AMC Update Thursday 1/22/09

All My Children Update Thursday 1/22/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

JR fell off the pier into the water at the boathouse, and Amanda pulls him out of the water. They return to her yacht and Amanda calls Jake, because JR has hypothermia.

Krystal meets Opal at Confusion for lunch. Krystal makes it clear that she does not want to hear a lecture from Opal about David. Opal wants to apologize and want to help Krystal to be with Jenny. Tad shows up and Krystal thinks that Opal is trying to get Tad and her back together.

Jesse arrests Angie because she broke into David’s house to get samples of the pills he has been giving to Krystal. The pills has been analyzed and found to contain a substance that is illegal. Jesse cannot arrest David because Angie obtained the pills illegally. David interrupts Krystal’s lunch with Opal and request that she comes down to the police station with the pills he gave her. When Krystal arrives, David switches them with another batch. The test that Jesse runs at the police lab shows the pills are OK.

Angie pulls Krystal aside and tries to make her see David’s faults, but Krystal is not listening. Krystal listens only to David. Krystal asks Angie to leave her alone; Angie cannot believe Krystal’s lack of support.

Taylor and Brot eat dinner at Confusion. Colby’s is having dinner with her friends, and they make fun of Brot.

David put Angie on suspension, because of a possibility of a felony charge. Angie returns to the hospital to clean out her desk.

Krystal goes to Tad’s home to visit with Jenny. She tells Tad about Angie and sides with David. Tad ask Krystal to fight to save herself then kicks her out of his house, because she is blind to David’s real motives.

Colby apologize to Brot for her friend’s behavior. Brot cannot deal with the insensitivity of people. Taylor tells off the waitress and she speaks harshly to Colby’s friends about Brot’s service to his country.

Amanda is at the hospital to have an abortion. JR arrives at the hospital and tries to stop Amanda from having an abortion.

Angie jeopardizes her case on David because she broke into his home to steal the evidence. Jesse hands are tied because he cannot use the pills as evidence because they were obtained illegally.

Jesse throws David on the wall and warns him not to mess with his wife or he will show him what brutality really is.

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