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All My Children Update Monday 1/26/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Jake asks Amanda if David is the father of her child and Amanda dodges the question.

Colby says that she can’t wait for summer. Adam tells JR that Little Adam knows every line of “Nemo” and JR suggests that they go watch the rest of the movie. Adam asks JR if he is sober. JR asks Colby to take Little Adam into the kitchen and see what is on the dinner menu. Colby and Little Adam leave and JR tells Adam not to ever come between him and his son.

Brot tells Emma that he was also burned and it hurt really bad, but everything turned out okay. Emma says that she is brave, but it hurts. Brot says that the doctors helped him and the pain went away and so will hers. Brot says that he bets that the doctor will even give Emma a lollipop.

Ryan tells a man that Dr. Sinclair has crossed the line and that she is very unethical. A nurse comes over and says that Annie is having a severe episode. Ryan tries to talk to Dr. Sinclair, but she says not now. The man says that Ryan needs to let Dr. Sinclair deal with Annie.

Richie tells Annie that he is never going away. Annie says that she remembers killing Richie. Dr. Sinclair asks Annie why Richie is back to haunt her.

Adam says that he doesn’t want Little Adam to be afraid of JR again. JR says that he is sober and was at an AA meeting. Adam says that he wants JR to be the best possible father he can be for Little Adam. Colby comes out and says that Little Adam is helping Lucretia make dessert. JR tells Colby that Amanda is pregnant and the baby is his.

Krystal and David get a table. Amanda says that she is out of there, but Jake says that she can’t go ducking out every time David shows up because he will get curious. Amanda says that David isn’t getting the baby. Jake says that Amanda can do this as long as she doesn’t give David any clues that he could be the father.

David comments on Amanda and says that he is just observing. David calls the waiter over and says that he would like to send a special surprise over to the lovely woman at the bar.

Brot says that Emma did it better than some of his Army friends. Greenlee thanks Brot for putting a smile on Emma’s face. Frankie walks Emma and Greenlee out. Taylor says that Brot was great with Emma. Brot apologizes for blowing up on her for trying to pull a job at the casino for him. Frankie comes over and tells Brot that he knows doctors who would kill for that kind of bedside manner with kids. Frankie asks Brot if he wants a job and says that the hospital has some openings for orderlies. Brot asks where he signs up.

Dr. Sinclair tries to get Annie to talk about Richie, but Annie just says that Richie is gone. Dr. Sinclair asks if Richie helped Annie remember anything and what made him appear.

The man tells Ryan that Annie has shown improvement since she has been under Dr. Sinclair’s care. Dr. Sinclair comes out and the man leaves. Dr. Sinclair tells Ryan that she believes Annie is faking her psychosis. Ryan dismisses the allegation and says that there is no way it is an act. Dr. Sinclair says that she is going to prove that Annie is as sane as the rest of them.

Taylor asks Frankie if Brot got the job and Frankie says that he is in the interview now. Brot comes out and says that he is the newest orderly. Brot thanks Frankie and Frankie leaves. Brot says that he has to do some paperwork, get an ID and take a tour of the hospital. Brot asks Taylor if she wants to celebrate with him at ConFusion later. Brot says that the celebration will be about the job and about them coming back together. Taylor says that she would like to celebrate that too.

The bartender brings champagne over to Amanda. David comes over and tells Amanda that she is beautiful, but pale. David and Jake argue about the hospital. Krystal comes over and tells David that they are going to be served dinner soon. Jake says that he hopes Krystal isn’t mixing drinks with the pills and Krystal says that she isn’t taking the pills. Krystal and David walk away. Jake tells Amanda that she has to pretend to take a sip of the champagne. Amanda says that she can’t do this.

Colby and JR talk about Amanda having his baby. JR says that Amanda doesn’t want him anywhere near the child. Colby tells JR not to give up on himself or the baby if he wants to be in the child’s life. Colby tells JR to convince Amanda that he can be just as good a dad to this baby as he is to Little Adam.

Annie tells Mr. Stone that she remembers killing Richie. Aidan says that Richie hurt a lot of people and Annie doesn’t remember everything. Annie asks if the woman she stabbed, Erica, did something bad to her too and Aidan says no. Annie asks if she hurt anyone else. Aidan says that the important thing is that Annie is getting her memory back. Annie says that she is a monster and should be locked up for the rest of her life.

Taylor walks into ConFusion all dressed up and Jake stares at her.

Ryan gets home and asks Emma what happened. Emma says that she was making cookies and got burned. Greenlee tells Ryan that Frankie said it won’t scar. Greenlee asks Emma if she wants a cookie and watch a video upstairs. Emma asks if Greenlee can stay for a sleepover and Greenlee says that she would love to. Greenlee apologizes for letting Emma get hurt. Ryan says that Greenlee is going to be the best mom ever. Greenlee asks how Dr. Sinclair was and Ryan says that it seems like Dr. Sinclair is trying to hang Annie instead of help her.

Aidan says that Annie isn’t a monster. Aidan says that Annie can’t trust Dr. Sinclair and that he will help her get better. Dr. Sinclair asks Mr. Stone how he is feeling today. Dr. Sinclair says that she is now his doctor.

Jake and Taylor talk about how she is doing. Taylor says that she is meeting Brot. Taylor tells Jake that Brot got a job as an orderly at the hospital. Jake reveals that he talked to Brot about Taylor trying to get him a job at the casino. Jake says that he might have said something to Brot about rethinking his anger.

JR scares Amanda. JR says that he came to talk and Amanda tells him to get out.

Krystal asks David why he picks fights. David says that he is defending himself because Tad, Jake, the Chandlers and the Hubbards are jealous of what he has. Krystal suggests that they leave. David says that he has Krystal’s divorce papers and suggests that she goes over and gets Tad’s signature on them.

Ryan says that Dr. Sinclair thinks that Annie is faking being crazy and is determined to prove it.

JR says that he isn’t leaving until Amanda hears him out. Amanda reminds him that she said it was nobody’s baby but hers. JR says that he is there for Amanda, not for the baby. JR says that he thought Amanda might need a friend and that he is there for as long as she needs him.

David tells Krystal to get Tad to sign the papers and they can celebrate. Krystal says that she doesn’t know if she wants to do that. Krystal says that she has to get out of there. David says that they will go home, but Krystal says that she doesn’t want to be with David right now.

Jake jokes around about being a self-help talk show host. Jake says that Taylor and Brot are going to be just fine.

Dr. Sinclair tells Mr. Stone that the textbook paranoid schizophrenic that he is playing is too on the nose and they have to do something about that.

Tad asks Krystal if she wants him to sign it and she says that she doesn’t know what she wants. Tad tells her to let him know when she decides and she tells him to wait.

Jake says that he should go because Taylor’s date is going to be there any second. Taylor says that she is so glad that they could be friends. Jake congratulates Brot. Brot thanks Jake for what he said before about Taylor.

Annie and Aidan talk about Emma. Aidan says that he wants to see his doctor and Dr. Sinclair says that she is his doctor now. Dr. Sinclair holds up a loaded syringe.

Amanda thanks JR. David watches JR and Amanda through the cabin’s door.

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