AMC Update Thursday 1/8/09

All My Children Update Thursday 1/8/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

JR is holding David captive at Wildwind. He wants David to confess that he is manipulating Krystal so that she can assist him with stealing Little A from JR. JR finds the locket containing Babe’s picture that David gave to Krystal. He knows now that David has been manipulating Krystal. JR looks for alcohol, and finds a gun in the living room cabinet.

Bianca is jealous of Zach and Reese’s friendship; she is angry because they have talked about ideas for Bianca and Reese’s wedding.

Taylor wants to get closer to Brot, but he is afraid of intimacy. Brot finds out that Taylor has been pretending that she cannot walk; he is upset that she has been faking her inability to walk.

Opal confronts Krystal about her affair with David whom she calls Dr. Evil Incarnate.

Bianca is making Greenlee and Ryan suspicious of the relationship between Zach and Reese. She even tells Ryan that Zach is Gabrielle’s biological father. Ryan thinks that Kendall should have been told about Zach’s sperm donation. Bianca wants to test Zach and Reese’s feelings by setting a trap for them.

Brot and Taylor talk. She wants him to be closer to her, and he wants distance.

Krystal explains her pain from Babe’s death to Opal. She also explains how she gets hope from David. Opal is concerned about the medication that David is administering to Krystal. Opal will be moving in with Krystal to protect her from David until Tad returns.

David argues with JR about drinking, and accuses him of not being a good role model for Little A. David also accuses JR of killing Babe. JR gets angry with David, and shoot the gun into the ceiling. JR calls Krystal to join him at Wildwind.

Krystal promises Opal that she will stay away from David. Opal promises not to mention Krystal’s indiscretion to Tad if she agrees to stay away from David. As soon as Opal leaves the room to take care of Jenny, however, Krystal sneaks out of the house and makes a beeline for Wildwind.

Taylor and Brot get closer. He explains how people make him feel like a freak. Taylor and Brot kiss.

Krystal arrives at Wildwind to find David tied to the piano. She encourages JR to untie him, but he keeps insisting on a confession.  Before David can answer, Krystal says it's not necessary, because she knows David doesn't want to take Little A away from his dad.

Ryan tells Greenlee that Zach is Gabrielle’s biological father, and is surprised that she already knows.

Bianca and Reese agree to get married in Connecticut. Bianca wants to go tomorrow to look at a little inn in Essex, but Reese cannot leave town until next week, because of her busy work schedule.

Taylor and Brot talk while snuggling on the sofa.

While Bianca eavesdrops, Zach encourages Reese to stay rather than accompany her fiancÚ on her trip.

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