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Amanda says that she would be a disaster as a mother and Greenlee asks why Amanda thinks she would be any better. Amanda says that she has seen Greenlee with Emma and that Greenlee and Ryan are in love and getting married. Greenlee asks about the baby’s father.

JR says that he came running because Amanda is a friend. The conversation turns to David drugging Krystal. David tells JR to focus on the baby that Amanda is carrying because the first trimester can be tricky and that Amanda was there picking up prenatal vitamins.

Jack says that the arraignment is only a formality. Jesse tells Angie that it will go a lot faster if she just admits that she broke into David’s house and lets Jack work out a deal with the DA.

Dr. Sinclair says that a patient/therapist bond can be incredibly strong and that she has a connection with her patients based on a mutual understanding.

Annie tells Mr. Stone to wake up. Annie asks where they took him and that she needs him to stay with her because she can’t do it alone. Aidan says that he needs Annie to help him and tells her to keep talking.

Dr. Sinclair says that she can’t do her job unless she has gained someone’s trust first and asks how long Tad has been married. Tad says that he has been married a year, but the marriage is already over and that he doesn’t know why he wears his wedding ring anymore. Tad says that he is there to interview her about her work and not talk about his obvious failures as a husband. Dr. Sinclair asks if Tad feels like a failure.

The bailiff calls Angie’s case and the judge asks her questions about the case.

JR says that David is exploiting Babe’s death to get closer to Krystal. JR says that the only contribution that David had in Babe’s life was a one-night stand at a frat party decades ago. David says that at least he had something to do with Babe’s conception and asks if JR can say the same thing about the child Amanda is carrying.

Greenlee asks if JR knows about the baby and Amanda says that JR won’t fight the adoption. Ryan and Greenlee say that Adam will fight the adoption because it is his grandchild. Amanda says that Adam doesn’t know she is pregnant and that she will say that someone else is the father. Amanda says that JR was trying to give Little Adam a normal life away from Adam’s house and that she will show him that this baby can have one too with people who have a future, unlike her and JR. Amanda says that the child will be a constant reminder to JR of the life he should have had with Babe.

David tells JR that Amanda was cozied up to Jake Martin at ConFusion the night before and that she was waking up in David’s bed a few months ago, so JR might want to hold off on making any kind of commitment until things are narrowed down. David says that Amanda is only after an inheritance. JR says that Amanda has told him that she doesn’t want or need his money and that she is dealing with the baby on her own. David says that when Adam demands a DNA test, it will prove that JR isn’t the child’s father. Krystal comes up and says that it always comes down to David shoving his way into Little Adam’s life. JR says that David will stop at nothing to get his hands on Little Adam, no matter how many lives he has to destroy and walks away. Krystal asks David if he has been using her.

Jesse says that all Angie had to do was plead guilty, take the deal and put the mess behind them. Angie says that they wouldn’t be in this mess if Jesse hadn’t put his job before their marriage. Jack says that he has another hearing to get to and leaves. Jesse says that David is trying to destroy their marriage by manipulating Angie into the crime and forcing him to arrest his own wife. Angie says that nobody forced Jesse to arrest her, he is the chief of police. Jesse says that it doesn’t give him the right to look the other way and he never thought she would expect him to either.

Ryan says that Amanda trusts Greenlee. Greenlee says that it isn’t like she has ever had a baby before and Ryan says that she has been around kids a lot. Greenlee reminds Ryan that she just had to take Emma to the emergency room because she wasn’t watching closely enough. Ryan says that he still makes mistakes with Spike and Emma. Ryan says that when Greenlee was with Aidan, she was very adamant about not having kids and asks what has changed. Greenlee says that she finally found the right guy for her and says that they have to decide if they have found the right child for them.

Amanda tells JR that she found the perfect parents to raise their child and JR asks if it is really his. JR says that he ran into David at the hospital and Amanda realizes that David knows she is pregnant. JR asks Amanda if the baby is David’s.

Krystal says that she wants to believe that David hasn’t been using her as part of a plan to get custody of Little Adam. David says that he has been very honest about his feelings and that he is waiting for her to make a decision. Krystal says that David’s love is the only thing that has been getting her through this.

Tad asks Dr. Sinclair if she ever gets sick of hearing about other people’s problems and she says that she doesn’t when she can help. Dr. Sinclair says that if a patient is faking, she will prove it and Tad asks why it means so much to her. Jesse walks in and says that he didn’t realize they were friends.

Annie tells Mr. Stone that Dr. Sinclair tried to trick her with a game. Annie says that she pretended to see flying monkeys to get Dr. Sinclair to leave the room during the game. Aidan says that he will take care of Dr. Sinclair.

