AMC Update Friday 1/23/09

All My Children Update Friday 1/23/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Amanda is at Fusion, and JR keeps calling her about the abortion. Erica chastises Amanda for receiving personal calls at work.

Frankie tells Bianca and Reese that Zach has not seen Kendall since she received her heart transplant. They are shocked to hear that, and are curious to find out what is going on with Zach.

Zach picks up Spike from Ryan’s house.

Annie talks to Aidan (Mr. Stone) about her memories. She is sorry that she stabbed Erica.

JR arrives at Fusion to see Amanda. Erica gives Amanda time off to speak with JR; she also thanks Amanda for being concern for her loss of Josh.

Zach meet with Brot and offers him a job at the casino. Brot thinks that Taylor put Zach up to the job offer. Brot does not want a hand out, and Zach tells him that he does not give out handouts. Brot rejects the job offer from Zach.

Greenlee suggests that Ryan select Zach as his best man, but Ryan rejects the idea because Zach knew that Annie killed Richie and did not tell anyone. He thinks that if Zach told Annie's secret, he could have saved everyone from Annie’s tirade.

Dr. St. Claire spies on Annie and hears her talking to someone (Mr. Stone). The doctor confronts Annie about Riche and she get upset.

Annie asks Aidan about Richie, because she is upset that she killed her brother.

Taylor did ask Zach to offer Brot a job. Brot cannot deal with the stares from people when he is in public. He tells Taylor to back off and stay out of his business.

Emma and Greenlee bake cookies. Emma picks up the pan without gloves and burns her hands. Greenlee takes Emma to the hospital to be treated by Frankie.

Jake supports Annie, and does not think she should serve time since she was ill when she committed her crimes.

Bianca comes to Fusion and tries to get Erica to go home and rest.

Reese sees Zach and gets him to talk about his fears regarding Kendall. Zach feels like Kendall is not the same person, because they took her heart away. He is afraid that Kendall will not love him with her new heart. Reese wants him to see Kendall and try to determine if she is different with her new heart.

Jake sees Brot at the casino, and talk about Taylor’s stubbornness. Brot hate Taylor’s interference; Jake called Brot selfish and he hope he did not back off from Taylor for nothing.

JR wants Amanda to keep the baby. Amanda will have the baby but does not know what she will do once it is delivered.

Bianca try to get Erica to take sometime off to deal with the death of Josh and Kendall’s heart transplant. Erica refuses to leave Fusion.

Ryan sees Dr. St. Claire who wants to know about Richie. She hates Ryan’s tone. She wants Annie well so that she can stand trial for her crimes.

Annie is starting to remember Aidan and his marriage to Greenlee, and her marriage to Ryan.

Amanda believes that JR is not ready for another kid, because he cannot take care of “Lil A”. She may be having the baby, but may not keep it.

Emma is not letting Frankie put the ointment on her burn. Brot overhears and shows Emma his burns and tell her to be brave. She is brave and allows Frankie to do his job.

Annie sees Richie than she remembers killing him.

Reese implores Zach to put his head to Kendall’s chest, and listen to her heart. Zach listens to Kendall’s heart then he smiles with joy. Bianca hugs him, and he reaches out his hand to Reese in thanks. Erica looks on through the glass.

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