AMC Update Monday 1/12/09

All My Children Update Monday 1/12/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Laurie

Colby shows up to see Pete and asks if she is interrupting plans with his girlfriend, Scarlet. Colby says that she was hoping he was dating Scarlet because it would mean that he was over the crush and they could be friends and that she really needs a friend. Pete says that his girlfriend is busy.

Amanda asks what David has done to JR.

Tad says that he already knows where Krystal has been and JR tells her that the party is over. Krystal tells Tad not to listen to JR because he has been drinking and tells JR that Babe would be ashamed of him. Krystal tells Tad that whatever Opal told him, she is wrong. Tad asks what Opal has to do with it and asks if everyone in Pine Valley knows. JR says that Krystal and David are the hottest couple in town and that Krystal is sleeping with David. Tad tries to get JR to leave it alone and go home, but JR keeps talking. JR says that Krystal needs to understand that David is using her to get Little Adam.

Colby tells Pete that JR is back in full-on alcoholic mode and she doesn’t know what to do or how to help. Pete hugs Colby and she asks what kind of boyfriend is he. Pete tells Colby that Scarlet never was his girlfriend and never will be. Pete admits that he hired Scarlet to make Colby jealous.

Reese and Zach talk about Bianca going to Connecticut. Reese takes Gabrielle upstairs and Zach gets a phone call telling him that Bianca was in an accident. Zach says that Bianca is at Pine Valley Hospital.

Amanda tries to get David to tell her where JR is, but he doesn’t tell her anything. Amanda asks David to tell her that he didn’t kill JR. David says that JR is the one who pulled the trigger and that he is alive.

Zach and Reese show up at the hospital to see Bianca. Bianca says that Reese chose to stay with Zach instead of planning for the wedding. Reese realizes that Bianca set her up and Bianca says that she gave Reese a choice. Bianca says that she convinced herself that she was being an idiot, so she came home and saw them in each other’s arms standing so close and looking so intimate.

Tad asks Krystal if she has been sleeping with David. Krystal says that David has been helping her and even gave her some medication. Krystal says that David understands her grief over Babe’s death. Tad asks Krystal if she was in the sheets at Wildwind every time she disappeared. Krystal says that nothing happened until he left town. Tad says that they were so close to a safe, stable, loving home. Tad asks why Krystal would chase after men like David and Adam. Krystal says that they make her feel alive. Krystal says that she loves Tad, and she is happy and safe. Krystal admits that she slept with David. Krystal says that David isn’t using her to get to Little Adam. Tad says that David is using her to get to him because he did it before with Dixie.

Amanda finds JR on the yacht. JR says that he put bullets in David’s walls. Amanda says that the wall will survive and JR says that Krystal and Tad won’t. JR says that he told Tad that Krystal is sleeping with David. JR says that maybe he should do everyone a favor and throw himself overboard and Amanda agrees that maybe he should.

Pete tells Colby that he loves her. Colby says that he is like a brother. Colby says that she should go and Pete tells her not to leave yet.

Reese says that she and Zach are not in love. Zach says that Erica came by and Reese was upset so he was comforting her. Zach says that he is going to check on his wife. Bianca says that she doesn’t know Reese at all. Reese says that she cannot spend the rest of her life being watched and judged and tested by Bianca. Reese asks if the wedding is off. Bianca says that she was wrong to test Reese, but she had to know and now she knows that she can’t trust Reese. Reese asks how they got there and tells Bianca not to doubt that she loves her. Reese tells Bianca to get some sleep and she will see her in the morning. Reese leaves the room. She and Zach talk about Bianca.

Amanda tells JR that she is sick of him curled up with a bottle, crying that his wife is dead and his life is over. JR says that he doesn’t like drinking or what it does to him.

Tad and Krystal show up at David’s. Tad says that he wants David to get what he deserves.

Pete says that they connected the night he was struck by lightning. Colby says that she likes hanging out with him. Pete says that he wants Colby.

Bianca remembers confronting Reese about her past and about how Reese acts around Zach. A woman comes in with a note for Bianca that was delivered from Reese saying that she is going back to Paris.

JR says that there will be no more drinking, blackouts or ripping people apart. JR says that he has to be on his game if he is going to give Little Adam the life that he needs, which means no more booze. JR asks Amanda to make him some coffee.

Tad says that Krystal is a fool because David set her up and she sailed right into it. Tad says that David is using Krystal and using Babe.

Colby apologizes and says that friends is all they can be. Pete says that she needs to leave and not come back because he can’t be just friends.

JR criticizes Amanda’s coffee and she asks if he wants scotch instead. JR says that he is good and it helps to have someone believe in him. Amanda says that she does.

Reese tells Zach that she can’t leave because she can’t leave Gabrielle or Miranda to go back to Paris. Reese says that Bianca doesn’t trust her and Bianca walks in and says that she does. Bianca asks Reese to forgive her.

Krystal tells David to put the gun down. David tells Tad to get out. Tad asks why David is so angry, he won and Krystal is his. Tad says that David took Dixie from him, but he won’t be taking Krystal because Tad is giving Krystal to David. Tad leaves and Krystal says that she can’t stay there. David says that she isn’t going anywhere and that he will get her some milk. Krystal says that she doesn’t want it.

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