AMC Update Friday 1/16/09

All My Children Update Friday 1/16/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Laurie R.

Amanda and Jake are at ConFusion when she gets an upset stomach. Jake suggests that Amanda could be pregnant, but she insists that she has the flu.

David approaches the bench in court, and causes Krystal to drop her pills; she picks them up off the floor.

A gunman is attempting to rob the casino and is pointing a gun at Zach. Security locks down the casino in order to keep the gunman inside.

Jesse and Angie are at Confusion talking about David; Jesse wants to end the conversation and concentrate on dinner. Angie blames David for Krystal's current situation. Angie tries to convince Jesse to arrest David; Jesse explains to her that there is no probable cause to arrest David. Jesse has to leave to go to the casino since a robbery has taken place and the bandit is on the loose. Jake joins Angie as she awaits Jesse’s return. Angie talks to Jake about finding a way to defeat David.

Krystal blanks out once she is back on the witness stand in court. The judge reminds her that the trial is about Jenny since Krystal talks about her love for Babe.

Bianca hit her head during the robbery; she is knocked unconscious, but wakes up. Erica insists on going to her suite, and Bianca and Reese join her. Erica tries to dismiss the security guards who later leave Bianca, Reese, and Erica in her room. Bianca wants Erica to tell her what is going on. Erica tells how Zach described a ring on the gunman that sound like the one-of-a-kind-ring she gave to Josh. Josh comes out of hiding into the living room.

Zach could not place the gunman, but thought his eyes looked familiar through the ski cap.

Amanda brought a pregnancy test, and returned to her yacht.

Angie wants to get a sample of the medication that David gives to Krystal. She and Jake want to test the drug to possibly catch David on issuing untested/illegal drugs. They planned to break into David’s home and search for evidence to have him arrested. Jake and Angie searches David’s home for drugs and documentation.

Krystal begs Tad to not take Jenny away. Tad is awarded full custody of Jenny.

Erica ask Josh why he is committing a crime. Josh is angry; he blames Zach for not allowing him to pay back the money he embezzled from the casino. Josh wants to take Erica as a hostage, and Bianca objects. Reese tells Josh how he can exit the casino safely.

JR feels bad about the trial and gives Amanda details about Krystal. Krystal could not understand how JR can say she is not a good mother when she gave birth to Babe, his wife and the mother of his child. JR feels guilty about drinking.

Krystal begs the court for tolerance for her. Tad asks the judge to allow some leeway for Krystal. He wants to allow Krystal to see Jenny whenever she wants to visit. Tad does not want to separate Jenny and Krystal. He suggests that Krystal gets some help. David will not be allowed to set foot in Tad’s house again. Krystal asks to see Jenny tonight.

Adam warns David to stay away from his family or he will be sorry.

David gets word that Kendall’s heart is failing. The hospital has not reached Zach yet.

Josh sends Erica to get the car, but he follows holding Reese as a hostage. Bianca warns him. Jesse and Zach questions Erica about being out of her room. Zach tells her that she is acting strange. Josh walks into the room with his hostage, and Zach welcomes him home.

Jesse calms Josh down. Zach insists that Josh let Reese go. Josh wants a car parked in front of the casino. Zach pulls a gun out of his back pocket and holds it behind his back in his hand, while trying to talk to Josh. Josh blames Zach for his troubles; he stole Zach’s money but wanted time to pay the money back. He believes that if allowed to pay back the money all would be well for him.

Jake finds a canceled check written to Amanda from David. He secretly puts the check into his pocket. Jake arrives at Amanda’s yacht, and JR answers the door. Amanda is in the bathroom taking the pregnancy test; she is talking to herself and hoping the test will be negative.

JR promise to do better; Amanda put him to bed.

Krystal follows Tad home and visit with Jenny; Krystal sings a lullaby to Jenny.

Kendall is close to organ failure. Zach cannot be reached; David is trying to reach him to tell him that his wife is dying.

Reese fights with Josh and escapes his hold which allows Zach to point his gun at Josh. A shot rings out!

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