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All My Children Update Tuesday 1/27/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Ryan says that he attacked Dr. Sinclair out of his own guilt. Ryan says that he is ready to work with Dr. Sinclair. Dr. Sinclair says that Ryan didn’t contribute to Annie’s behavior. Dr. Sinclair says that Annie is faking because she wants to avoid prison time, but that she is expecting a breakthrough soon.

Annie asks Mr. Stone if he is okay and to please answer her.

JR takes flowers to Babe’s grave and tells her that he started drinking again. JR talks about scaring Little Adam and that Amanda is pregnant with his child.

Erica asks Bianca to call the media outlets about the Valentine’s Day campaign being on their desks by 5pm. Erica asks Reese to look at her blueprints and says that she is thinking about expanding her walk-in for more storage. A man comes in with a delivery for Bianca and Reese. Bianca says that they are their wedding dresses. Bianca and Reese reveal that they haven’t seen their dresses yet, but they both love the designer. Reese and Bianca get ready to try the dresses on and Erica says that if they try them on, the wedding is off.

Zach and Frankie talk about Kendall. David comes up and says that he doesn’t appreciate Frankie getting involved in his cases. Zach says that he needed to find out about his wife and David says that he doesn’t want to give Zach false hope. David says that it is too soon to make any guarantees. Zach tells David to call him when he has good news.

An orderly brings Annie something to eat and says that Mr. Stone won’t be visiting anyone in the near future. Annie says that she needs her friend and asks what they did to him.

Ryan asks Dr. Sinclair about the changes being made to Annie’s treatment plan. Dr. Sinclair says that the only thing that is important is getting to the truth behind Annie’s behavior. Dr. Sinclair says that they have witnessed Annie going in and out of the delusions at very convenient times. Dr. Sinclair says that if the treatment plan works, Annie will be fit to stand trial and will be sent to prison. Ryan thanks Dr. Sinclair for coming and says that they will cooperate from now on. Dr. Sinclair leaves. Ryan and Greenlee ask Tad’s opinion. Tad says that Dr. Sinclair definitely has an agenda and Annie is definitely the target. Tad says that he will do what he can to help and Ryan thanks him. Greenlee says that she has to get to work and leaves. Tad says that he is looking for medical databases to see what they can dig up on Dr. Riley Sinclair.

Annie says that she needs Mr. Stone to come back and that she can’t do it without him.

Brot meets David and thanks him for the opportunity. They discuss Brot’s operations after what happened in Iraq. David welcomes Brot to the staff and leaves. Frankie comes up and tells Brot not to trust David.

JR tells Babe that he wants to raise the baby he is having with Amanda and that he wants to be a sober father. JR asks Babe to help him be the strong JR again.

Erica tells Bianca that she and Reese can’t try the dresses on in front of each other because it is bad luck. Erica suggests they try them on at Zach’s and keep them separated while the alterations are done, then go back to the wedding plans. Reese says that they should probably call Greenlee. Greenlee walks in and Bianca says that the bridal shower is just as much for her as for them. Erica says that she is going to take Reese and Bianca back to Zach’s for the fitting and that Greenlee can handle everything there. Erica tells Greenlee that the campaign for Valentine’s Day has to be sent by 5pm and gives Greenlee a list of stuff that needs to be done before anyone leaves. Erica leaves and Greenlee asks who is hungry. Randi and Pete offer to pick up Chinese. Greenlee gives Amanda the new campaign for Valentine’s Day and asks her to e-mail it to all the department heads. Amanda and Greenlee talk about the wedding. Amanda says that Greenlee and Ryan are going to have an amazing life together and tells Greenlee not to let Erica bring her down. Amanda asks if Greenlee and Ryan are ready to start a family and starts to get faint. Greenlee says that Amanda should go home and get some rest. Pete comes in and asks Amanda what she wants. Amanda says neither and runs out. Pete asks what is going on with Amanda.

Dr. Sinclair talks to Annie. Annie remembers Aidan telling her that she can’t talk about what she is remembering. Annie says that she doesn’t want to talk to Dr. Sinclair. Dr. Sinclair says that she is only there to help and Annie says that Dr. Sinclair never wanted to help her. Dr. Sinclair asks who told Annie that she didn’t want to help. Annie asks what Dr. Sinclair has done with him.

Tad and Ryan talk about what Ryan found out about Dr. Sinclair’s career. Tad says that he found a two-year gap in Dr. Sinclair’s career and that there is a chance the doctor is going down.

Erica thanks a woman for coming. Zach comes in and asks if they are building a fort. Erica says that it is bad luck if Bianca and Reese see each other before the wedding and they are hanging a sheet up. Erica tells Bianca to keep her eyes closed. Opal tells Bianca and Reese to drop the robes and Zach says they look beautiful.

Frankie says that he needed a break from the hospital, or really from David. Randi says that they are short staffed at Fusion. Greenlee tells Randi to take the rest of the day off because Erica’s stack of junk is already handled. Randi goes to grab her things. Greenlee tells Pete to take the day off too and go find his girlfriend, Colby. Pete says that Colby isn’t his girlfriend, and never will be and that he is considering the priesthood. JR shows up looking for Amanda and Greenlee says that Amanda left because she was sick. Greenlee asks if Amanda is okay and JR says that she will be as soon as he finds her.

David runs into Amanda and asks her if she is feeling okay. Amanda says that she is fine and that she has to go. David says that he saw Amanda on the yacht with JR the night before and reminds her that the job is over, so she doesn‘t have to hang around JR. Amanda says that she is sorry she ever got involved with David’s stupid plan for JR.

Tad and Ryan talk about why Dr. Sinclair might have taken 2 years off.

Annie says that she wants to know where Ryan is. Dr. Sinclair says that she met with Ryan a little while ago and that Ryan is happy that she is working with Annie. Dr. Sinclair suggests they play a game called “word association” and throws out some words about Richie’s murder. Annie comes up with words that don’t implicate her regaining her memory. Annie says that there are flying monkeys in the room. Dr. Sinclair says that they will talk more when the flying monkeys aren’t bothering Annie.

Tad calls Dr. Sinclair as “Ben Pearson” from “Forensic Watch” magazine. Tad asks for an interview and suggests they meet at ConFusion to talk about it.

David questions Amanda about being sick. Amanda walks away. Brot comes up and gives Amanda the medication she forgot at the pharmacy and she leaves. David asks Brot if he noticed what was in the bag and Brot says that it was some kind of vitamin.

Erica and Opal talk about adjustments that the dresses need and Erica asks Deborah to work her magic. Reese and Bianca say that each other looks great.

Annie says that she needs Mr. Stone’s help and asks what they have done to him.

Tad asks Dr. Sinclair if she minds him recording the interview and she tells him to go ahead. Tad asks mentions specific cases that Dr. Sinclair worked on. Tad asks Dr. Sinclair if she empathizes with a killer. Dr. Sinclair says that it is amazing what you can feel for someone when you listen to their story.

Ryan tells Greenlee that he and Tad found a 2 year gap in Dr. Sinclair’s career and that Tad is posing as a reporter to dig a little deeper. Amanda shows up and says that she is pregnant and wants them to raise her baby.

David runs into JR at the hospital and says that Amanda isn’t there. David says that he knows that Amanda is pregnant with JR’s child.

Opal and Erica say goodbye and Opal leaves. Reese says that Erica was right and they shouldn’t have seen each other. Bianca says that they will just get new dresses. Erica says that she is glad that Miranda tore down the sheet because they can focus on brand-new gowns now.

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