AMC Update Tuesday 1/6/09

All My Children Update Tuesday 1/6/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Amanda asks JR if he wants everyone to know that he started drinking again. JR says that he doesn’t care and the bottle is about the only friend he has left.

Reese says that she and Zach can’t be friends anymore and that he needs to accept it. Zach says that he can’t accept it and needs a reason.

Bianca says that there is nothing going on between Zach and Reese and tells Erica to drop it.

Greenlee and Ryan talk to Opal about her reading. Opal says that they must not get married. Jake yells for help with Krystal. David comes over and tells Jake to get out of the way because Krystal is his patient. Krystal says that Tad, Jeff and Jamie have been found and that Tad is coming home soon. Krystal tells David to leave her alone.

Opal tells Joe that Tad is okay and is coming home. Jake and Opal talk about David preying on Krystal. Opal says that David will have to go through her to get any further with Krystal.

Rebecca tells Natalia that she wants to join in the fun. Angie says that Rebecca will be fine, but no dancing on the tables. Rebecca says that she will play blackjack then. Randi says that blackjack sounds like fun. Jesse says that it is a little strange showing up at parties with both Angie and Rebecca.

Reese tells Zach that Erica thinks they are involved romantically. Reese says that it would be better if she and Bianca moved out of Zach’s house. Zach says that he doesn’t want them moving out and Bianca says that they aren’t moving out. Bianca says that they will just tune Erica out. Zach says that he will find Erica and talk to her.

Adam tells Erica not to gamble away all of her money because she still has to pay him. Erica says that she isn’t up for playing games. Carmen and Jack walk in. Adam says that it would be a pity for Erica to stop playing games today because at least with Jack she has a chance of winning.

Jack tells Carmen to warm up a table and he will join her in a minute.

Ryan tells Greenlee that Opal is not going to affect whether or not they get married. Jack comes over and gives them his blessing.

Pete introduces Randi and Frankie to Scarlet, his date. Randi asks Pete about Scarlet and Pete says that he is using her to make Colby jealous. Pete says that he met Scarlet through an escort service and Randi realizes that she is a hooker.

JR says that it is time for a refill, but Amanda suggests that she should take him home. JR says that he wants to drink some of Zach’s champagne first. Colby tells JR that Tad has been found and JR says that it calls for a celebration. JR tells Colby to go away and says that he wants to dance. Colby asks Adam to do something. Amanda asks JR to give her the bottle. JR says that he doesn’t need her to have a good time. David tells Amanda that she has earned every penny that he paid her.

Opal asks Krystal what is going on with David. Krystal says that they both lost a child and David tried to reach out and help. Krystal asks Opal not to lecture her on how to handle her grief or her marriage. Opal says that she stood by and watched Adam lure Dixie away from Tad and she won’t stand by and watch him do it again.

Rebecca wins. Jesse asks Angie to get someone else to cover her shift, but Angie says that David is looking for any excuse to clean house and that she needs to be a good girl and play by the rules.

Carmen says that the ball hates her. Jack says that the ball doesn’t hate anyone. Jake asks Jack to handle his case against David and represent him in front of the board. Jack says that he would be happy to.

Ryan tells Greenlee that nothing is going to influence their future together. Ryan hands Greenlee to hit a button on the calendar. Greenlee hit’s a button and Ryan says that they are getting married on Valentine’s Day. Bianca and Reese say that is when they were going to tie the knot. Bianca suggests doing a double wedding.

Pete, Frankie, Adam and Colby talk about getting JR home. Amanda tells JR that it is time to go. Greenlee says that Babe was the one keeping JR together and without her he is flying apart. JR tells Greenlee not to talk about Babe. David says that JR can’t even take care of himself, much less Babe’s child. Amanda tells JR that the party is over and it is time to go home.

Randi and Pete talk about Colby.

Erica tells Bianca not to ruin her wedding day by tying it to Ryan and Greenlee because they are a guaranteed disaster. Bianca says that if Erica feels so strongly about it, she can step out of the wedding planning and they will do it on their own.

Greenlee says that she knows Kendall will be there for the wedding.

David tells Krystal to take slow deep breaths. Krystal asks David to leave her alone because she doesn’t need him. Krystal says that she actually didn’t want Tad to come home.

Erica and Jack talk about Ryan and Greenlee getting married and about the double wedding.

Frankie gets into it with a man at the casino for looking at Randi. Randi and Carmen talk about the video that Randi’s ex-pimp put out on the Internet. Randi asks what is going on with Jackson and Carmen says that they are stuck on neutral and not really going anywhere.

Angie watches Jesse and Rebecca dance. Frankie says that Jesse should be dancing with Angie, but she says that she insisted.

Carmen interrupts Jack and Erica. Erica says that Jack is talking to her and Carmen says that she will wait by the bar. Jack goes after Carmen and tells Erica that they are finished. Carmen says that ever since they got there, he dumped her off at the tables and has talked to everyone but her. Carmen says that he can’t get enough of Erica. Carmen suggests that she just leave. Erica comes up and says that Carmen certainly keeps the volume on max and apologizes. Jack tells Erica to butt out.

Zach thanks everyone for showing up and makes a toast to loved ones who couldn’t make it, new unions, new friends and a new start.

David says that he was worried about Krystal. Krystal says that the thought of Tad coming back and trying to make things the way they were scares the hell out of her. Krystal says that she never really loved Tad enough. Krystal says that as soon as Tad walks through the door, he is going to know. David says that Tad will only know if she tells him and Krystal says that maybe she needs to tell him.

Jesse asks what was going on with Opal and Krystal. Angie says that Opal thinks that Krystal is cheating on Tad with David and it might be true. Angie tells Jesse about catching David and Krystal kissing. Angie says that she has to go because she is running late.

Scarlet shows up at Pete’s and reminds him that he paid for the whole night.

Amanda says that Babe would be angry at JR for drinking, but would still love him. JR says that Babe used to tell him that he couldn’t see Little Adam if he was drinking and says that he doesn’t deserve Babe’s son.

Scarlet tells Pete not to be nervous. Pete says that he can’t do it because she isn’t Colby. Pete says that he is never giving up on Colby and will spend the rest of his life loving her.

Adam says that he will not let Amanda take JR down.

Amanda says that JR can sleep on the couch. JR says that he isn’t going to sleep on the couch without her.

A doctor shows Angie Rebecca’s latest MRI and says that the tumor appears to have stabilized and that Rebecca might actually have a chance.

Reese says that it isn’t fair that Ryan and Greenlee’s wedding will be legal and theirs will only be symbolic until they say their vows in another state.

Greenlee says that she doesn’t believe their wedding is doomed and that it will be perfect, just like the rest of their lives.

Zach assures Erica that Reese loves Bianca and says that it is okay to admit when you’re wrong.

Krystal says that the one thing she learned from Babe’s death is to listen to how she feels and stop pretending that everything is okay when it isn’t. David suggests that he should get Krystal some milk to calm her down. Krystal says that she doesn’t want any milk or anymore drugs. Krystal tells David to get out of her house, her life and her mind.

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