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All My Children Update Tuesday 12/30/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Taylor calls for a cab to the hospital. Brot shows up and says that he thought she might need a ride to physical therapy and Taylor cancels her cab.

Jake asks Joe if there is any news from the Congo and Joe says that it isn’t good news. Joe tells Jake that Tad was reported missing.

David asks Krystal if she is hungry and he says that he could whip them up a late lunch. Krystal says that she needs to get home for the girls.

JR asks how Kendall is doing and Zach says that when there is good news, JR will hear about it.

Bianca and Reese talk about Erica’s wedding plans for them.

Greenlee sees herself dead in a bathtub and gasps. Ryan asks if she is all right and she says that it was just a dream.

Taylor asks Brot to grab her headphones. Brot says that they are already in the bag with the bottle of water and a snack. Taylor and Brot talk about their past and Brot says that they should get going. Taylor asks why they can’t talk. Taylor says that physical therapy can wait and that she wants to finish the conversation, but Brot says that nothing is more important than her getting better and leaves to get the car.

Jake asks why they are only hearing of Tad’s disappearance now after 2 weeks. Joe says that the communication was broken up and there was a rebel uprising, so the reports are just now coming in. Jake says that he should have gone instead of Tad because Tad has a wife and children. Joe tells Jake to pray that Jamie, Jeff and Tad are all found safe.

Krystal says that she never should have came, but David says that she needed someone to lean on. Krystal says that she needed a place that she could go to get away from everything else in her life except the grief. David says that he is there anytime Krystal needs to get away. Krystal and David kiss.

JR shows up at the hospital asking to see David. The woman says that David isn’t on the schedule, but will be there later for the wing dedication. JR asks Amanda why she is avoiding him. Amanda says that JR is better off without her as a friend, but he suggests that he should get to decide who he wants to be friends with. Amanda says that when JR is around her he doesn’t always make the best decisions.

Bianca says that Erica has a whole book of reception ideas. Reese says that it isn’t too late to elope and Bianca says that it is the best idea she has heard all day. Reese says that they should pack up and go, but Bianca says that she doesn’t want it to seem like they are rushing off to get married because they are ashamed of something. Reese suggests having a small ceremony with a few friends and select family members. Bianca says that they will need Erica’s help for that because they will never be able to book a place on such short notice without her connections. Zach comes in and says that the owner says they can have the ceremony anytime they would like right there.

Ryan tells Greenlee that Annie is locked up at Oak Haven and can’t hurt her anymore. Greenlee says that she wishes it was that easy, but Annie will always be part of their lives. Ryan says that they have to focus on their life and their future. Ryan says that when the clock strikes midnight, they will stop dwelling on the past and focus on the future and Greenlee says that it is a deal.

JR says that it was his choice to drink and that Amanda should stop beating herself up for testing him. JR says that it was a weak moment that had absolutely nothing to do with their friendship, but Amanda says that she is too selfish to ever put anyone else first. Amanda runs off and Jake comes up. Jake admits that he deserved a lot more than a bruised chin for talking to Amanda the way he did. JR says that he is worried about Krystal and Jake says that he doesn’t know what Tad was thinking about when he went to the Congo by himself. JR asks what happened to Tad and Jake says that he is missing. JR says that Tad has to get back because David is worming his way into Krystal’s life. Jake says that he has had enough of David trying to get away with murder.

Joe calls Krystal and tells her that he needs her to come to the hospital as quick as she can. They hang up and Krystal says that Joe probably knows that she spent the night there. David says that it isn’t possible and no one ever has to know.

Zach says that they can use the grand ballroom when it is finished, but they would have to wait a little longer. Reese says that everything will be done for the casino by the deadline. Bianca and Reese convince Zach to spend New Year’s Eve with them. Zach asks if they are using him for his liquor and Reese says yes and asks if there is a problem with that.

Greenlee asks if Emma is going to Opal’s and Ryan says that she is having another sleepover so they are alone to bring in the new year. Greenlee says that the details will have to wait until she gets back because she promised Bianca that she would sit with Kendall for a little while. Greenlee leaves and Emma comes out. Emma asks where Greenlee is and Ryan says that she went to spend some time with Spike’s mom. Emma asks if Greenlee is her new mom. Ryan asks if Emma would like Greenlee to spend more time with them. Emma says that when Greenlee is there, Ryan isn’t sad anymore. Ryan tickles Emma.

