AMC Update Monday 12/29/08

All My Children Update Monday 12/29/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

David plays the piano and Krystal tells him not to stop.

Amanda, JR and Little Adam get back to the Chandler mansion. JR thanks Amanda for driving and asks how she is doing. Amanda says that JR is doing pretty good for a guy with a four-alarm hangover.

Dr. Sinclair tells a man to find Annie. Dr. Sinclair asks Mr. Stone if he saw Annie leave or anything else before he found her in Annie’s room. Jesse comes in and asks Dr. Sinclair how Annie was able to break out of the lockdown.

Ryan says that Greenlee didn’t sleep much the previous night and Greenlee says that there wasn’t a lot of sleeping going on. Ryan says that he is going to spend every moment of his life making Greenlee, Emma and Spike happy. Upstairs, Annie wakes up in Emma’s bed.

Krystal remembers the smoke detector beeping when she set the house on fire the previous night and freaks out. David tries to get Krystal to calm down, but she says that she has to get home before Jenny and Kathy do because Kathy won’t understand. Krystal says that if David hadn’t been there, Kathy and Jenny would be without a mother because she threw a tantrum. Krystal goes to call a cab, but David offers to take her home.

JR says that he owes Amanda, but she says he doesn’t. JR says that he is going to stay sober from now on for Little Adam and Amanda. Amanda says that JR should do it for himself and for Little Adam because she doesn’t deserve it. Adam walks in and asks what she doesn’t deserve.

Dr. Sinclair says that Annie attacked her and then escaped. Jesse realizes what Annie might do and calls Ryan. Jesse leaves a message for Ryan saying that Annie broke out of Oak Haven and might be headed his way.

Greenlee and Ryan talk about their life. Annie comes down the stairs and asks “Daddy” what he is doing with the mean lady.

David has a surprise for Krystal. Krystal says that the presents are still at Wildwind and the girls will be there soon.

JR says that his car wouldn’t start, so Amanda drove him home and refused gas money. Little Adam asks JR to come see his new sled. Adam asks Amanda if JR is drinking again.

Dr. Sinclair says that there was nothing in Annie’s behavior to suggest that she was capable of planning and executing an escape attempt. Jesse says that Annie is out there and dangerous because they weren’t paying attention. Jesse says that he needs to talk to Mr. Stone, the patient who found Dr. Sinclair.

Annie keeps calling Ryan “Daddy” and asking him to make Greenlee go away.

David and Krystal talk about the house. Krystal says that she needed to hear Tad’s voice.

Adam asks Amanda if JR drinking was a one-shot deal or if he is drinking around the clock again. Amanda says that JR had a few drinks. Adam starts criticizing Amanda and JR comes out and defends her. JR wishes Amanda a Merry Christmas and says that he couldn’t have gone through it without her.

Ryan tells Annie that “mommy” is in the hospital and is very sick. Annie says that Greenlee is the reason that “mommy” isn’t there. Ryan says that he and “Emma” will take mommy her Christmas present right now and that Greenlee will stay there. Opal and Emma walk in. Emma says that her Christmas wish came true.

Krystal and Pete talk about Colby. Krystal gives Kathy a present from Tad. Colby asks what happened to the tree and David says that Santa came and took it for a family who needed it more. Pete and David talk about Colby. David says that he should get going and tells everyone Merry Christmas! Colby says that they should get going too and asks Krystal what is going on with David being there.

Ryan asks Emma to show Teddy Rufus to Opal. Emma says that she doesn’t want to leave Annie. Greenlee says that Annie is very sick and suggests that Emma go with Opal. Opal says that they will have a really good time. Greenlee tells Opal to call 911 and Opal says that she will. Ryan asks Annie if she is okay.

Dr. Sinclair asks Mr. Stone to cooperate. An officer calls Jesse and says that Annie is at the Lavery residence. Dr. Sinclair asks why Mr. Stone didn’t want Jesse to see his face. Aidan says that he is on a mission and the enemy is everywhere. Aidan kisses the doctor and an orderly comes in.

Ryan tells Annie that she is Emma’s mother. Annie tells Greenlee to get out of her house. Ryan gets knocked unconscious and Annie says that he can’t save Greenlee now.

Kathy asks Krystal if she can put the new furniture in her dollhouse.

Adam, Colby, JR and Pete talk about David being at Krystal’s.

David gets home and finds Amanda in his house. Amanda tells David to pay her.

Krystal asks Winifred if she can watch the girls again.

Dr. Sinclair says that Mr. Stone is to be sedated immediately and put in isolation because his behavior was completely unacceptable.

Greenlee tells Annie to kill her already. Greenlee tells Annie to kill her and get it over with. Ryan takes the letter opener. Jesse comes in and asks if everyone is okay.

Pete asks Colby out for New Year’s Eve, but she turns him down. Pete says that he is going to go find another date for New Year’s Eve.

Krystal shows up at David’s and says that she needs him.

Amanda stops at the mansion and tells JR that she can’t see him anymore because she is no good for him. Amanda leaves and Little Adam asks JR to play with him.

Dr. Sinclair welcomes Annie back to Oak Haven.

Ryan tells Opal that it is safe to come back. Greenlee says that Annie won’t stop until she is dead.

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