AMC Update Wednesday 1/7/09

All My Children Update Wednesday 1/7/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Adam tells Colby that Little Adam has a doctor’s appointment and he is taking him because JR isn’t around. Adam says that JR stayed on Amanda’s yacht.

JR tells Amanda that he will be fine as soon as he gets another drink.

Jake meets Ben Copeland. Ben says that he will be representing Jake at the disciplinary hearing because Jack is tied up in a deposition, but he will be there as soon as possible. Jake runs into Taylor and Brot. Brot goes to get the car and Jake asks Taylor if something is going on.

Bianca asks Ryan if he and Greenlee can come over to start planning the double wedding. Ryan suggests that they discuss wedding plans over lunch and Bianca says that it sounds great. Ryan says that he will call Greenlee immediately and they hang up. Reese and Zach talk about painting the gazebo.

JR tells Amanda to give him a bottle, but she tells him to stop. Amanda says that JR needs food and coffee. JR says that all he wants is another drink and then he will be going home to Little Adam.

David comes up to Adam and Little Adam at the hospital. Little Adam thanks David for the car. David asks if JR even made it home the previous night and Adam says that it is none of his business. David says that if JR is lying a gutter somewhere, he deserves to know. Adam suggests that they not do it in front of Little Adam.

JR says that he can’t do just one drink. Amanda says that JR does have a disease and has worked so hard to get sober. JR says that Amanda has been a good friend to him since Babe died and up until the previous night. JR says that he remembers every moment and doesn’t regret going home with Amanda. Colby shows up and pressures JR to go home.

Greenlee and Ryan talk about her nightmare. Greenlee says that she is sorry she ever let it get to her. Ryan asks her if she is ready to start planning the wedding and she says yes. Ryan says that he told Reese and Bianca that they would meet them at the casino to start planning. Emma comes in and asks if Greenlee can stay. Ryan says that it is time for Emma to go to school.

Reese says that Zach was just about to give her another blackjack lesson. Bianca says that Ryan and Greenlee are going to come to start the wedding planning. Zach can’t find a deck of cards and says that they are probably in the office. Reese throws Zach his keys for the office. Reese and Bianca talk about the wedding plans. Reese asks how hard planning a wedding can be and Bianca asks how long it took Reese and Simon.

JR says that Colby needs to lay off Amanda because she is the one person who is helping him. JR tells Colby to go home and stay out of his life. Colby says that it is the alcohol talking. JR tells Colby to get out. Amanda tries to get JR to stop and he tells her to get off him.

Taylor says that Brot won’t leave town until she is fully recovered, so she is taking her time. Jake realizes that she is faking it. Jake says that he has seen her run up and down the hallways and now she is moving like an old lady. Taylor says that she needs a little more time with Brot and this is the only way to do it. Jake and Taylor disagree about what she is doing.

Ryan comes back and Greenlee says that she wanted to give him the dinner that she couldn’t the previous night since they were on their best behavior for Emma. Ryan says that everything looks fantastic, but he isn’t hungry. Greenlee says that she is.

Bianca apologizes for bringing up Simon. Reese says that it isn’t about Simon and that it is about Zach. Bianca says that she is just stressed out about the wedding and that she feels insecure. Reese says that they have to promise to keep talking to each other, no matter how difficult things get.

Greenlee and Ryan talk about her being up all night. Ryan says that they have to go meet their matrimonial counterparts.

Colby tells Adam that JR is with Amanda. Adam says that Amanda has got JR drinking again and has lured him into bed. Colby says that they have to help JR. Adam says that JR can’t accept their help right now. Adam says that all they can do is stay there and take care of Little Adam.

JR says that Adam has ruined his life. Amanda says that JR is getting through it and all the changes that he made are still there. JR says that every time he thinks he is okay he goes right back to the bottle. JR tries to convince Amanda to have a drink with him and then they can make love, but Amanda tells him to stop.

Greenlee and Ryan meet up with Bianca and Reese to talk about the wedding details. Reese suggests that they have the wedding at the casino, but Bianca and Greenlee disagree with the idea. Reese and Zach talk about the possibilities at the casino. Zach leaves. Bianca tells Reese to stop and says that it is all wrong. Bianca says that she wasn’t aware of the details that Reese and Zach are so excited about. Reese keeps talking about having the ceremony at the casino and Bianca gets upset and leaves. Ryan leaves to go talk to Bianca. Greenlee asks if there is something going on with Bianca and Reese says that there is a lot going on.

Taylor suggests having a picnic, but Brot says that he likes the idea of working on the stretches they showed them at the hospital. Taylor convinces Brot that she needs a break and he says that he will open the wine.

David tells Amanda to leave, but she says that she doesn’t want to leave JR alone. David says that JR won’t be alone and that he wants to spend some quality time with JR. David says that Babe would be so ashamed of JR. JR says that if he is a danger, David took one step too close.

Ryan convinces Bianca to talk to him about what is going on. Bianca starts rambling about moving into Zach’s. Ryan realizes that Bianca thinks there is something going on with Zach and Reese.

Reese tells Greenlee that she wasn’t completely honest with Bianca about her past and now Erica has convinced Bianca that she is keeping another secret. Reese says that Erica told Bianca that she is involved with Zach. Greenlee says that it is just Erica stirring up trouble. Reese says that she and Zach are close friends and that is all they ever will be.

Taylor and Brot talk about a time they played soccer near Tikrit. Taylor tells Brot that they can get it all back right now and that she is okay. Taylor asks Brot to dance with her.

Amanda tells Jake that she needs his help with JR. Amanda says that David and JR are alone on her yacht and she is afraid that something bad might happen.

Taylor asks Brot not to go. Brot asks if she has been faking all along.

Ryan and Bianca talk about Zach and Reese. Bianca says that Zach is Gabrielle’s biological father. Ryan realizes that Bianca wants to test Zach and Reese and says that it is a really bad idea.

Greenlee says that she doesn’t see how else the problem can be solved and Zach asks what the problem is.

Adam and Colby play with Little Adam.

Amanda finds blood when she and Jake return to the yacht.

JR tells David to confess to seducing Krystal and trying to steal Little Adam. David says that JR can rot in hell. JR says that by the time he is done, one of them might be there.

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