AMC Update Friday 1/9/09

All My Children Update Friday 1/9/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

When Emma returns home from ballet, Greenlee is at the penthouse, so Emma invites her to a school trip. Ryan wants to know what Emma thinks about Greenlee becoming a part of the family. Emma asks about Annie, and Ryan tells her that he and Annie stopped loving each other. Emma is concerned that Ryan may stop loving her. Ryan explains that he will never stop loving Emma. Greenlee asks Emma to be her flower girl, and Emma agrees.

Bianca packs and leaves for Connecticut. Once out the door, however, she turns around and spies on Zach and Reese cooing over Gabrielle before she leaves.

Erica visits Opal at Krystal’s and tells her about Reese and Bianca. Opal talks about Krystal and David. Erica compares Reese with Krystal, because of their lies; Reese lied about her parents, and her male fiancée.

Opal asks Erica to talk to her about Reese. Erica talks about Reese’s engagement to a man. Erica hears alarms when Zach and Reese are in the room together. Opal reminds Erica that Zach has eyes for one woman, and that is Kendall. Opal believes that Erica should trust Reese and stop being suspicious.

Bianca visits Ryan and accuses Zach and Reese of having an affair. Ryan defends Zach’s honor. Bianca wants to entrap Zach and Reese by catching them in a loving act. Ryan and Greenlee advise against spying, and tell Bianca how Aidan bugged her earring, which resulted in her ending the relationship. They warn Bianca that her plan to entrap Reese could result in the ending of their relationship.

Tad returns home and finds Krystal absent. Opal avoids his questions and quickly departs.

JR holds the gun on David insisting that he confess to Krystal that he wants to raise Little A. JR figures out that David and Krystal are having an affair. Krystal does not confess to doing anything wrong, but warns JR about his behavior. JR talks to Krystal about David using her so that she can help him get Little A away from him, but she does not believe it. JR pulls out his gun and aims it at David, saying there is no reason to keep David alive. JR tells David and Krystal that they deserve each other then leave Wildwind. David attempt to call the police after JR leave, but Krystal convince him not to complete the call. David promises to make JR pay for holding him captive.

Erica visits Zach’s home, but is told that Bianca is not around. Erica is rude to Reese and accuses Zach of giving Reese open arms and longing looks. Zach is surprised at the accusation. Reese explains to Erica that Zach and she are friends and nothing else. Zach calls Erica on her accusations and reminds her that he love Kendall. Erica wants to know if Zach loved Kendall when he fathered Reese’s baby. Zach reminds her that he fathered the baby for Bianca. Erica apologized to Zach and said that she would never question his love for Kendall. Zach advised Reese to not let Erica get into her head.

Bianca tells Greenlee and Ryan that she is jealous of the closeness between Zach and Reese. Greenlee remind Bianca that Zach gave her Gabrielle. Bianca is sorry for her thoughts and leave to return home.

David and Krystal talk about why they need and depend on each other. Opal enters Wildwind and finds David and Krystal kissing and pawing each other. Opal is outraged by Krystal’s behavior; she tells Krystal that Tad is back, then leaves.

Krystal panics and David suggests that she get to Tad before Opal to do damage control. David sends Krystal home to fight for her marriage if she loves Tad.

When Krystal arrives home, Tad wants to know where she has been. JR walks up and tells Tad that he knows where Krystal has been.

Opal asked the maid to let her into Erica’s suite and is waiting for her when she returns. Opal tells Erica about seeing David and Krystal kissing. Opal did not tell Tad about Krystal and David, because she does not want to interfere in his life. Erica refuses to stand on the sidelines while Reese breaks Bianca’s heart.

Zach apologizes for yelling at Reese. Reese says she and Bianca did so well in Paris, but have been having problems since they have been in Pine Valley. Reese is upset, thinking she should never have come, so Zach hugs her, kisses her on her forehead then she rests her head on his shoulder. Just then, Bianca comes home and sees them through the glass in the front door.

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