Dr. Sinclair says that Mr. Pearson is doing research for an article he is writing on her. Dr. Sinclair asks how Mr. Pearson knows the chief and Tad says that their wives are friendly. Dr. Sinclair says that she will let them catch up and that she has a lot of business to catch up on. Tad says that he still has a lot of questions and Dr. Sinclair tells him to feel free to call her office any time. Dr. Sinclair leaves. Jesse asks why Tad was meeting with Annie’s shrink and Tad says that there is something screwy with the shrink. Tad says that he could use a little help that only the chief of police can provide. Jesse says that he can’t even help his own wife, so how is he supposed to help Tad.

Natalia says that Angie and Jesse will get through this. Angie says that sometimes love isn’t enough and it isn’t that simple. Natalia reminds Angie of all they have been through and asks if Angie is really going to let David tear them apart.

Amanda says that she slept with David a few times after Babe died and Jake dumped her. Amanda says that she and JR can’t keep their baby. JR asks who she found and Amanda says that she talked to Ryan and Greenlee. JR asks her if she realizes how hard it will be to hear the child calling Ryan “daddy” and Amanda reminds him that he promised to let her decide how to handle it. JR says that he can’t just turn his back and walk away because this is their child and asks if they can find a way to make it work. Amanda says that this is their chance to give the baby a better life and that they owe their baby that much.

Greenlee says that Amanda might change her mind once she sees the baby and holds it in her arms. Greenlee says that they could spend months getting attached to the baby and have Amanda change her mind. Ryan says that it worries him, but not as much as having a huge secret hanging over their heads as soon as they get married. Ryan says that it worries him more to wonder how long it will be before Adam puts things together or before JR cracks under the pressure. Greenlee says that they need to focus on the family they have now before considering adding to it. Greenlee says that when the time is right, they could get a surrogate and have a baby of their own.

Tad says that there is something going on with Dr. Sinclair and that she will do anything to bring Annie to trial. Jesse says that it makes his job a lot easier and Tad suggests that Annie might actually be crazy. Jesse says that if Annie gets out, Ryan and Greenlee are going to be her first stop. Tad says that he isn’t out there heading up the free-Annie-Lavery committee, but he would like to know why Dr. Sinclair is so determined to throw away the key. Jesse says that Tad needs to drop the Dr. Sinclair business and focus on fixing his marriage.

Krystal says that she can’t keep avoiding Tad, hoping that their problems will disappear. Krystal says that if she is going to move on, she has to settle it. David says that he will be waiting.

Dr. Sinclair shows up at Ryan and Greenlee’s and confronts them about hiring someone to look into her past. Ryan says that they were a little unsure about Dr. Sinclair’s track record and wanted to see her success rate and that is why they had Tad check it out. Dr. Sinclair suggests that she bring in another doctor whose only goal is to release Annie, but even if Annie were rehabilitated she could still show up to finish what she started. Dr. Sinclair leaves and Ryan says that she was just trying to scare them. Greenlee says that she did scare them. Ryan says that Annie is locked up in Oak Haven and she isn’t getting out.

Aidan says that Dr. Sinclair knows that he is hiding something and that is why they took him away. Annie says that it is all her fault because he was just trying to help her. Aidan says that one way or another, he will get Annie out of there.

David says that he knows Amanda is pregnant and the baby could be his. Amanda says that the baby is JR’s. Amanda says that she hasn’t been in David’s bed in months.

Angie says that she isn’t going to let David destroy her marriage to Jesse the way he did Tad and Krystal’s marriage.

Tad asks if things are clearer now and Krystal says that she was just scared to face it because then she would know that it was really over. Tad says that he hopes Krystal finds what she is looking for and apologizes for not being able to give it to her.

Amanda tells David that she is not the father of her baby. David says that he is going to let Amanda and JR have their happy little family, until they have a DNA test that proves the child is David’s.

Dr. Sinclair asks an orderly about Mr. Stone. The orderly says that Mr. Stone’s story never changed and still claims that he is a secret agent. Dr. Sinclair asks if there was any trouble from Annie. The orderly says that Annie was a little agitated, but calmed down around the time they brought Mr. Stone back to his room.

Ryan tells Greenlee that there is nothing to be afraid of.

Greenlee dreams about Dr. Sinclair releasing Annie and says that there is no reason to keep her there. Annie asks about Emma and Ryan says that Emma is really excited to see her. Ryan says that he is proud of Annie because he knew that she would get better. Annie asks why Ryan filed for divorce and suggests that Greenlee convinced him to leave her. Ryan tells Annie to calm down and Annie says that if she can’t have Ryan, no one can. Annie stabs Ryan with a scalpel and Greenlee wakes up.

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