Greenlee asks if she missed her shift and Bianca says no and that they decided to come wish Kendall a Happy New Year. Greenlee asks Reese if they have set the big date yet and Reese says no, but their relationship has been such a whirlwind so why draw things out. Greenlee says that she and Ryan have too much baggage to go back now. Reese says that anything worth having is never easy.

Jake says that he ordered a full workup an hour ago and Sheila tells him that she will get to it as soon as she can, but they are short-staffed. Taylor asks Jake what is going on and he tells her that he has 2 brothers and a nephew that have gone missing in the Congo. Taylor says that she asked Brot if he was leaving town and all he would tell her is that they would talk about it later. Jake says that if Brot was really leaving, he would have left by now.

Brot visits Zach and says that the charges were dropped. Zach says that Brot is a free man, how and why aren’t really important. Brot says that it is important to him because he doesn’t want to feel like he owes Zach anything.

JR asks David why he is rushing to dedicate the wing when it isn’t even done. David says that the holidays were difficult and he wanted something positive to focus his energies on, so that he wouldn’t feel so lonely without Babe. JR says that David couldn’t have been too lonely because he was celebrating Christmas with Krystal and the kids. David says that he would have rather spent the holidays with his grandson, but JR whisked him away on an impromptu ski trip.

Krystal gets to the hospital and asks Joe what he wanted to talk to her about. Joe says that maybe Krystal should sit down because it is about Tad. Joe says that Tad was reported missing and Krystal starts having problems breathing. David rushes in and tries to convince Krystal to calm down and breathe. Krystal tells David to get away from her and JR comes in and tells David to get his hands off Krystal. Joe says that Krystal should go home and lie down, but she says that she will after the ceremony because the ceremony is to honor Babe. Joe says that David is using Babe’s memory as an excuse to address the staff because he wants to convince them that he alone is responsible for saving the hospital from going down the drain.

Jake says that he got a page and asks what is going on. JR says that Krystal had a panic attack when Joe told her about Tad. JR says that Krystal went to David for comfort and let him have it a minute later, but had guilt all over her face when she did it.

Zach says that he was the one repaying a debt to Brot and Taylor. Zach tells Brot about faking his own death at 18 and says that he wanted Brot to be free so he could stop running.

David thanks everyone for coming to the ceremony and talks about Babe. Krystal leaves and JR calls after her. Joe goes after Krystal. David dedicates the wing as the Babe Chandler Cardiac Memorial Wing. A woman suggests a toast. Jake steps up and says that David blackmailed Joe into stepping down as chief of staff, so that he could step into the position. David removes Jake from the hospital staff effective immediately.

Taylor and Brot talk about her physical therapy. Brot decides to let Taylor see how far she can walk on her own without any help. Taylor takes a few steps and Brot suggests that she should sit down because he knows she is tired. Taylor suggests that they try it again, but Brot says that it is getting late and she should get some sleep.

David gets Krystal’s voicemail and says “Where the hell are you?” Krystal asks if he was looking for her.

Greenlee gets back to Ryan’s wearing nothing but Fusion Charm underneath her coat. Ryan gives her a dress to put on.

Reese shows up to see Zach and says that Bianca stayed to feed Gabrielle, but will be there when the ball drops. Reese and Zach talk about Gabrielle. Zach says that there is nothing he wouldn’t do for Reese and Bianca.

Bianca and Rachel say goodnight and a man shows up at the door looking for Reese.

Krystal says that her life is a wreck and it is all David’s fault. David comforts Krystal about Babe being gone.

Amanda asks Jake if he is going to be okay and he says that she made it sound like she actually cares and apologizes for calling her a hooker. Amanda says that Jake being an ass doesn’t even compare to the things David does. Jake says that it won’t be long before David gets what he deserves.

Simon introduces himself to Bianca and she realizes that he is the man that Reese was going to marry.

Zach and Reese talk about Bianca missing the ball drop. Reese and Zach ring in the new year and Reese says that all that was missing was her love and her new years kiss. Zach nibbles on Reese’s ear and she giggles.

Greenlee says that she couldn’t think of a more perfect way to kick off the new year than to be in his arms. Ryan proposes and Greenlee says that she can’t marry him.

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