AMC Update Wednesday 1/21/09

All My Children Update Wednesday 1/21/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Laurie R.

Jesse asks Reese, Zach, Erica and Bianca about the incident at the casino. Jesse says that the questions can wait and tells them that he is also praying for Kendall.

Ryan shows up at the hospital and asks about Kendall. Greenlee asks how Ryan is doing and says that it must bring back memories of Gillian. Ryan says that he is okay.

Erica says that she can’t lose Kendall too. David comes out and says that the surgery was a success. David says that Zach can see her when she gets out of post-op and that he will be the only visitor allowed for the time being. David and Erica talk about her choice.

Little Adam asks JR to play with him and JR says that he will, but first he wants to take a sip because he wouldn’t want to spill it.

Jake says that he is there because he is concerned and brings Amanda prenatal vitamins. Amanda thanks him and says that he can keep them because she is getting an abortion.

Angie tells David that she knows that he has been drugging Krystal.

Zach thanks Erica for giving her consent for the transplant and Erica says that there was no other decision to be made.

Greenlee, Ryan and Reese talk about Josh holding Reese at gunpoint. Greenlee and Ryan discuss the chance that Zach shot Josh to get Kendall a perfect match of a heart. Ryan says that all that matters is that it is working out for Kendall and Zach. Reese says that all she knows is that Zach saved her life.

Erica and Joe talk about Josh. Joe assures Erica that she didn’t do anything wrong with Josh and that Josh made his own choices. Erica says that Josh saved her life at the Mardi Gras Ball and now he has saved Kendall’s.

Greenlee tells Jack that Kendall made it through the surgery. Greenlee and Jack talk about Josh holding Reese at gunpoint at the casino. Greenlee says that she promised Kendall that if she recovered, she would do anything Kendall wanted. Jack says that Greenlee might be in trouble. Greenlee says that if Kendall walks out the doors, she will do anything she wants and tells Jack not to tell Kendall she said that.

Ryan says that he knows how hard it must have been for Erica to give consent to use Josh’s heart in the transplant. Ryan says that the hardest decision he ever had to make was giving his consent for Gillian. Erica says that she hopes Josh knows that he gave this great gift to Kendall and Greenlee says that she believes he knows. Erica says that she just wants to be close to Kendall. Jack offers to take Erica back to the hotel and she says that she isn’t sure she can go back there. Jack says that he will stay with her. Erica makes Ryan promise her that he will contact her as soon as he hears anything.

JR tries to play with Little Adam, but he says that JR ruined it. Adam asks JR what he did to upset Little Adam and realizes that JR is drunk.

Jake says that Amanda might want to take a little more time to think before she makes such a big decision, but she says that she has already decided. Amanda says that there is no way in hell that she is ready to be a mom.

David and Angie argue about the pills. David tries to figure out where Angie got them. Angie says that the police are on their way because David has done enough damage to the people she loves and that it is time he was stopped.

JR says that he didn’t think that Little Adam would see him this way. JR says that Adam isn’t taking his son away and Adam says that he isn’t trying to.

Amanda says that she wants babies someday, but she isn’t ready to be a mom. Amanda says that she wants her life back the way it was, starting now. Jake offers to take her, but Amanda says that she wants to do it alone. Jake says that Amanda would be a great mom.

Angie says that David manipulated Krystal away from Tad and used the pills to do it. Jesse shows up and Angie tells him to arrest David. David suggests that he and Jesse go to his office for the statement.

Bianca and Reese talk about Josh. Zach comes up and says that he is worried that when Kendall wakes up that she will look at him and see only the man who killed her brother.

Little Adam asks Adam where JR is. Adam says that JR will be back soon and hasn’t been feeling well lately.

JR says that God should have taken him and not Babe because he is useless. JR says that he can’t keep doing this anymore.

Erica thanks Jack for bringing her back to the hotel and says that he doesn’t have to stay. Jack says that he wants to stay because he wants to make sure she is all right. Erica and Jack talk about her decision. Erica says that she thinks Jack should leave and he says that he thinks they should stop playing their game.

Zach, Bianca, Greenlee and Ryan talk about Kendall. Bianca says that if Greenlee and Ryan aren’t married by the time Kendall wakes up, she will probably drag them down the aisle by their ears. Bianca suggests that Zach should go home and see the boys and get some sleep. Bianca asks Reese to take Zach home and she agrees. Greenlee goes to get some junk food. Bianca suggests that they should postpone the wedding so that Kendall can be there. Ryan says that Bianca wants to postpone the wedding because she is still afraid that there is something going on between Zach and Reese.

Jack says that they need to decide if they can be honest with each other.

Ryan says that he just wants Bianca to be happy. Bianca says that she and Reese forgave each other and she wants to spend the rest of her life with Reese.

Zach tells the boys that Kendall will be home really soon. Gabrielle fusses and Zach picks her up.

Bianca says that the wedding is definitely on.

Reese grabs Gabrielle and says that Zach is falling asleep.

JR tells Amanda that he scared Little Adam. Amanda says that Little Adam will get over it because JR is a good dad. JR says that he doesn’t deserve to be a father and that he has let Babe and Little Adam down.

Jesse comes out of David’s office and arrests Angie for breaking and entering.

Erica and Jack talk about Josh.

Ryan, Bianca and Greenlee all pray for Kendall to come back to them.

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