AMC Update Thursday 1/15/09

All My Children Update Thursday 1/15/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Anoma

Adam tells Tad that he will testify on his behalf. Adam wants to couple with Tad to defeat David. They admit to being enemies, but they both agree that David is a common enemy.

J.R. comes to court drunk. Aidan tells Annie to tell the doctor lies and not share all of her memories.

The doctor hears Annie talking to Aidan through the vent in the next room. Annie denies talking to anyone.

Ryan, Greenlee, Bianca, and Reese agree on getting married in a chapel in Connecticut. The wedding will take place on Valentine‘s Day, February 14, 2009.

Zach is upset with Erica for her treatment of Reese and himself. Erica suggested to Bianca that Reese and Zach were having an affair.

Opal and Krystal meet at the court custody hearing for Jenny. Krystal is asking for understanding, but Opal reminds her of the chances she gave her. Krystal pops pills.

David tells Zach that Kendall is running out of time; she has only days left because her heart is failing. Zach promises that he will get her a transplant if he has to kill someone to do it.

Annie’s doctor speaks to her about her memories. Annie is starting to remember her past. Aidan suggests that she pretend to forgive Greenlee. Ryan boxes up Annie’s things, and Emma sees him. Emma asks questions about her mommy.

David sees Krystal at the court hearing, and he is concerned about the number of pills she has been taking. David tells Krystal that he loves her.

Zach asks Joe to put Kendall on the heart transplant list.

Greenlee comes to see Annie’s doctor to try and make peace with Annie. Greenlee is concerned that Annie may spend the rest of her life in jail or an institution. The doctor recommends that Greenlee speak to Annie.

Erica asks Zach about his conversation with David, but Zach walks away and tells her that David did not say anything.

Josh is hanging around the casino. Zach asks Jake how to get Kendall’s name to the top of the transplant list. Jake suggests that Zach needs access to the databank.

Emma want Annie’s ring, so she takes them out of the box that Ryan packed.

Annie apologizes to Greenlee. Greenlee does not believe Annie forgives her because she sees the hate in Annie’s eyes. The doctor believes Annie’s act.

Tad testifies that Krystal has been leaving the children with baby sitters and having an affair with David. He tells the court that she even spent Christmas Eve with David without the children. He tells the court that Jenny deserves a stable parent, so he wants custody of the kids.

Adam testifies as well and tells the court that Krystal cheated on him and told lies.

Opal testifies and tells the court that Krystal is on drugs.

Zach’s signature is needed on a deposit slip for last night’s funds. Erica, Bianca and Reese come to see Zach and demand information on Kendall’s condition. An alarm goes off, and a gun toting mask man orders everyone onto the floor.

Jake and Amanda see each other at Confusion and talk about Amanda’s relationships with David and J.R. Amanda runs to the ladies room because she has an upset stomach.

Krystal gets on the stand and admits to having an affair with David. She talks about how they were both grieving over Babe and how they reached out to each other. David approaches the bench and Krystal pushes him away. This causes her purse to open, and her pills fall to the floor.

Annie tells Aidan through the room vent that she hates Greenlee. Aidan reminds her that she must not tell the doctor the truth.

Greenlee arrives at Ryan’s house and finds him and Emma sleeping on the sofa. She leaves in order not to disturb them.

Erica gets hysterical as she is on the floor, and Zach tells her to quiet down. Zach gets up and runs smack into the gunman.

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