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Krystal asks David if he is sorry for letting Tad dump her there and David says that he is not sorry that she is there. David asks what he can do to make her happy. Krystal says that she needs her baby and asks if he will let her move in too.

Tad sees Kathy off to school. Jesse shows up and confronts Tad with the restraining order he had written up against Krystal. Jesse says that if Krystal wants a lawyer, she could have it overturned. Tad says that he will do whatever he has to do to keep Krystal away from their baby girl. The doorbell rings.

Ryan gets Emma ready for school. Greenlee comes out and Emma asks if they are going to get her flower girl dress. Greenlee says that they will go next week and that there is plenty of time before the wedding. Emma asks if mommy is coming to the wedding and Ryan says that she is too sick. Emma suggests that they send mommy pictures.

Frankie and Angie talk about Joe stepping down from chief of staff and David replacing him. Two men talk about Randi.

Tad says that while he was in Africa looking for Jamie and Jeff, Krystal was keeping David’s bed warm at Wildwind and she admitted it. Tad says that David is welcome to Krystal, but she isn’t taking Jenny when she goes.

David says that they need to think about it more first. Krystal says that she doesn’t care and that she needs her baby. Krystal says that if David doesn’t want Jenny there, she will find another place to live. David says that Jenny can go there. David says that they will fix up a bedroom for her and tells Krystal to buy whatever furniture she needs. Krystal says that she is going to get dressed and go get her baby.

Dr. Sinclair says that she wants to see Mr. Stone immediately. Aidan says that he needs to get into the maximum-security wing to see Annie Lavery and tells someone to make it possible.

Frankie looks at an interns computer and sees a video of Randi.

Ryan and Greenlee see Emma off to school. Greenlee says that as Emma gets older, she will understand what is going on with Annie. Jack shows up with divorce papers for Ryan and Greenlee and tells them about Bianca’s car accident. Jack says that he has been trying to get in touch with Aidan, but hasn’t been able to and Greenlee says that she doesn’t know where Aidan is.

A man asks Aidan what he could possibly want with Annie. Aidan says that he isn’t paying the man to ask questions. Aidan says that he will double what he has given the man, but he needs to see Annie. The man says no and Dr. Sinclair asks the man if he has seen Mr. Stone. The man says that Mr. Stone thinks he is a secret agent and is really good at playing the role. Dr. Sinclair says that she wants to be notified as soon as Mr. Stone is located. Aidan says that he will worry about Dr. Sinclair and the man needs to figure out a way to get him inside. The man says that he isn’t making any promises. Greenlee calls Aidan and says that they need an address for him so they can overnight the divorce papers to him to sign. Aidan asks what the rush is and Greenlee says that she and Ryan are getting married. Aidan hangs up.

Ryan tells Jack to leave the papers and they will find out how to get them to Aidan. Jack leaves and Greenlee says that she shouldn’t have told Aidan over the phone because she keeps hurting him.

Frankie says that he could report them both for accessing that kind of material at work. Frankie says that it is a major offense and could cost them their internship. The intern says that Frankie can’t fire them and they were just looking at his girlfriend. David comes up and asks what is going on. The intern says that they accidentally came across some videos of Frankie’s girlfriend on the internet. David tells the interns to get back to their rounds and to reread their employee’s manuals regarding the use of the hospital internet connection. David tells Frankie to get his anger in check or he is out of there.

Tad tells Jesse not to mention Krystal’s name to him again. Krystal shows up and her key won’t turn in the lock. Tad gives Krystal the restraining order and says that if she doesn’t leave the premises, he will have Jesse arrest her.

A nurse tells Dr. Sinclair that Annie is very agitated. Dr. Sinclair asks Annie how she is feeling and calls her Emma. Annie asks why she was called Emma, when she is Annie Lavery, Ryan’s wife. Annie realizes that she is in a mental institution and says that she isn’t crazy. Annie asks to call Ryan. Annie says that she stabbed and killed Ryan, but Dr. Sinclair says that Annie didn’t kill Ryan and needs to calm down. Annie says that she wants to talk to her friend, who comes in there and talks to her.

Greenlee says that she has to get into work and tells Ryan that she loves him. Aidan shows up to sign the divorce papers. Aidan asks when the big day is.

Tad says that he is protecting their daughter and Krystal says that Jenny doesn’t need protecting from her mother. Krystal says that all she wants is her baby. Tad says that Krystal is not taking Jenny over to Wildwind to see David. Jenny starts crying. Jesse says that Krystal has to leave without the baby. Jesse says that technically he has to arrest her if she doesn’t leave immediately. Krystal asks Tad to let her hold Jenny, but he refuses. Jesse tells Krystal that Jenny is going to be okay.

Randi says that she made Frankie something to eat and that she has to head off to the casino to scout a location for a photo shoot. Frankie says that he needs to see something. Frankie tells Randi that he caught a couple of interns looking at pictures and videos of her on the internet and that he has to see what the rest of the world can see of her.

Greenlee says that she will get the papers. Aidan and Ryan talk about Annie. Greenlee tells Aidan about Annie’s escape from Oak Haven. Aidan says that maybe now Annie will get the attention that she never got from Ryan. Greenlee tells Aidan to stop. Aidan says that Ryan made sure that Annie never got a choice to sign the divorce papers.

Krystal tells David that Tad won’t let her see Jenny and that he got a restraining order. Angie comes up and asks what David did to Krystal. Krystal says that Tad threw her out and won’t let her see Jenny. Krystal tells Angie that Jesse threatened to arrest her because she wanted to see Jenny.

Randi reminds Frankie that he didn’t used to care what she did or what she was. Frankie says that what she used to be is on the internet and it matters when he catches his co-workers drooling over her having sex with a stranger. Randi says that she should have known that her past was going to catch up with her and that Frankie won’t have to deal with it anymore.

Ryan leaves so that Aidan and Greenlee can take care of their business. Aidan tells Greenlee to give him the papers so that he can sign them and be on his way. Aidan gets a call telling him that Dr. Sinclair is on the warpath trying to find him. A man says that if Aidan can’t be found within the hour, they will be going on lockdown. Aidan tells Greenlee that he has to get back to D.C. and Greenlee asks him to take care of himself.

Jesse answers the door at Tad’s and tells Angie that Tad and Krystal are having big trouble. Angie tells Tad that Krystal is a victim in the situation, but Tad says that Krystal made her choice. Tad says that it is too late to save Krystal because after David is through with women, they don’t want to be saved.

David introduces Krystal to Jay, an attorney friend of his. Krystal asks Jay if Tad can really get full custody and Jay tells her that worst-case, Tad could prove adultery and child abandonment and could end up with full custody. Jay says that he will try to get an emergency hearing and tells Krystal not to give up hope. David walks Jay out and Jay says that the worst-case is some kind of joint custody. David says that he never wants to hear Jay say that and thanks him for coming. David tells Krystal that they will fight for Jenny and they will win.

Angie tells Tad not to give up on Krystal and that Krystal turned to David out of grief for Babe. Tad says that she could have turned to him or any of their other friends. Tad says that when he lost Dixie to David, he lost Kathy for 6 years and will not lose Jenny to David too.

Randi orders a shot of tequila. A man starts hitting on Randi and she tells him that her body is famous and says that it would be a thousand for the night. The man says that she is on and that she is also under arrest.

Dr. Sinclair asks Mr. Stone where he has been, what his real name is and why he is so interested in Annie.

Annie says that Greenlee killed Ryan and says that she has to find Greenlee and kill her.

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