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All My Children Update Wednesday 1/14/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Laurie R.
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Frankie and Natalia talk about Randi.

Randi says that she is not a prostitute and the man says that the judge will be happy to hear it.

Dr. Sinclair asks where Mr. Stone was, what his real name is and why he is so interested in Annie. Dr. Sinclair takes Mr. Stone to see Annie.

Ryan and Greenlee talk about Aidan moving on.

Reese tells Bianca that she isn’t invited to brunch. Bianca says that Erica wants no witnesses and Reese says that it sounds like Erica wants to off her. Zach says that maybe Erica wants to make peace.

Erica tells a man that Kendall takes precedence over everything else.

Randi says that she used to be a prostitute, but not anymore. Randi says that her boyfriend is Frankie Hubbard and if the man will call Jesse, he can explain everything.

Frankie and Natalia talk about Randi. Frankie says that Randi walked out on him because he didn’t know what to say and he still doesn’t. Natalia says that she has to tell Jesse about her plans to join the force.

Annie tells Dr. Sinclair that Mr. Stone is her husband Ryan. Annie warns “Ryan” that Greenlee is out to get him and won’t stop until he is dead. Aidan says that his name is not Ryan. Annie says that she has been having dreams that Greenlee is going to kill Ryan. Aidan asks if they planted another chip in Annie and tells Annie not to ever give away her secret.

Ryan tells Greenlee that it will get easier because their love can get them through anything. The doorbell rings and Ryan says that it is the biggest, baddest wedding gift ever and tells her to close her eyes.

Erica tells Opal that she is having brunch with Reese. Opal asks Erica what her agenda is. Erica says that she either has to accept Reese or lose Bianca, so brunch is a peace offering.

Bianca says that Erica doesn’t do peace offerings and Reese says that it is just brunch. Bianca says that she should go check on Gabrielle and Zach says that there is something they need to talk about first.

Randi tells Jesse what happened with the officer. Randi says that Frankie won’t be bailing her out this time and tells Jesse that Frankie knows the website by heart where her stupid decisions are shown. Jesse tells her that it is okay.

Bianca and Zach talk about him being angry about her believing what Erica said. Bianca says that she doesn’t know what else to say. Zach says that she can say that she trusts them and that the fears are unfounded. Bianca says that she doesn’t know if her fears are unfounded.

Opal leaves and Erica gives Reese an early wedding present for her and Bianca. Erica says that she was wrong to question Reese’s commitment to Bianca and apologizes.

Bianca says that she believes that Reese doesn’t think there is anything going on and Gabrielle has brought Rees and Zach closer together. Zach says that he feels gratitude because Reese makes Bianca so happy. Bianca says that she doesn’t know what she was thinking and apologizes. Zach says that love makes you do silly things sometimes.

Dr. Sinclair says that Mr. Stone gets some time in isolation. Dr. Sinclair says that she is going to talk to the administrator about him because the secret-agent act isn’t working on her.

Ryan tells Greenlee to open her eyes and shows her the bike he got for her. Ryan says that the bike has to stay in the living room until their wedding day when they ride off into the sunset and never look back.

Jesse tells Randi that everything is going to be okay. Randi says that Frankie is the best thing that has ever happened to her and she has ruined everything. Jesse says that Randi didn’t ruin anything and that they will fix it. Jesse tells Randi that she is free to go and asks her if she needs a ride. Randi says that she was supposed to be there to scout a location for Fusion, so she should try not to ruin her whole life in one day. Jesse tells Randi never to give up on the best thing that ever happened to her. Randi thanks Jesse.

Natalia and Frankie talk about Jesse’s job. Frankie says that if it hadn’t been Jesse’s job that took him away from them, he might have turned out to be a cop. Frankie says that Jesse will be proud of her if she joins the force. Frankie and Natalia toast to the force.

Erica says that Reese loves Bianca very much. Reese says that she needs Erica to know that Bianca can trust her and so can Erica. Erica apologizes for misjudging Reese and says that she didn’t want Bianca to get hurt again. Erica says that Bianca has chosen a wonderful partner and Reese says that it means a lot to hear Erica say that. Bianca shows up and asks if everything is okay. Erica says that it is a question for Reese.

Aidan tells a man to get him out of the cell, but the man says that he isn’t helping until he gets some answers because his job is on the line. Aidan says that he isn’t paying the man to ask questions and says that he needs to see Annie. Aidan says that he owes Annie.

Greenlee says that Ryan can never ride the bike and cannot get on it at all. Ryan swears not to get on the bike and Greenlee says that they need to get rid of it.

Aidan says that he wants to see Annie make it out of the other side of the situation because something inside of him says that he needs to save her. The man says that he can’t help because Dr. Sinclair is watching their every move. The man says that the vent is the only way to talk to Annie because it connects the two cells.

Greenlee says that the motorcycle can’t be there and apologizes before saying that she needs the bike gone. Ryan says that he will get rid of the bike.

Reese says that she and Erica got everything out in the open and they are fine now. Reese says that she has to go meet Zach downstairs and thanks Erica for brunch. Reese leaves. Erica apologizes to Bianca if she caused any problems between her and Reese. Erica says that she would be honored if they would let her back in on the wedding plans and Bianca says that she is proud of Erica. Bianca says that they couldn’t do it without Erica. Erica says that they need to have a theme for the bridal shower.

Josh visits Kendall and tells her that he is going to make sure that Zach pays for letting this happen to her.

Reese tries to tell Zach about her brunch with Erica, but he keeps changing the subject to the casino security. Zach asks if something did happen between them at home.

Annie tells Dr. Sinclair that Greenlee killed Ryan and that Greenlee is out to get her family. Annie tells Dr. Sinclair what she remembers from when she broke out. Annie remembers parts of the things that were said. Dr. Sinclair tells Annie to try to remember and Annie remembers wearing a wedding dress. Annie remembers Ryan asking her who she hurt with the knife. Annie tells Dr. Sinclair to get out and says that she isn’t going to say another word.

Frankie and Jesse talk about Randi. Jesse tells Frankie that if he loves Randi that he needs to go find her and tell her how he feels and that he will be there for her.

Reese says that they have a special connection and that when she looks at him she sees Gabrielle and Kendall. Zach says that he is sorry if he made Reese feel uncomfortable and says that he needed to know where they were and what they were doing. Reese says that to lose Zach’s friendship would be awful.

Greenlee says that she doesn’t know what is wrong with her and apologizes for freaking out and making him get rid of the bike. Dr. Sinclair shows up and says that Greenlee is the reason she is there.

Natalia and Jesse talk about her joining the police force.

Frankie meets up with Randi and asks her about her day. Randi says that Frankie didn’t sign up for this and he says that he did sign up for her and asks if they can go home.

Dr. Sinclair, Ryan and Greenlee talk about Annie’s progress and what could happen if Annie becomes competent enough to stand trial.

Aidan tells Annie that he is going to get her out of there.

Josh and Reese talk about her drafting skills for the casino. Josh says that he is an aspiring architect. Reese walks over to Bianca and tells her about the man she met. Reese goes to introduce Bianca to the man and he is gone.

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