AMC Update Thursday 1/29/09

All My Children Update Thursday 1/29/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Laurie R.

Reese awakes and finds Bianca staring at her while she slept. They kiss each other and hear Erica yell at them to get out of bed. Today is their bridal shower, and Erica is setting up the party with her helpers.

Greenlee doesn’t want to attend an Erica planned bridal shower, because Erica thinks that she should not be included.

Tad and Krystal signed the divorce papers. David wants to know if Krystal feels good about signing the papers. David calls Krystal a liar when she says she is happy over the divorce. Tad shows up at the hospital to see Dr. Sinclair. She calls him out and tells him that she knows who he is.

Krystal apologizes to David for making him angry. He wants her to be honest about her feelings. David feels that Krystal regrets being with him. David challenges Krystal to tear the papers up. He suggests that Tad will take her back. Krystal is having problems explaining her feelings to David.

Zach wants to know what is Erica up to, because she is happily planning the shower for Reese and Bianca. Erica insists that she wants to heal and wants everyone to be happy. Zach suggest that she want a new beginning.

The party guests are playing “Bridal Shower Bingo”. Greenlee misses Kendall at the shower.

Reese’s mother, Claire joins the party. Reese is unhappy that Erica invited her mother. Erica thought Reese would want her mother at the wedding and saw the shower as an opportunity to make it happen. Bianca chastise Erica, and Greenlee chastise her as well. Greenlee accused Erica of wanting to break up Bianca and Reese. Claire refused to meet her granddaughter, Gabriel.

Greenlee’s mother, Mary, is at the door. Erica invited her as well. Greenlee is unhappy about that.

Dr. Sinclair is trying to get Annie to tell her about Richie’s death. She brings a tire iron to Annie’s room and places it in the middle of floor. Annie gets upset and pick up the tire iron and hold it threatening at the doctor. Doctor Sinclair orders a shot for Annie to calm her down.

Tad encounters Krystal at his home. Winifred had an errand to run and asked Krystal to sit with Jenny. Tad wants Krystal to pack her bags now that the divorce papers are signed.

Brot sees David examining Kendall and explains how he felt when he was in a coma. He thinks that Kendall could be on her way back.

Bianca apologizes to Greenlee for her mother inviting Mary to the shower.

Reese’s mom cannot accept her being a lesbian, nor can she accept Gabriel. Reese tries to explain herself to her mom to no avail.

Bianca and Erica talk outside while Reese and her mom talk inside. Erica throws snow at Bianca, because she was getting excited. She apologizes to Bianca for inviting Claire, and Mary without their daughter’s permission.

Krystal wants to talk to Tad but he is not interested, because he has two little girls to worry about and he cannot pamper Krystal. He asks her to pack her bags when he is not around. He wants her to leave.

Greenlee tell Ryan about Erica and her dream about seeing Annie kill him. She wants to cancel the wedding, but Ryan refuses. Greenlee leaves.

Krystal looks for her pills and realize that David switch them while he was at the police station. She gets angry with him when he returns home. He silences her with a kiss.

Dr. Sinclair shows Annie a picture of Richie lying on the road in a pool of his own blood. She questions Annie about his death. Annie begins to apologize, but the fire alarm goes off.

Erica returns home and remembers her children. She sees an image of Josh in the mirror. She feels him touching her hair. Then he disappears

Greenlee and Bianca meet in Kendall’s hospital room. They wish she would awaken.

Kendall slowly opens her eyes!

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