy very much. Kathy says that she wants a mommy who stays and loves her forever.

JR says that Amanda is none of Adam’s business, but does admit that Amanda is pregnant. Adam says that they have to get the child away from Amanda and JR tells Adam not to even try.

Zach comes in with the boys and Kendall has a happy reunion with them. Kendall asks Zach if Gabrielle is there too and says that she would love to meet her too.

Krystal and Tad start fighting again. Jesse tells them that fighting isn’t going to bring Kathy back and that they need to focus if they are going to find her.

Amanda tells JR that he needs to find Tad because Kathy ran away. Amanda tells JR that she changed her mind about the baby and that she wants to keep it. JR says that it is great as David listens from the door.

Bianca introduces Gabrielle to Kendall. Kendall sees Zach’s look of pride in Gabrielle and is disturbed.

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