AMC Update Friday 1/30/09

All My Children Update Friday 1/30/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Tad packed Krystal’s things. Kathy asks about the bags and get upset when she is told that Krystal is missing.

Krystal is having sex with David at Wildwind.

Dr. Sinclair wants Annie to remember killing Richie, so she shows Annie a picture of Richie lying on the road in a pool of his own blood. She questions Annie about his death. Annie begins to apologize, but the fire alarm goes off. Aidan is the one who pulled the alarm.

Ryan visits with Erica and talk to her about inviting Greenlee’s mother, Mary to the party. He also tells her that Reese is unhappy that Erica invited her mother, Claire. Erica thought Reese and Greenlee would want their mothers at the wedding and saw the shower as an opportunity to make it happen. Ryan tells Erica that it was not her decision to make.

Reese’s mom cannot accept her being a lesbian. Reese accuses her mom of messing up her father’s life and of trying to mess up her life as well. Reese’s mother, Claire slaps Reese. Zach walks in as the slap is happening and orders Claire to leave. Claire apologizes to Reese for the slap. Reese asks her mother to leave after telling her that she has a new family. Reese falls into Zech’s arms.

Ryan tells Erica that Greenlee told him that the planned wedding ceremony is doomed.

Greenlee and Bianca are in Kendall’s hospital room, when Kendall awakens. Kendall begins chocking on the tubes. Greenlee rushes to get assistance.

Aidan rushes back to his room to speak to Annie through the room vent.

Tad talks to Kathy about Krystal and he. Kathy is tired of losing mommies. She tells Tad that when mommies leave, they do not come back.

The hospital calls David and tells him about Kendall’s awakening.

Bianca fills Kendall in about the storm by giving her details of her injury.

Reese explains to Zach that there is only two people in the world that understands and support her. Bianca and Zach are Reese’s only allies and she is starting to rely a lot on Zach and that scares her. She tells him that she loves Bianca, but she relies on him. She wants to know what does he feel when he look at her. Zach’s phone rings before he can answer. Bianca calls him to tell him that Kendall is awake.

Aidan encourage Annie to withhold the truth from doctor Sinclair. Doctor Sinclair overhears Aidan talking and want to know whom he is talking to.

Greenlee talks to Kendall. Kendall wants to know how long has she been in the coma. Kendall notices Greenlee’s ring and is told that Ryan and Greenlee are getting married. Kendall wants to know what happened to Annie.

David enters Kendall’s room and tells her about the heart transplant.

Doctor Sinclair wants to know how Aidan got out of his room. She administers truth serum to him then began questioning him.

Krystal comes to Tad’s home to pick up her things. Kathy wants Krystal to stay and play, but Krystal cannot. Krystal promised Kathy in the past that she would never leave.

Zach runs into Kendall’s room then he smiles and stares at her. Kendall stares at him then say HI Zach. He grabs her hand, and then he nuzzles her neck. Kendall smiles. She tells Zach that he looks different. He tells her that she looks the same and is as beautiful as ever. He asks her to never leave him again. He kisses her fingers as he sit next to her bed. She worries about her boys remembering her. Zach explains how the boys remember her.

Tad does not want Krystal to say goodbye to the girls. He asks her to leave. Kathy overhears Tad and Krystal arguing over Jenny. Tad tells Krystal that she will never take Jenny, because Jenny means more to him than anything in the world.

Erica enters Kendall’s room, and interrupts Zach and Kendall’s reunion.

Kendall asks about the transplant. Zach explains that the heart donor was Josh, and his death was the result of an accident. Erica tells Kendall about the planned double wedding ceremony.

Zach brings Reese into Kendall’s room to meet her. Bianca brags on Reese and her architect skills. Zach mentions Reese’s skill at making French pancakes (crepes). Erica stares rudely at Reese, and Zach as they are smiling.

Tad goes to play with Kathy, and finds the front door open. Kathy has disappeared.

David talks to Erica about Kendall’s latest tests. Kendall should make a full recovery.

Bianca tells Kendall that Gabriel is a beautiful baby. Kendall can believe that because Bianca and Reese are beautiful. Kendall mentions that the donor is probably beautiful as well. Bianca follows Erica’s advice and tells Kendall that Zach is the donor. Kendall looks shock.

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