AMC Update Monday 1/19/09

All My Children Update Monday 1/19/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Laurie R.

JR says that if Jake is there to insult Amanda again, he will be picking seaweed out of his teeth. Jake says that he just came to see if Amanda was okay because she was sick earlier.

Amanda checks her pregnancy test.

A man tells David that Kendall’s heart is pumping minimal blood. David tells the man to keep trying to get in touch with Zach because he has to tell him that Kendall is dying.

Angie asks Andy to run a spectrum of tests on something for her. Andy says that he will get right on it. Greenlee comes up to Angie and asks if there is anything new on Kendall and Angie says that David might have a report. Greenlee asks David how Kendall is doing and David is interrupted by Kendall flat lining.

Erica tries to convince Josh to let Reese go. Jesse tells Josh that the car is out front and he can go, but he needs to leave Reese there.


Zach shoots Josh. Erica tells Josh not to move and that help is on the way. Josh asks Erica to tell Kendall that he loves her and says that Kendall deserves the second chance he didn’t get. Zach tells the EMT to keep Josh alive because he needs Josh’s heart.

Colby and Adam play with Little Adam. Adam says that Little Adam is guilty of driving after bedtime and asks him to go upstairs and get into bed. Colby says that she will be right up to tuck him in. Adam tells Colby that Tad got full custody of Jenny and that David is going to come after Little Adam before long. Colby says that she better go tuck Little Adam in.

JR says that Amanda is indisposed and Jake says that he will wait for her. JR says that he will pass along Jake’s concern and Jake leaves. JR asks Amanda if she is still feeling bad. JR suggests that Amanda should lay down and he could make her some soup, but Amanda says no. Amanda says that she doesn’t want to get JR sick too and says that it is probably better if he goes home. JR agrees and says that he should go tuck Little Adam in.

David tells Greenlee that he doesn’t believe that Kendall will make it through the night. Greenlee asks David to keep Kendall alive until Zach, Erica and Bianca get there. David says that he is doing all he can and tells Greenlee that she can go in.

The EMTs check out Josh. Zach tells them to get Josh to the hospital alive and that he needs Josh’s heart. Erica asks Zach why he needs Josh’s heart and Zach says that Kendall’s heart is failing. Zach says that Josh is dying and Kendall is the only one that matters now.

Greenlee tells Kendall that she and Ryan are back together. Greenlee says that it is time for Kendall to fight her way out of that bed.

Jake asks around the hospital if anyone has seen Angie. David comes up and says that Jake will have to catch up with Angie when she is off duty.

The EMTs bring Josh into the ER and Angie orders tests. Angie tells Zach that David has been trying to reach him about Kendall. Erica says that it isn’t right that Zach wants her to sacrifice her son to save her daughter. David tells Zach what is going on with Kendall and Zach says that Kendall isn’t going to die. Zach tells David to take Josh’s heart and put it into Kendall. Greenlee asks Zach how Josh got shot and he says that it isn’t important.

Adam tells JR that he is burning the present that David gave Little Adam. JR and Adam talk about David coming after Little Adam. Adam asks JR if David had anything to do with him falling off the wagon and JR says no.

Amanda runs into Jake at the hospital. Jake asks why David would write Amanda such a big check.

Angie tells Erica that Josh has no brain activity and the only thing keeping him alive is the machines. Erica realizes that Josh is brain dead. David says that they need Erica’s permission to turn off the machines and for any organ donations. Erica tells David to run the tissue match tests and that she will sign whatever she needs to sign. Erica and Greenlee go outside for some air. Greenlee says that she will be back and that she has to call Ryan. Zach and Reese talk about what she went through. Bianca asks Angie if she can take Erica to see Josh.

The lab tech says that Angie won’t believe what was in the pills that she had analyzed.

Adam says that he wants JR to put himself into a treatment center and that he and Colby will take care of Little Adam. JR and Adam argue. Colby comes in and tells them that they need to be a family now more than ever. JR suggests that Adam wants to claim Little Adam for himself. Adam says that he wants his son back. Adam tells JR to think about what Babe would feel if she saw the kind of father he had become to her little boy.

Amanda denies knowing about the check. Jake asks her what the check was for and Amanda admits that David paid her to get JR drunk. Amanda says that Jake was right, she is a hooker and faints in his arms.

Colby and JR talk about Adam. JR says that Adam is no better than David because they both want to control him and Little Adam. Colby says that JR has to stop drinking and JR tells her to get out.

Jake tells Amanda that she passed out. Jake tells Amanda that Gordon is going to check her out. Amanda says that she doesn’t want an exam, she only came there for a pregnancy test.

Jake and Angie talk about Josh’s shooting. Angie says that she got the analysis back from the lab for the pills they found at Wildwind. Angie says that very little of it is FDA approved and that David has been giving Krystal illegal drugs. Jesse comes up and asks Angie what pills she is talking about.

Zach tells Kendall that they found a heart for her and that the heart will bring her back to their incredible life.

Erica says goodbye to Josh and says that maybe now Kendall will get the second chance that Josh said she deserves and that maybe Josh will finally find peace.

Angie tells Jesse that she might have found evidence that David has been drugging Krystal with an illegal substance. Jesse asks Angie how she found the evidence and if she was doing something she wasn’t supposed to be doing.

Gordon says that Amanda is pregnant and that everything else looks good. Jake comes in and Gordon leaves. Jake asks Amanda who the father is and she admits that she doesn’t know.

David say that Josh’s heart is a match for Kendall and that they are going to perform the surgery immediately.

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