AMC Update Monday 1/5/09

All My Children Update Monday 1/5/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Erica tells Amanda that some of the boxes go in the van because they are going to New Beginnings. Bianca tells Erica that Reese’s ex-fiancÚ stopped in the previous night, but she is fine. Bianca says that Reese is at the casino getting the final touches on everything for the opening. Erica asks if Reese is with Zach and Bianca asks if it is a problem.

Zach tells Reese that she is supposed to supervise, but she says that she is okay and there is a lot that needs to be done before the guests arrive.

JR tries to explain the kiss, but Amanda says that she understands. Amanda says that it was either grab her or the bottle.

David reminds Jake that he has been fired. Jake says that he has filed a grievance against David for termination without cause and legal says that he can stay there as long as he wants to until he gets a hearing. Jake says that he isn’t going anywhere.

Greenlee lies in bed dreaming of saying her vows to Ryan.

Opal says that the happiest day of Greenlee’s life will be her last.

Ryan sees Emma off to her first day back at school. Greenlee and Ryan talk about him leaving her a note letting her know not to come down until Emma left. Ryan says that when Emma is ready, Greenlee will move in, but until then they will plan the wedding and their future as a family. Greenlee tells Ryan about her dream of them getting married.

Opal tells Krystal about Greenlee’s nightmare. Opal says that after Greenlee left she realized there were a couple of cards on the floor and the whole reading is null and void. Opal asks Krystal if she should tell Greenlee. Krystal tells Opal to sit down and tells her that Tad is missing.

Jake asks David why he came back to Pine Valley and says that nobody wants him there. David says that the hospital needs him. Jake calls David pathetic.

JR tells Amanda that he wasn’t using her. JR says that Amanda has done so much for him and Little Adam and suggests that he do something for her to say thanks. Amanda says that JR doesn’t owe her anything and that she needs to get back to work.

Zach says that Reese probably needs a tetanus shot, but she says that she is fine. Zach says that Reese deserves a break. Reese says that she has a surprise for Zach. Reese says that the room will officially be the “Fargate Carnival Room” and says that she would love to hear more about Myrtle. Zach says that Myrtle was always there when he needed to talk or needed someone to straighten him out. Reese tells Zach that he is such a good friend. Zach says that Reese looks like hell.

Bianca asks why Reese being with Zach bothers Erica. Erica says that Reese was comforting Zach in a way that concerned her. Erica and Bianca argue about Reese. Bianca says that she needs Erica to back off.

JR asks Jake if there is any word on Tad and Jake says that he has an extra contact there trying to find out something. Krystal comes in with Opal and yells for help. Krystal says that she thinks Opal is having a heart attack. David comes up and says that Krystal called him. Krystal tells JR that David is Opal’s heart doctor. Jake asks Krystal what David does for her.

Adam asks Erica what time she would like to leave for the casino and Erica says that Adam is presuming that they are a couple. Erica says that Adam is an acquaintance of hers. Adam says that he would like Erica out tonight. Erica says that she will leave immediately and send someone to pick up her things. Adam says that he will send Erica a bill for the time she spent there, the office space, maid service, room service, telephone, internet and blood that he donated.

Greenlee says that she wants their wedding to be perfect with no stress and no drama. Ryan adds no crashers. Greenlee says that she wants Kendall to be her matron of honor, Emma to be her flower girl and Spike to be her ring bearer.

Krystal says that David is a friend. JR and Jake question Krystal about the guilt she feels around David. Jake asks if Krystal would admit it if she was having an affair on Tad. JR says that Krystal is acting just like Dixie did when David reeled her in and asks Krystal if it is too late. David comes out and says that if Opal’s EKG is clear she can go home. Krystal asks to see Opal and David tells her to follow him, but JR tells Krystal not to go with David.

Zach says that everyone who shows up is a VIP, no matter who they are. Reese thanks Zach for giving her the full-on salon treatment in his office. Zach says that it is a grand opening and she can’t be looking like a lumberjack. Reese says that she is going to wear a hard hat. Bianca walks in while Reese is showing Zach her full treatment.

Ryan says that he can’t wait to get married and he is going to ride his bike to her. Ryan talks about Greenlee wearing a miniskirt and leather boots and gloves, but she says that it isn’t happening. Erica shows up and asks Ryan about Annie breaking out of Oak Haven. Erica tells Greenlee that she has moved her office back to Fusion. Ryan tells Greenlee not to let Erica get to her. Greenlee asks what if they are moving too fast and suggests that they slow things down. Ryan says that they are going to the casino opening because he wants to show everyone that they are back together for good.

Reese shows Bianca around the casino. Bianca says that she is distracted because Reese is so glammed-up. Bianca tells Reese about Erica’s suspicions of a relationship with Zach. Reese assures Bianca that there is nothing going on with Zach. Reese leaves to deal with a problem and asks Bianca if they can talk about it later.

Krystal shows up to see David. David says that they are going out on the town for the night. Krystal says that she will go to the party, but she is going alone.

Bianca asks if she can steal Reese for a second. Bianca tells Reese that Erica did get to her and apologizes that it ever came up.

Erica says that the casino looks amazing and the only thing missing is Kendall. Zach tells Erica that Reese did the renovations.

David tells Krystal to take his arm and she says that she is capable of walking on her own. Krystal tells David to get away from her. JR comes up and confronts Krystal about being out on a “date” with David while Tad is missing. David tells JR to back off. JR goes into another room and drinks out of a bottle, while Amanda watches.

Greenlee and Ryan thank Opal and tell her that they are engaged. Opal says that they cannot get married.

Bianca and Erica talk about Reese.

Reese tells Zach that she and Bianca have to move out of his house because they can’t be friends anymore.

Greenlee asks why they can’t get married.

Krystal faints when she gets a phone call about Tad.

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